El Hazard: Fire and Thunder

By Lane Kramer

Part 1: The Taking of Makoto

Ifurita was deep asleep when she nervously awoke from her slumber. She cautiously opened her eyes and then looked to find Makoto was not lying next to her. Normally at the hour of the night if she was anyone else might have been worried. Ifurita was not however because she knew where he was. She looked out onto the balcony to see the visage of Makoto standing in the night air, staring at the stars in the sky. Ifurita could only sigh to herself and only wonder why Makoto still tortured himself. He had found her, Makoto had, and they had their lives filled with much joy. However Makoto as the last two years had gone on still felt guilt over what Shayla-Shayla had done for him. Ifurita tried over and over again to tell him it was her choice and that he should try to be happy because it only made her act in vain if he did not. Slowly she got out of bed and walked over to Makoto. He felt her hands come over his shoulders and smiled.

"Sorry Ifurita for getting up like this. Did I wake you?" he asked.

"No I woke up on my own. Come Makoto its chilly out and you will only make yourself ill. You do no good doing this to yourself." Ifurita spoke calmly and with compassion.

"You know I should be happy, but at nights like this I can't help but feel responsible. I never realized that Shayla-Shayla loved me. I hate thinking our happiness has caused her pain." Makoto then lowered his head and sighed. Ifurita could think and ponder how much compassion Makoto had in him for people; its what made her fall in love with him, but it was also causing him so much trauma now."

"Makoto doing this is not going help yourself. You dishonor her sacrifice by not trying to be happy. If you want to honor her love for you, try to be happy a little. From what you told me about her its what she would have wanted. We have so little time together..." Ifurita let off.

"Huh..." Makoto said not totally hearing.

"Oh it's nothing. Come to bed. Let me help to make you feel better." Makoto stared dumbfounded for a minute and let his brain and tries to catch up to what Ifurita implied as she led him to their bed. For the next while Ifurita and Makoto locked in a lustful and passionate lovemaking session. The whole time two watchful eyes looked on anger rising in both. The figure decided tomorrow she would strike back at those who had abandoned her, make Ifurita feel pain, and she would make Makoto hers.

Nanami was busy at work on a finishing food for the banquet that was happening later in the afternoon at the palace. She had been asked by Rune Venus herself to make some food for the special occasion since it was secretly to announce the engagement of Makoto to Ifurita. As Nanami was brining out a loaf of bread she heard someone enter her supposed closed restaurant. She came out of the back of the kitchen to yell at whomever had not heeded the closed sigh but found it was Fujisawa who had come in. Nanami smiled. "Hello sensei how are you doing?" Fujisawa came up and looked on at his stud...he corrected himself the woman before him. Nanami had matured into a beautiful young woman and was gonna make some man in El Hazard a good wife someday and probably a rich guy too with her business sense. "Nothing I just came here to pick up some of food for the banquet." He spoke.

"Why Londs and some guards are coming to pick it all up in about an hour."

Fujisawa sweated a little "Yeah but Miz thought it would be better if I helped out a little. She was nagging that I was being too lazy and should help for this special event." Fujisawa then turned more serious for a moment. "Nanami are you sure your ok with this? I know this must be hard for you."

Nanami didn't meet Fujisawa's gaze for a moment, but then looked into Fujisawa's eye and nodded her head. "Well to say I am not totally thrilled with Makoto over being with Ifurita is sort of true. However I am an enterprising young woman and Makoto is my best friend what makes him happy is what I want most anyway. Besides Londs has promised to introduce me to this cute palace guard." She winked her eye.

"I am glad to hear that. I thought Ifurita and Makoto would never finally take the final step to making their relationship a full commitment. I didn't think Makoto would ever finally let go of Shayla..." then he stopped himself. He saw a glimmer of pain of Nanami's face at the mention of the priestess of fires name. Nanami had missed Shayla-Shayla and their competing of Makoto's attention. In the last two years Nanami never stayed around much when Shayla's name came up. Fujisawa tried to recover the awkward situation. " Well here I will take these baskets of bread to the palace and that way Londs won't have to come pick it all up."

