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Drawn into the Land of Adventure

Drawn into the Land of Adventure
{Logo forms}
Joel: Omega/Tuning Fork presents...
Tom: Pretty Impressive Ovas Never Erring to Entertain Robots
Joel: Spoken like a true otaku

{Music starts as the three enter the theater. Sea Gull flies by.}

Crow {sings}: You are the wind beneath my wings.

{Title appears.}

Crow: Title looks angry.

{Beat picks up, everyone starts moving in time to the music.}

Joel {referring to landscapes}: This has all been leveled and turned into a mini-mall.

All I want to do is hold you now
Flying together on the wings of the night
Speeding down the skyway in the moonlight
Where there were two of us, there will be one
With every kiss we know our journey has started
We'll be unafraid and open hearted

Joel: surgery

In a world of so much confusion {echo joined in by All}
You and I must make this illusion real

Crow {as Makoto}: Puff puff, gotta find something to do.

Knowing it's love we feel
Stay close to me,
You'll forget the city and the troubles of daytime easily
{Makoto flies by leaving a trail of glowing feathers.}

Crow: He's shedding feathers!
Joel: Don't fly too close to the sun!
Tom: It's 5:00 Friday!

This is the way life should be
{Flames hid outline of familiar-looking woman}

Tom {panicing}: It's Fatora!

You are the one
How can I imagine any joy in my heart if you were gone?
Let this illusion linger on

Tom {as camera pans over school grounds}: Welcome to anime high school. It's a beautiful day with Gamora no where in sight. There's a crashing spaceship due east may make some great waves when it hits. So quit cramming and head to the beach!


Tom: Pass the glue.

Nanami: Get your lunch here, delicious box lunches for sale!
{More chatter}
Nanami: Get your box lunch from me delicious and nutritious!
Student: Hey! Over here!
right away sir. Box lunch for you. So, how many will it be today? The usual three?
Different Student: Nope, better make it four today.

Crow: With a bottle of Pepto

Nanami: That's easy enough. That'll be 2000 yen.

Joel: That's like 3 bucks.

Nanami: Thank you very much, enjoy your lunch.

Nanami: Pretty good. Hey not bad! Things are starting to look up

{Joel reaches up and starts pushing calculator buttons}
Crow {noticing calculator display}: Hey, I thought they were 2000 yen

Ryoko: Hi Nanami! Working hard as usual I see
Nanami: Oh, Ryoko. What's going on?

Tom {as Ryoko}: Chasing Tenchi.

Nanami: Hey, have you happen to see 'you know who' around?
Ryoko: ahh your true beloved. Nope, not a sign of him, all day
Nanami: well we were suppose to have lunch together today.
Ryoko: Oh then I guess he's probably 'you know where' again.
Nanami: Oh darn him and that laboratory. He forgot about it. And I still have one lunch left over for him.
Ryoko: Nanami, I can't believe you. You should be ashamed. Why are you selling lunch to your beloved Makoto?
Nanami: He's not my beloved! But he sure is cute so he always gets lunch at half price off.

Tom: So the ugly students get charged double?

{Title appears}

Crow: How appropriate for a cartoon.

Fujisawa: Look alive there. That should be unpacked by now. Hey what are you doing? You can't put that in front of my window.
{Camera pans up giant poster. All three scream in panic when they realize it's Pretty Sammy}
Fujisawa: Humph, anime fans!

Crow: Sure bite the had that draws you.

Female Student: Hey Mr.Fujisawa! I don't see the mountain climbing club booth anywhere around this year {giggle}
Fujisawa: Ah get out of here. You know the reason. Got no members.

Joel {grumbles}: Ever since Star Trek V....

Council Spokesman: This meeting is to decide what is to be done with the recent comprises and poor decisions concerning the school's festival. There is no excuse. School President Jinnai, what do you have to say for yourself?

Joel {As Nixon}: I am not a crook.

Jinnai: Yes I'm aware there were some minor comprises. But I assure you the situation is well in hand. You have no need to worry the festival money problem will be {council interrupts}

Tom: Sounds like Congress...

Council Spokesman: The money, Mr.Jinnai, is precisely why we have called another special special meaning
Jinnai: I suggest you question the previous president
{Council gets angry again}

Tom: Crowd's turning ugly
Crow {helpfully}: Better start your stand-up routine!

Council Spokesman: Quiet! You suggest yourself to be innocent?
Jinnai: Absolutely innocent these are merely rumors made to ruin my reign as your new president.
Council Spokesman: And those obviously forged documents just appeared out of nowhere?
Jinnai: Those papers don't have my name on them do they
{Council protests}
Council Spokesman: We believe those papers were altered. Can you offer any proof they were anything other than that? Well President Jinnai?
Jinnai: Those papers prove my innocence?
{Council protests}
Councilman: Makoto's my friend, he was deliberately framed!

Joel: Like the Mona Lisa.

