El Hazard: Fire and Thunder

By Lane Kramer

Part 2: All ones fates are decided.... Ifurita slowly managed to slowly open her eyes. She felt so weak, but with effort managed to focus in on a group of people who were looking at her. It was then she recognized Miz Fujisawa, Mr. Fujisawa, Princes Rune Venus, and a bandaged Nanami looking upon her. She tried to sit up in the bed despite the effort of Rune Venus to stop her. "Please Ifurita do not move. You should stay resting." Rune Venus spoke.

Ifurita though sat up and anyway and asked, "Where is Makoto?" None could look at her.

"He was taken by Shayla-Shayla. We haven't been able to find either of them. Londs is still searching the whole of Florisitica." Rune Venus said.

"I just hope Makoto is ok." Nanami spoke softly still recovering from her own bruises. "I think of any of us Makoto is the safest of all."

Rune Venus and Nanami looked to each other for a moment pondering Ifurita's statement. "Please I know everyone is concerned about Makoto and myself but I need to speak to Nanami...alone." Ifurita said with a tone indicating she should not be questioned.

Miz and Fujisawa looked to each other for a moment and then looked at Ifurita and nodded in understanding. Rune Venus then looked to Ifurita and spoke "Very well if you need anything please let us know." With that all three left leaving Nanami and Ifurita a lone.

Ifurita looked up at Nanami "Makoto is lucky to have a friend who loves him as much as you do.... I see the strength in you as you have managed to hide your regret of Makoto and I coming together."

Nanami didn't say anything. She tried to look away not wanting so show how much their coming together was hurting her.

"I am dying Nanami."

Nanami turned looking shocked at Ifurita "What do you mean?! You can't be dying, is it because of the attack by Shayla-Shayla."

Nanami's hand became gripped together hatred started to form in her face. "I will kill for this....for hurting Makoto...and me."

Ifurita put her hand on Nanami's fist and looked up at her with a solemn face. "I have been dying before this Nanami since I returned it has been happening. I have been slowly dying for thousands of years."

Nanami upon hearing this then turned her ire to Ifurita. "How could you not tell Makoto? Do you know how hurt he will be when you die?"

Ifurita responded "Yes I have tried recently to tell him. However I and Makoto would have our time together and then I would pass on like all people. I love Makoto very much, but I knew in time he had friends who would help him to cope. I knew that he would have someone like you Nanami who would take care of him...give him the family I could not."

Nanami looked on not sure how to respond. "I want to tell him, but I don't want him to regret not being able to help me and I want our time to be happy. I have watched what has happened to Makoto with Shayla. He has hurt very much."

Nanami could only reply "What do you mean? I never saw this."

"He has kept it hidden from all, but under the surface this has haunted him. The attack by Shayla caused me to use my full power and now my life energy is rapidly diminishing. I probably only live for a few more days instead of years. I will fight Shayla-Shayla again. I am sure of this. I want you to promise me that even when this is over you will help Makoto deal with my death and will always be his friend."

Nanami took her hand and put it over Ifurita's "I promise." They looked at each other and could only hope Makoto was actually ok.

Shayla-Shayla was still sleeping next to Makoto who was still in the trance like state that jewel on his forehead put him in. Then Shayla-Shayla's hand slowly moved up to the jewel and it began to glow. There was energy flash and then things were silent again. Makoto found himself in darkness. He looked around as he heard someone cackle. He was getting frustrated since he had been stuck in this darkness it seemed for hours. Then he heard a voice "So Makoto how do you like experiencing what I was going through."

Makoto looked around for the source of the voice. "Damn it Shayla show yourself. I swear I know you're in pain but if anything has happened to Ifurita I won't forgive you."

The voice responded "Now Makoto that isn't like you at all. Being so rough and all. I mean in the sack you were quite gentle or should I say your body was at least. You definitely had some practice with Ifurita."

"Shayla where are you?"

"Right over here silly boy."

The voice said as Makoto turned and reeled backwards. He had expected to see a red-haired girl. Instead he was looking at a short white-haired girl in a white outfit. There were two red-like globes attached by her hands. He gulped and whispered "Kalia."