Nanami shook her head. "Ok whatever. Just tell them I will be there in two hours for the banquet." Fujisawa nodded took the food with him and then proceeded to almost drop half of the food on his way out the door. Nanami finished cleaning up her restaurant and realized that she had to get going shortly for the banquet. Then she heard the door to her restaurant open and again got irritated. She walked out from the kitchen and saw a person in a dark cloak standing in front of the door. "Hey we are closed. Get out." Nanami yelled. The figure did not move just kept blocking the door. "Did you hear me I said get out." The figure only giggled a little. "You still have the same bad temper I remember Nanami." The voice said. Nanami's eyes grew wide. She knew that voice. The cloak was pulled down and Shayla-Shayla stood in front of Nanami. "Shayla its you! How did you get here?" Nanami said excited at first, but then looked into Shayla's eyes that seemed to be filled with menace. "Oh nothing much. Just kinda ended up back here in El Hazard. Ya know looking to make Makoto mine..."

Nanami started to get a little worried since she noticed Shayla was blocking the entrance to her restaurant. Nanami noticed the scar on the left side of Shayla's face. "Shayla what happened to your face?" Shayla growled and spoke harshly "Don't look at that. I don't want anyone to look at my scar. It only reminds me of what I lost." Shayla then contiued on her previous rant. "Heh I also intend to kill that bitch Ifurita and oh yeah punish my so-called friends for abandoning me while I was stuck in another dimension." Nanami started to step back a little taken back by Shayla-Shayla's comments. Shayla then took two steps towards Nanami. "Oh yeah and in your case Nanami once I kill Ifurita I don't need any competition for Makoto's affections while he is grieving so I guess I will have to take you out of the picture as well." Then Shayla dashed forward and before Nanami could move kneed Nanami in the gut and then punched her square in the nose. Nanami fell to the ground stunned, but started coming back as Shayla hit her in the face again and again. Nanami was hit in the face half a dozen times before she started to lose her touch with reality and fell into darkness. Shayla-Shayla looked down at the bloodied face Nanami. She smiled cruelly and then considered roasting Nanami but figured she would probably destroy the building in the process so she left Nanami lying in a bloody mess.

Two hours later Londs entered the restaurant to try and find Nanami considering she was an hour late for the banquet and Princess Rune had sent him to get her. What he found caused him to pale. He ran to Nanami and checked her. He saw her face was bloodied and bruises were all over her face. She opened her eyes for a moment and said three words "Makoto in danger..." before she passed out again. Londs quickly got Nanami help and rushed to the palace hoping he wasn't too late.

Rune Venus looked to all her friends who were seated around the table they were eating at. She saw Makoto and Ifurita were enjoying themselves in a conversation. Miz was apparently bothering Fujisawa about his drinking some sake, and Afura Mahn seemed to be busy trying to keep Fatora away from her. Rune decided that to help Makoto and Ifurita make their announcement. "Makoto, Ifurita wasn't there something you wanted to say to everyone today?" Rune asked. Makoto looked up and at Rune Venus and then looked to Ifurita who smiled and nodded for him to make their announcement. Everyone else then looked up to Makoto. He cleared his throat and began to speak "Ifurita and I have been debating this for a while and so I want to say Ifurita and I are getting..." but before Makoto could finish Londs came running in. Rune Venus looked to Londs and asked "Londs what is the matter?" she asked noticing the concern on Londs face. "Your majesty Nanami Jinnai was attacked in her restaurant." Makoto looked to Londs "Is she all right? What happened to her?" Londs looked over to Makoto.

"She is all right master Makoto. Nanami is just bloodied and bruised. She mumbled to me you were in danger so I hurried to the palace once she had some help. Nothing has happened?" Makoto shook his head then everyone else stood up.

"Well to be safe I has guards stationed all around and Makoto I suggest you return to your room with Ms.Ifurita. It would be safer for both of you." Londs spoke.

Ifurita said "Ok Makoto I guess our announcement will have to wait." She lowered her head a little.