Jinnai: Shut up! I'm innocent you heeaarr! And even if I wasn't you're ordered to treat me like I am. Did you forgot I am the president over all of Shininobi? My reign is supreme and I rule over you all! You are merely little bugs who should prey that I don't crush you under my royal feet. {laughs}

All: {joins in}

Nanami: Hey Makoto-chan? Hey Makoto, it's me. Hey Makoto, where are you?
Makoto: right behind you, down under here.

Crow: I can see up your dress.
Joel: You've got the whole concept of a screwdriver wrong.

Nanami: Oh darn you. You missed lunch today and now I suppose you're not going to walk me home.
Makoto: Did I say I would do that? I'm sorry I guess I forgot.
Nanami: I forgot. You forgot all week long.
Makoto: OK I won't forget next time.
Nanami: Yeah right.
Makoto: I'm glad you came. Hold this I gotta connect a wire.

Tom: Gotta see if this can hold 50,000 volts.

Nanami: Oh all right. {Pause} Makoto-chan, how much longer will you be Makoto-chan?
Makoto: Ummm Makoto-chan. Will you forget it with that? We're in high school you know.
Nanami: But it's your name. Your name's Makoto. Right Makoto-chan?
Jinnai: Mizuhara
Makoto: Kazukiko, what is it? Something wrong?
Jinnai: You must address me as Mr.President or President Jinnai
Makoto: What?
Jinnai: You're making too much noise with this crazy experiment of you're you're breaking school regulations.
Makoto: But I have permission.
Jinnai: No one gave you permission to disturb the entire school with all this racket.

Crow: And tennis courts!

Makoto: It's not noisy. Besides you're making ten times more the noise with all that yelling.
Jinnai: How dare you talk like that--to me. And how dare you undermine my authority. That's it! This is another of your attempts to manipulate the student council
Makoto: Wha?
Jinnai: Very clever. But it just isn't clever enough. Is this another of your plots to have me dethroned?
Makoto: No it isn't. What's he talking about?
Nanami: You really don't pay attention to anything outside the lab do you? They want him kicked out and he's pinning the blame on everything under the sun except his incompetent self. My brother's just simply loosing his mind.
Jinnai: So now even you have turned against me Nanami.
Nanami: Right Because I'm not the nutzy one.

Crow: Nice comeback.

Jinnai: I demand you stop this dangerous experiments at once. As president of Shininobi High School I hereby degrant you.
Makoto: But Jinnai I told you I got permission already. A full permission from the instructor.
Jinnai: You don't have MY permission, and I'm not giving it either! Unless you stop this instant, I'll see to it that all funding for the science club is revoked forever and forever

Joel: And ever!

Makoto: No, you wouldn't.
Nanami: That's rotten.
Jinnai: I can and I will revoke it because as president my final word is supreme. {Jinnai slams door on his own foot.}

Tom: Even the doors hate him.

{Music} Announcer: Welcome back to the cultural festival noon report. Today it's a special 'Who's who' our first guest is Makoto Mizuhara the leader from the science club.
Makoto: Hi, how are you doing?
Announcer: The project he is spearheading for the festival is being eagerly awaited by all. Makoto is an excellent student with straight A's and recently left the student council to spend full time with a special project in the science department. We hear his departure from the class presidency is a great disappointment.

Tom: He's eating a worm sandwich!

Jinnai: I hate you!
Young Jinnai: I know I can do this
Teacher: Oh, very good Makoto. Everyone take note, watch Mizuhara.

Crow: Being the teacher's pet is fun!
Tom: His daily iron supplement

Young Jinnai: Ahhh. Where's my ice cream cone? {Sees Makoto eating it} I'll make you pay someday Makoto

Jinnai: My ice cream.

Jinnai: He's done it again. I hope you choke on the candy.

Jinnai: Makoto Mizuhara, you're days of showing me up and taking what should be mine are over forever. Forever! It is I, Jinnai who will win!{Laughs}

Tom: What, am I alone in here? Hello! Oh yeah, I am alone.

Nanami: Keep going here's some more.
Makoto: Say what don't you have enough already? What are you trying to do?
Nanami: I'll need plenty of boxes if I'm to be queen of the lunch boxes at the festival. So what are you complaining about. I always help you out with your stuff and I never mope.
Makoto: Yeah I know. Hey Nanami, what are you trying to make all that money for?
Nanami: No noting exactly, just to do with.
Makoto: Really? So you aren't saving it up for something special or cool?
Nanami: It's cool because I can do it well. It like how you must feel about doing your experiments.
Makoto: Yeah, but I'm not making any money at it.
Nanami: That's not the point silly.

{anti-Jinnai posters}

Crow {reading posters}: The president is a dink.

Jinnai: It's all lies! it's all horrible lies! Idiotic lies! {pulls out poster} Shocked, Makoto mizuhara caught in a huge cheating scandal. Once these are all over the school I can begin Phase 2. It's my most brilliant plan yet. Wait until they see what I have planned next for you.

Tom: Not a good likeness

Council Spokesman: President Jinnai, do you need some more tacs?
Jinnai: No thank you I...{turns around to see student council}

Joel: Busted!
Crow: Boy, the student council sure is TACTful heh heh

Jinnai {laughs nervously}

Crow: Oh poopie
Joel: Man he laughs at EVERYTHING!

