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Fox (Nate Conners):
History:The Conners clan had been a major part of Miltech's cover ops department and had served them almost since its creation. When there was a schism within Miltech, the emerging corp International Mutitions Transport (IMT) decided the seperation would be easier if the Conners were removed from the picture. They attacked at the Conner annual reunion. What was initially a slaughter, the combat trained family quickly recovered and defended themselves. It was too little too late. Out of a family of 43 only Fox survived. IMT's victory was costly though and barely managed to stay alive financially after paying the bills. Nate's survival cost far more. Not only had he lost his family, but his right arm and eye as well. The combined insurance/compensation from Miltech was enough to rebuild Nate's life. IMT's destruction became the focus of his attentions. On his first job against them, he hijacked a shipment of low grade weapons. With nothing better to do with his prize, he sold them at a handsome profit. Conners soon found he had a special nack for making deals. Within two years (with the unwitting help of IMT) Nate built one of the largest black arms dealerships in the state. It operated under the cover of Rapid Fire Weapons Shop, a legit business run by a close friend of his father. Along the way he found allies who joined his organization and later became part of his new family.

Slowly Rapid Fire eroded away IMT's foundation, from stealing merchandice to direct sabatoge of their facilities. Due to the inept leadership of the instigators of the schism, IMT was left without proper allies to defend themselves. The seperation from Miltech was unfriendly to say the least. Various cultural "misunderstandings" with Araska soured relations with them too much to gain more than token aid. This was despite the fact that Araska which initially funded the schism and how much IMT was hurting Miltech. The final strike against IMT happened almost a year before Rimfire: the Novel starts. The sinister corporation was forceably disolved with all with all board members killed. Or so it was thought.

Nate (now known as Fox) received word that another schism from within Miltech was forming. Only this time it was not funded by Araska, instead by the lone surviving member of IMT. Since the schism was still in its early stages, Miltech could not use its own resources directly against them. But it could hire an independent team to nip it in the bud.

Miltech didn't know it, but the second schism had been festering for some time. IMT had been gathering contacts from within Miltech and Araska, personel with potential and were disatisfied with their current employeers, before it fell. Fox's final strike only delayed things. The Miltech branch was strongest in the R&D department where it was experimenting with a new form of transportation. Unknown to the all but that department, the research project was actually based on an alien artifact orbiting the Sun a million miles ahead of Earth. Its purpose had just been crudly duplicated when Fox attacked. Fox did not want to risk losing his new family the same was as his old one so he used Miltech's payment to hire a C-team to join him in the assult. During the firefight, more than a few stray shots damaged the device causing it to power up. When it finally had enough energy to activate, the battle was over with Fox as the victor. The device was actually a small portal which sucked everyone in the room to a random point in space before melting into a useless pile of metal.

Fox found himself on the airless moon Dion. Fortunately his armor was self-contained with its own air supply. He was the only one so lucky. The surviving members of the C-team had died on the way through the portal leaving him completely alone. That is until he saw a fight between Cedric and a member of Axis. Cedric was at a disadvantage and would not have survived if it weren't for Fox's intervention. This earned Fox a place on Fireflight and a third chance to make a life for himself.

Personality: Fox has led a tough life. After the first time his life was turned upside down, he was relunctant to allow himself the luxery of a new family. But his friends willingness to join him on his crusade against IMT changed his mind. By the time IMT reformed, they were too important to risk on his personal vendetta. Now that IMT is permenently destroyed and Fox is left stranded on an alien world without hope of rescue, he must again rebuild his life. Despite everything he is still a fixer. His friendly attitude toward others is genuine. His intelligence and sharp wit is almost visible in his remaining natural eye. The biggest flaw (if you can call it that) he has is that he doesn't take any crap from anyone. What is given to him is returned in kind for good or ill. While this might cause friction with his superiors in Fireflight, he also extends this trait to his friends. His willingness to defend others inspires trust and loyality. He tries to act honorably, or as honorably as an Edgerunner can, and accepts the Japanese concept of giri, or honor/obligation. Keeping your word is essential for a successful fixer no matter which world you're on.

From the beginning, she never really cared for Fox. He popped into her life with his alien origin, cybernetics, and skills and became the most famous and popular member of Fireflight. The only thing keeping her jealousy under control is the knoweldge Fox does not desire her position and he knows who's really the boss. Before going into cryo-sleep, Larani puts on a broach (a gift from her father) for good luck. The gift was actually a psionic beacon which allowed plenty of time for Dredmond to brainwash her. But because of the state of her mind during cryo-sleep, the hold was not as strong as he wished. It was enough for her to sabatoge Fireflight's mektons. The brainwashing interperted her jealousy of Fox as hatered and started with his mekton. Fox senced what was going on and tried to stop her. During the struggle the fuel tank of her torch exploded near-fatally wounding her. She was forced into deep-cryo-sleep after the brainwashing was removed. Even if she survives being frozen for so long, she will need major reconstructive surgury and organ donations.

Fox took Erin under his wing in an effort to bring him out of his shell. It kind of worked. Erin did have the courage to pursue __ and marry her after her father's death. That was about it though. He and his wife retreated into a shell for two. During the trip, after Larani's injury, Erin began skipping drills in favor of spending time designing a mekton and building it with the help of his wife. This lack of practice caused a critical mistake which led to his court-martial. Dass arranged for him to be transfered to the Rimfire crew where he is much happier.

She was the victim of Erin's mistake. He carelessly blasted a Praih into her flight path. She did the best anyone could do but her mekton still crashed into it. Currently she's in sick bay suffering from broken ribs and several other injuries. Karin never cared much for Fox and his non-military training. But she does respect him somewhat.

Decided to stay on Sunlight1 and marry __. Later became the station's squadron leader.
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