"I want to see Nanami as soon as possible. I need to se her." Makoto said with extreme concern in his voice.

"She is being tended to as we speak. She is still unconscious though. Soon you can meet with her. For now go Master Makoto." Makoto finally gave in and Ifurita walked to be next to him when suddenly as she was two feet from Makoto her power key fell right between them. Ifurita was started, as was everyone.

"Stay away from him you monster." A voice rang out. They all looked around to try and locate the voice Ifurita grabbing her power key. Then out of the left corner of the Imperial Chamber Shayla-Shayla walked out of the shadows. "Hey everyone how are you all doing? I see everyone is here." Shayla-Shayla spoke as she scanned the room.

Makoto and everyone were in shock. "Shayla is that you?" Makoto asked.

Shayla looked at Makoto and smiled "Boy how I have waited to see your face Makoto. And I wanted see everyone else's face to...well I already saw Nanami's face. Too bad I had to beat it in." she almost matter of faculty.

Everyone seemed more taken back. "You're the one who attacked Nanami. How could you Shayla?" Miz said with condemnation.

Shayla looked at Miz with ire in her eyes causing Fujisawa to step in front of Miz and glare back. "Don't take a self righteous tone with me Miz. I intend to kill you near the end, but anymore remarks like that and forget about it."

Londs gripped his sword and made a move to swipe and Shayla. She knew he was coming and ignited her lamp of fire and torched the sword and ducked under Londs strike causing him to fall on his back and she landed right on top of him. "Not nice. I don't wan fight you. It's her I am here to kill right now." Shayla said pointing straight at Ifurita. "I will kill you now Ifurita. For all you have cost me and how much I have suffered is your fault."

Makoto looked to Ifurita and then Shayla. "What do you mean its her fault he said moving next to Ifurita?"

"It's her fault that I got lost in that other terrible place. It's her fault that you didn't notice me. It's her fault...that keeps you from being at my side where you belong. I am here to make you see the truth Makoto...the truth in your heart." Shayla said almost trembling.

Makoto was dumbfounded and didn't understand what she meant. "What truth Shayla?"

"Why that you really love me of course silly. Now Ifurita I will kill you and take Makoto to be mine like it was always supposed to be." Shayla began to power up her lamp of fire only it seemed more powerful then ever before.

Fujisawa saw where this was going to go and tried to make a move on Shayla. He was glad now Miz hadn't let him drink anything. Before he could react though he and Miz were surrounded in a ring of fire.

Shayla was shaking her finger at Fujisawa. "No, No. This is between Ifurita and me. Don't get involved." Shayla turned her attention to Ifurita. "Come on Ifurita use your full power against me. Show me what you have bitch!!!"

Ifurita saw Shayla meant to attack full force. Her power was tremendous Ifurita could feel it. She would have to go all out, risking destroying the palace. She realized if she did that though it could mean...But she shook her head and charged up and prepared to run directly at Shayla who had a terrible smirk on her face as she prepared to attack. Makoto desperately tried to tell them to stop but they no longer heard him. They set and charged at each other and clashed. A giant ball of energy was surrounding them. When the display was over Ifurita was thrown ten feet back landing face first on the ground. She slowly raised her head bleeding from a cut over her eye. Shayla smiled triumphantly standing over her. She prepared her lamp to attack one more time and then as she went to fire Makoto ran and knocked himself into Shayla-Shayla causing her to shot a fireball into the ceiling and it came raining down. A fragment to hit Makoto on the back of the head and he collapsed. Shayla and Ifurita called at once "Makoto!!!" Ifurita tried to move towards Makoto but couldn't.

Instead Shayla-Shayla got to him and put his head into her lap. She felt his heart still beating and then turned to look at Ifurita once more. "This is your fault! I won't let him be near you any longer. I won't let you play with his mind or manipulate him any longer."

Shayla picked Makoto up and carried him in her arms and ran over to a nearby window. "I will be back to finish you off soon enough. However I want you to experience what I did when I was lost in time and space having nothing."

