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I have always had a fasination with science. It was one of my better subjects in school But in college I learned that my interest wasn't enough to sustain a career as a scientist. Fortunately for me I did realize that I was much better with computers than with science. I still have the interest and I haven't forgotten the concepts I learned in college and afterwards. My main area of interest was physics in any form, classical mechanics, astrophysics/astronomy, and quantum physics. Quantum physics was the most interesting because it was so strange and dealt with the basic nature of reality. Things that were impossible in the conventional understanding of how the world works turs out only to be very very unlikely but possible in the quantum world.

I was able to grasp concepts like the Uncertainity Principle and time dialation well enough it was the calculations that kept tripping me up. I'm better suited to watching a special about the existance of parallel universes on the Science Channel than examining the equations behind it.