"Hey their Makoto how are you? Been a while. She moved towards Makoto. He stumbled backwards and landed on his butt. She smiled in cute girl sort of way. She ended up putting her hand under his chin. "So I see you remember me."

"What are you doing here?"

"Yes I guess you would like to know wouldn't you. Well basically Makoto your friend Shayla-Shayla ended up in black nothingness like this. She started to scream and scream until her mind shattered and her essence started to fade. That is what the dark realm does to a person. When my body was destroyed I ended up in that place thanks to my connection to the Trigger. I found her here what little was left of your precious priestess was mumbling your name."

Makoto swallowed hard. He felt emotions of regret run up in him not sure what to think. The fate Shayla-Shayla must have suffered was worse then he could have imagined. He then turned to look back at Kalia. "What did you do to her?"

"Nothing really. My soul was still alive and I needed a new body. So the part of her mind that had been destroyed I replaced within her and combining her power with mine managed to make it so we could escape the dimension. I also placed my essence within one of her crystals. Essentially Shayla-Shayla and I are now one being. I must say as well you were really good last night." Kalia spoke.

She then came next to him and kissed him violently on the lips, which caused him to try and pull away. "Oh you didn't pull away while making love with Shayla-Shayla last night."

Makoto stopped when he heard this. "What did she and I do last night?" Makoto asked almost knowing the answer.

"Why you had sex. Just as I planned. Thanks to both you and her I now will be reborn."


"I checked her last night. I can feel that it already started. You're going to be a father Makoto. In plain terms you made the fire priestess pregnant." Makoto reeled at this.

"So when the time comes I will enter my soul into the baby and be reborn. I decided to merge with Shayla-Shayla and use her love for you so that I could be reborn. Interesting paradox considering you killed me and now you are helping me to be born again. Thanks." She said with an insane smile. "Well Makoto-chan I figure you can go now. Your precious Ifurita is already very weakened and I suppose I can give some time with her before Shayla-Shayla kills her. Then of course I will make sure your friends die. Then you die Makoto. However if ya are really good Makoto I may just keep you around for myself. You were so good last night. Oh if you are worried about long distance don't be were in your old hut. By the time anybody comes looking for Shayla we will be gone. See ya soon honeybunch."

Makoto then was surrounded by light and awoke with a start. He realized he was in bed and the sleeping priestess of fire was lying right next to him. She had a smile on her sleeping face. Makoto could not believe what had happened, but knew he needed to get to Ifurita. He got up carefully and got dressed. He looked to Shayla-Shayla while he prepared to leave. He looked upon her scarred face. It was a reminder to him of her sacrifice she made for him. "I am so sorry Shayla." He said as he ran out of the hut.

Makoto ran all the way back to the palace alerting the guards of Shayla's presence and then he found Londs. He explained where he had been and asked about Ifurita. Londs told him she was not well and Makoto raced to her room. It was much to the suparize of everyone. He hugged Ifurita and they were so happy with seeing each other. After everybody got their emotions in check the business turned to how to deal with the impending assault by Shayla-Shayla. Londs spoke forcefully "We will deal with her very forcefully. A single shot, even considering her power, will be enough to kill her."

"NO!! We can't kill her. Its not her fault in doing what she does." Makoto spoke. Everyone asked him to explain. He described his encounter with Kalia and what happened to Shayla. Miz, and Afura could not believe it. Nanami felt her heart start to pound a little faster and Ifurita was disturbed about hearing about Kalia.

"If this is true Makoto then killing Shayla may be the only way to free her." Afura Mahn pointed out.

"NO!!! It's not right. Shayla is not responsible for any of this. Kalia is using her."

"She is using Shayla's love for Makoto." Everyone turned to Ifurita. "I am already weakened however it is possible we may be able to reach whatever remains of Shayla-Shayla, but it will mean I will have to access the rest of my full power and overload her and myself. Then Makoto and I could access her mind and destroy Kalia there it might finally free her."

Nanami moved to say something but Ifurita glared at her and Nanami remained silent. "Makoto I need to speak with you."

Everyone took to leave so the two lovers could speak in private. "Makoto let me ask you something. Do you love me?" Ifurita asked him honestly.