Shayla looked into Ifurita's eyes "We both want Makoto. It just depends who wants him more. I will DIE for Makoto. Will you do the same?"

Shayla then jumped out the window, while Ifurita yelled "NO!!!!"

Then five minutes after the attack guards came and everyone was checking on Ifurita. She did not speak at all. All were in shock at what had happened. Ifurita only said one thing to Rune Venus as she inquired to how Ifurita was doing. "I am dying you highness, I am dying internally and externally."

This caused Rune Venus to shiver. Fujisawa just stared at the window and pondered "DAMN!! I failed to save you both again. DAMN!!!"

Makoto finally started to stir from the hit he took on the head. He was finally aware enough to realize that two things one. He was on a bed and two he felt he was completely naked. He tried to move his hands and legs and found his hands were bound together and that his legs were tied to the opposite ends of the bed. He then noticed Shayla-Shayla was looking at him. She had a smile on her face. It was not a smile she had seen on her face often. Normally it would probably make him happy, but in this case it chilled him to the core.

She moved slowly up to him. In her skin-tight red and black outfit she moved onto the bed and rubbed her head against one of his bound hands. It was then he saw on her left cheek the scar that was on it. She noticed this and then violently slapped him on the face. She turned hiding her face. "Don't look at that. I don't want you to see that."

Makoto recovered and then glared at Shayla for a moment regretting staring but then determination set into him. "Untie me now Shayla. I need to see if Ifurita is OK." He demanded trying to free himself.

She merely smiled again and moved to look directly into his face. "I know you don't really mean that Makoto. I know what your heart is saying you want to stay here with me. Spend the night with me and I will show you how much I love you."

Makoto was about to answer back when he realized what she meant in the last part of her statement. "No!!! I won't do that with you Shayla. I know something has happened to you. Let me go and come with me back to everyone. Let us help you."

Shayla-Shayla kept her eyes on him. "You're silly you know that. I only need help from you. Tonight Makoto you can help me remember what it means to be a woman again. So long have I struggled? Tonight I am going to experience how much you can love someone."

Shayla then suddenly and passionately kissed Makoto on the lips. She tried to take him and finally hoped he would give in and allow her to rescue him from his delusions of loving that demon-god. He resisted and forced his face away from her. Shayla looked on with an understanding face. "She has you in her thrall. Perhaps after tonight you will see things more clearly. I just need to help you that is all."

Shayla then pulled the jewel that was attached to her neck and placed it on Makoto's forehead. He resisted for second, but then succumbed. She then asked "Will you make love to me Makoto? Will you prove you love me?" she asked shyly.

The far of staring Makoto only said, "Whatever pleases you." Shayla got excited. She pulled the covers of Makoto revealing him completely to her. She blushed for a second but then got excited. As she moved to take of her clothes her enthusiasm waned and the face of Shayla turned to one of agony and regret. "What am I saying? What am I doing? This is not what I want...I want Makoto, but not like this...Of my god Nanami..." Shayla began to have tears coming down her face. She looked at Makoto and collapsed on top of him. "OH Makoto I am so sorry...Please forgive me...I didn't mean..." she then gripped her head and started to scream.

The voice came back to her "You are wrong Shayla-Shayla. You want Makoto you must have Makoto. You must kill Ifurita and those who abandoned you. Take him now. He is yours."

Then Shayla-Shayla stopped screaming. She shook her head for a moment and wondered what happened. She then took of her clothes and then with mind-controlled Makoto was taken by Makoto. She cried out when she lost her virginity. For hours a passion was unleashed. Finally after all of their lovemaking they slept next to each other. A shadowy figure moved not real but an apparition. The apparition smiled and looked down at Makoto who was asleep and Shayla-Shayla. Shayla had a look of bliss on her face and contentment. The show mused the real Shayla or what was left of her was now shown. The side Makoto Mitzuhara never saw. The apparition carefully placed its hand on Shayla-Shayla's stomach and held it there for a minute. The apparition smiled. All was going according to plan. Revenge was nearly hers.

To be concluded....