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The current status of Operation: Rimfire is unknown. Its creator left R.Tailorsian some time ago and the game system became Mekton Z. The book itself is a self contained campaign of 22 seperate episodes (adventures), character sheets, portraits, subplots, guidelines and about everything you need for an anime game except for a soundtrack. Unfortunately due to the lack of available players, I was unable to run the game myself so I did the next best thing. I translated it into a novel. R.Tailorsian knew I was doing this, but hasn't yet gave me a verdict about publishing. Maybe something will happen when the novel is actually complete and polished. In any case I thought it would be a good idea to publically anounce the existance of my little project.

Actually the novel is closer to completion than one might think. I'm working on episode 20 and the last two can be considered the 'one-hour season finale'. After that just a bit of polishing, spell-check, etc (been doing this on my slow days) and poof - we have a book. Right now my greatest obsticle after procrastation is time. Mekton already advanced to a new edition with a post-Rimfire Algol with potential for conflicts and continity problems with my work. Likewise Cyberpunk 3rd ed is due by Christmas (which year is anyone's guess) and again there's the threat of inconsistancies. I know that has little effect on fan-fiction, but I would very much like this to be part of the 'official' Rimfire history.

"What does Cyberpunk have to do with this?" I hear you ask. The answer is, plenty. I've decided to tell the story through the eyes of a Night City fixer known as Fox. Fox is catapulted to Algol by a prototype Miltech stargate. He soon becomes an integral part of Fireflight.

Now Rimfire: the Novel is not yet ready for internet posting. Still some last minute touches and technical problems to overcome. So until then I'll post descriptions of the characters and their status as of this writing then a summery of each chapter. I've added a few episodes to add my own spin on Rimfire. There are no major long-term effects on the original source book and plot but it does add depth. To keep the chapter numbers matched to the episode numbers, the new ones will appear as 1/2 or other fractions. Also since Fox is the only new character, his description will be the longest. Because the other characters are already in the soruce book, I'll post the major changes in thier lives (if any).

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