"Of course I do. What kind of question is that?"

"I want to know. Do you love me enough that you can let me go if I do not survive this fight?" Makoto just stared back at her, wondering why she would ask something like that. "Makoto I need to know this."

She reached her hand to his face and kissed him on the cheek. "I need to know you will be happy. You have given so much of yourself to me and I know I may not survive this battle. If I know you can live happily after me then I can rest in peace when the time comes."

"I don't know...if I can say agree to something like that..."

She looked him in the eye "I know that is not true Makoto. At one point you gave your feelings out to me someone you did not really know. Yet you gave me love and compassion. I believe soon there will be another who will need you like I did. I want you to promise me you will not linger over me. Remember me, but don't prevent me from enjoying your life after wards."

She looked pleading into Makoto's eyes. "I will...I promise, but it won't come to that now will it."

Ifurita did not answer, but kissed him instead. It diverted him from her response. It made it so she would not have to lie to him. Makoto then sighed and said "Ifurita there is something else I must tell you...something that happened while I was held by Shayla-Shayla.

Shayla prepared for her final assault. Now she would get Ifurita and have Makoto. The voice spoke in her head. "Its time Shayla-Shayla. Its time to kill Ifurita and claim Makoto."

Shayla looked to the palace and prepared to attack. "Yes its time. Finally one way or the other it ends today." Shayla then ran through the streets of Florisitica towards the palace to meet destiny.

Makoto was outside the room he and Ifurita shared in the palace. Ifurita opened the door and came out in her old blue outfit she wore when she first met Makoto. Makoto took her all in and just stared in disbelief. "You look beautiful Ifurita."

Ifurita flushed at the comment for a second. They moved together and embraced. An explosion together interrupted their last moments. They both knew who had come. They both ran towards the source of the explosion. Shayla-Shayla was attacking some guards with a fire bat when Ifurita flew into the air and shot two laser blasts dispersing it. "Ah. Thanks for saving me the time and trouble of looking for you Ifurita. Lets get it on."

Shayla then was surrounded in flames as she prepared to attack. Ifurita looked at Makoto who was standing from afar. She then powered up herself and launched herself at Shayla-Shayla. Shayla-Shayla then jumped up into the air and was covered in red fire. The two women clashed repeatedly. Ifurita realized she felt her life energy starting to drain away and keeping up the attack was not going to last long. So she made a gamble. She would attempt one large massive shot that would hopefully overwhelm Shayla-Shayla and leave knock her unconscious. However it would also leave Ifurita with minutes to live. "Come on Ifurita tell me you have more than that. Let's finish this now. Once and for all proving who really loves Makoto more."

Shayla prepared a fireball, but was shocked as Ifurita unleashed a huge blast at her. She managed to try and block it. There was a huge explosion around Shayla-Shayla. Makoto watched Ifurita hit the ground her power depleted. Ifurita looked as the smoke cleared and a battered and bruised Shayla-Shayla. Ifurita looked up with a defeated face. She put everything she had into that shot and it wasn't enough. "Heh. Good try, but if that was all you got your finished." Shayla said with an evil smile.

She advanced toward Ifurita. Suddenly Makoto got between her and Ifurita. He picked up Ifurita's power key and took up a defensive posture. "I won't let you harm her Shayla. You will have to kill me to get to Ifurita." Shayla stopped.

"Get out of the way Makoto. I don't want to hurt you. Move please." The malicious intent in her voice gone. Now it was replaced by pleading.

Then the shadowy visage of Kalia appeared. "What are you waiting for? Kill them. I no longer have need for them. Kill them." Shayla-Shayla was confused on what to do. She tried to power up her lamp and attack but just couldn't.

"You won't force her to hurt Makoto, Kalia." Ifurita spoke.

Kalia's apperitionary form started speak commanding to Shayla-Shayla. "Fire SHAYLA!!!FIRE!!!" she yelled. Shayla-Shayla had tears in her eyes as she felt her mind being torn apart.

She looked at Makoto and yelled "NO!!!I WON'T, GO AWAY!!! I DESTROY YOU, I HATE YOU!!!!LEAVE MY FRIENDS ALONE FOREVER!!!"