{commercial side}

Tom {at Nanami's V}: Buy war bonds where you work or bank.

{Fujisawa sleeping}

Tom: Oh you're the only pick ax for me.

Fujisawa: huh...{yawn} Do the rounds, make sure the school's completely save

Tom: {Pause} Yep, it's save.

Makoto: Number 88 and that's it. Perfect. Well it should work now.

Tom: Bring out the condemned!

Nanami: It's finished? {Makoto nods} So, got a name?

Crow: It's Makoto, remember?

Makoto: Not yet.
Nanami: Oh don't play dumb with me. You were on Lunch TV today. Come on you can tell me.
Makoto: Mituharah's Electrical Something?

Joel: Good name!

Nanami: huh?
Makoto: I don't know. I put it together but I don't know what to do with it. You know, just doing it felt like I was fulfilling a dream Only thing I know is that it's going to work.
Nanami: Can it fold lunch boxes?
Makoto: Hey! Am I being replaced?
{both laugh}
{Fujisawa walks down hall and hears laughter}

Joel {as Fujisawa}: Quit laughing at me!!
Tom: Oh know! You're too young for that!

Fujisawa: Hey, what are you kids still doing here?
Makoto and Nanami: Oh, hello sensei.
{cut to teacher's room} Fujisawa: One little drink for working overtime, and then it's straight home.
Nanami: Yes sir. Hey are you planning to go mountain climbing again?
Fujisawa: Indeed it might be or Kitahatizu Karobai this year. I'm not sure yet.
Nanami: Say, I never tried. What's so cool about it? Fujisawa: Cool? oh it's beyond that. Each mountain is a different mystery onto itself, just waiting to be explored. They each want to tell you their own special story. They beckon to me like an unfulfilled dream.
Nanami: Hey, that sounds just like what Makoto was saying!
Makoto: I said that?
Nanami: Almost just like that. You did.

Tom {as Nanami}: Should I rewind the tape?

{Jinnai walks in and laughs}

Joel: Intruder alert, intruder alert.

{park commercial}

Crow: Yes Satan, speak to me through this TV.

Fujisawa: Look it's that new commercial. It's the one where they show the mountains that surround Renga hot springs!

Tom: Reggie hot springs?

Fujisawa: Did I ever mention they have the baths right on the cliffside?
Makoto: If you don't count last semester, maybe a zillion times?
Fujisawa: Well maybe I should go there this time.

{Jinnai tosses panties on the machine}

Tom: He raided Happosai's stash!

Jinnai: A few here. A few there. They're everywhere!

Joel {whispers}: So beware.

Jinnai: It's even better than exposing him as a cheat. Makoto the sex fiend. Caught raiding the girl's gym lockers.

Tom: Take a look in the mirror lately?

{Jinnai laughs}

Joel: I will rule the world.

{trips and falls}

Crow: I meant to do that.

Jinnai: Darn you Makoto, you did make this machine to bring about my downfall. {begins kicking machine} No-good Stupid Lousy Noisy Danger--Hum dangerous. Oh if you're not dangerous now you soon will be.{laughs}

Joel: Playing with electricity is fun!

Makoto: Oh, I'm so stupid! I forgot to turn the power off. Sensei, thank you for the tea, I forgot something at the science lab. I'll got there then I promise straight home
Nanami: Right, it's probably past nine I should be getting home too.

Crow {as Nanami}: Gotta cram!

Fujisawa: You be careful, walking home can be as dangerous as a good climb.

Joel: Especially if you're in charge.

{Makoto notices something is wrong and enters}
Jinnai: Get lost
Makoto: Jinnai, are you crazy? Stop it! You'll blow us up get out! You don't know what you're doing! Electricity at this level with all these connections could kill us!
Jinnai: Think you're so clever. You deliberately left the presidency on the council so you can build this machine so you can destroy my rightful succession.
Makoto: You are nuts!

Tom: Took your time figuring that one out.

Jinnai: Flying saucer, look. Gotcha!

Joel: Can you believe he fell for that?

{sees portal}
Makoto: What is it?

Crow: A giant marble

Jinnai: {laughs}The fruits of your own destruction! It's perfect!
{lights fill up kitchen}

Crow: The band!

{light covers Fujisawa}

Tom: Oh you're the only magazine for me.

{Everyone falls through the portal}

Crow {as Nanami}: Don't look up my dressssssssss!

{Fade to black.}

Crow: Show's over let's go. {Fade in.} Oops.

{Makoto slowly gets up}

Crow {As Dorothy}: I don't think I'm in Japan anymore.
Joel: Boy I have such a beefover.
Tom: Flying fish! I bet their statues are covered in caviar.

Makoto: What the heck's going on? where am I? Is this a dream? This isn't real.
{Makoto sees Bugrom shadows and hears rustling. Mysterious music starts. He runs away scared.}

Crow: Oh no! Creepy music!
All (as King Authur}: Run away!

{Makoto is surrounded by Bugrom}

Crow: Great, and I forgot my roach spray.

{Woman screams}

Episode 2: Exploring the Kingdom of Mystery
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