Jason Youngberg's Web Site

This website began on the now defunct Prodigy Classic in early 1997 as a way to learn HTML. It was pretty simple back then, a page about what science fiction is, my resume, and a little something with Robotech to try out frames. It was enough to get me a job in Dubuque programming the internet for local businesses. But soon I grew out of the 1MB limit and other difficulties. (Yep that's right a 1MB limit, you could fit it on an old 3.5 inch floppy.) I moved on to Hover (formerly Net Identity, formerly MailBank) where I've stayed since. While there are other limitations (space and cost), having my own name be my URL is just too good to ignore.

Unfortunately Hover does not support dynamic code so I cannot show off my skills as a programmer. I can do Cold Fusion, SQL, ASP, and ASP.NET but that doesn't mean anything here. There's not a whole lot of need for dynamic web pages here in the first place. I mean, what can I do that I'm willing to release publically? Maybe a few polls, but the really fun stuff requires more web space and support than Hover provides. My speciality is programming and coding and I'm learning graphics and web design. In truth it's more fun than I expected since the results are easily visible. In the end, this is a personal page, a place where I can express myself freely. So I will do my best to show the better part of my personality.

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