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I got most of these from the Pike and the two main El Hazard Web Rings. But I checked to make sure they're working, updated any changes of address, and organized them by category.
Current number of links: 64
Last Updated: 10/13/2003

Fandom (9)
El Hazard Fan Fiction
Homecomings: A Tenchi Muyo/El-Hazard Crossover
Moonlight Domain
El Hazard the Indifferent World Under Construction
Ifurita's El Hazard Gallery And Info Page
El Hazard The RPG
The Roshtarian Royal Archive
Choose your destiny traveler
The Wanderer's Guide to El-Hazard: The Magnificent World

Shrines (7)
The Ultimate Shayla Shayla Shrine
Temple for Alielle
Welcome to The Kauru Taurus Shrine !
Nahato :Asuka's Shrine to Innocence
Kauru Appreciation Society
Shayla Station
Fujisawa land (under construction)

General Information (17)
Shinpi no Sekai El Hazard On-line El Hazard Encyclopedia
It's Another El-Hazard Webpage
The Magical Springs of the Goddess
El Hazard: The Magnificent Pages
The Wine Cellar ~ El Hazard, the Magnificent World
The Magical World of El Hazard
Mr. Fujisawa's Dojo
The Forbidden Island
Evie's House of El Hazard
X ifurita X's crib
Welcome to El Hazard
Jinnai's Fortress
Reality of Dreams present El Hazard: The Magnificent World
MiNaS AnImE WoRlD: El Hazard, the Magnificent World
All the rest of El Hazard
El Hazard Spanish
El Hazard: Reign of Terror (under construction)

Images (9)
Albatross El Hazard Image Gallery
The Ultimate Animanga Image Archive: El Hazard
Neo_Ohki's Anime Palace
Jon's Little Anime Hut
Nanami's Anime Shrine!
The home of El-Hazard
El Hazard Pics!
Makoto's Shrine to a Preistess
Anime Visions {} El Hazard

Link Directories/Web Rings (6)
Otaku World! El Hazard
El-Hazard Elite Ring
The El-Hazard Webring Homepage
Desktop Anime, home of the El-Hazard Elite Ring
Penguin Global Village's Links: El Hazard
Mr. Blue's El Hazard Links

Reviews (10)
Warm Up: El Hazard
El Hazard - The Magical World at AnimeLink
In-Depth Reviews: El Hazard
El Hazard at Akemi's Anime World
El Hazard-at-a-Glance - El Hazard the Magnificent World 2 - El Hazard: The Alternative World
The Bus's El-Hazard Stop
anime okashi

Sound/Music (1)
El Hazard: The Magnificent Music

Company Sites (2)
Pioneer's El Hazard Section
AIC's Site

Other (3)
Wil69's Homepage
El Hazard Voting
Project Neko-El Hazard: The Manga Review

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