Kalia's face turn distorted and then she started to turn inward. Kalia cried out as she started to disappear. Shayla was gripping her head and screaming until she collapsed. Kalia was gone and Makoto was by Ifurita's side holding her body. The rest of the guards came around and surrounded the collapsed priestess of fire. Princess Rune, Fujisawa, Miz, Afura, and the rest came around. They looked to Shayla-Shayla. She was turned over and her hair moved out of her face. Her eyes were open and she was breathing but her eyes were blank. It was if she had no personality left. Makoto was holding Ifurita and she looked at him. "Come Makoto its time for us to engage the second part of our plan. Bring me over to her and enter my mind so I can enter hers."

"You're too weak Ifurita I won't do it. I can't risk losing you." He said trembling.

She smiled at him again. "I will be ok Makoto. I can still do this. We owe Shayla this for she is the one who gave us our happiness. She needs help to try and fix her mind. With Kalia gone she has lost part of her self, I have to try and help her regain it. Please Makoto...."

He didn't want to, but he could not deny Ifurita. He helped her over to Shayla-Shayla. He put his hand on Shayla's head and then before he gave his hand to Ifurita she said "Makoto I love you." Then she gripped his hand and entered Shayla's mind.

Ifurita found herself lost in Shayla's mind. She looked around until she saw a single light and then as she approached she saw Shayla-Shayla under the light sitting with her knees to her chest. Ifurita moved slowly and quietly up to Shayla-Shayla. Shayla finally noticed Ifurita and scowled. "What are you doing here? Get out!" she snarled. Ifurita stopped for a second. Then replied "I just came to help you Shayla." "Who says I want any from you? Why don't you just leave and let me die. I don't want to face anybody again."

"I want to help you come back Shayla."

"I don't want too. I can't face anybody after all I have done." Shayla turned to look at Shayla a distressed look in her eye.

"I can't live with how things are, I could not bare to see you and Makoto together. I would rather perish or never wake up."

"I don't understand." Ifurita could only reply confused.

"Don't you get it. I lost myself in the other dimension because I didn't think I could bear you and Makoto possibly being together. I did it to escape. I just made it worse though allowing that monster to use me...to almost hurt Makoto. You don't know how much it took from not listening to Kalia and attacking. I am only half of the true person I can't come back."

"What about your child?" "I was just made pregnant. Besides my body will survive and you two can take care of it. Just think of it as your child."

"It's not right for it to not have a mother." This caused Shayla to look on with concern.

"What do you mean exactly?"

"I mean that I have only minutes to live. I am dying Shayla, but I do not want you to blame yourself. I was dying for a long time, this just made my time be used up faster." The tough look Shayla maintained began to falter and she had some tears fall from her eyes.

"I am sorry...I am hurting Makoto and you now..." Ifurita walked up to a now sobbing Shayla.

"I need someone Shayla who can take care of Makoto. Someone strong likes yourself. I came in my last moments to merge my mind with yours. You will be the dominant personality, but I will mend your mind and soul." Shayla-Shayla was not sure what to think.

"You mean it. I don't think...." Shayla was cut off.

"Will you do it for Makoto? Will you do this for me? You have given Makoto and I a chance to have happiness but for so long I wanted to make sure Makoto would be happy after I am gone. No matter how it came about you have given Makoto the chance to have a child, something to latch onto. Please for me, the child, Makoto, and most of all yourself do this." Ifurita stuck out her hand and Shayla slowly and tentatively Ifurita's hands into her own.

"Take care of him....he is such a special person to both of us." Ifurita's voice rang out as the area was enveloped in light.

After a few moments of the union Ifurita's body stopped breathing, while Shayla's eyes began to flutter as she started to awaken. Makoto gripped Ifurita's body and he began to cry out "NO Ifurita. You can't die, you promised. I can't lose you." He then brought her face under his chin as he began to cry. Shayla sat looked over to him for a moment and then to her friends who were crowded around them both. She weakly said "Hey guys. Tell Makoto I am sorry. Tell him I am really sorry." Then she passed out.