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The Shrine of Wind

Makoto {voiceover}: Hello my name is Makoto Mizuhara. A normal high school student from Shiniobi High. I was working on a special science project when something something went horribly wrong.

Crow: I got the electric bill.

Makoto: I've suddenly been transported to a mysterious world called El Hazard. What is going to happen to me in such an unpredictable place?

Crow: Looks like the top of Tom's head.
Joel: Do you think the road needs one of those 'Warning, bump ahead' signs?

Makoto: Hey Alliele, what makes you think this priestess will be more helpful than Miz was?

Tom (F): I don't, but we have to do SOMETHING this episode.

Alliele: Well I've heard that Afura mann is the most scholarly of the three Holy Priestesses and I also heard she has one of the largest book collections in the whole world. The Shrine of Wind is also suppose to be some kind of big ancient library.
Makoto: Huh? Ahhh
Fuji {stretches}: This breeze feels great. Wind energy, and it's pollution free.

Joel: I wonder just how efficient that style is...

Makoto: Oh yeah, that's right. You talked about it in class. It was the Dutch that started using them right? It's amazing. Power like that just from the wind.

Crow: But how do they get so much without a Taco Bell?

Alliele: Look! I think I see it!

Tom (F): No, my mistake. It's just ruins.
Joel: Blows you away doesn't it?


Crow: Oh how original.

Makoto: We're visitors here! Hey hello, anybody inside?

Tom (muffled): No, go away!

Fuji: Maybe she's out?
Alliele: It's a big let's go around back.
Makoto: Could be it's closed for constructions.
Fuji: Looks like it.

Crow: So shouldn't this be a hard hat area?

Afura: Well it's about time you arrived.
Makoto: Uhh we're here-

Tom: Hello, are you--

Afura: That's obvious.
Alliele: Her eyes are the same color as mine.

Crow: Yeah, white!
Tom: Excuse me, but can we--

Afura: Well finally they sent someone up here to finish with the expansion. {Makoto looks confused} Oh please don't tell me they haven't briefed you on my plans yet.

Tom (over Makoto): I'm sorry, you must be confused. We're here to do some-- Makoto: Plans? You must be mistaken we just came here for some help.
Afura: Help or hired hands or whatever you're called, your late. Are you going to get to work at finishing the job or not?

Tom (over Fuji): We're not here to help--

Fuji: Late for what? What's she talking about?
Afura: You see, exactly as I expected, more amatures. And I paid for experienced carpenters.

Tom (over Makoto and Fuji): What are you talking--

Makoto and Fuji: Carpenters?
Afura: Oh I see you choose to remain idle and incure the wraith of Afura Mann?

Tom (over Makoto and Fuji): Please wait a mo--

Makoto and Fuji: You're the priestess?
Afura: I sent your firm duplicate plans do you have them? {Makoto and Fuji vigorously nod their heads 'no'}

Joel: Must be good peanut butter.
{Tom lets out exasperates sigh}
Crow (reading titles): Firmer Thighs in 30 Days...Wind Magic for Dummies...oh,that's one by Stephan King.

Afura: You don't? You obviously aren't the people I hired to do the building. And if you weren't why didn't you just say so? If you're intention was to access my library, then you should have stated it.

Tom: Well you didn't give us a chance!

Fuji: Good, then can we begin right away?
Afura: I'm afraid not.
Makoto: We can't? But this library might be the only hope we have.
Afura: The library lies upon holy ground. Only those who are in service of the shrine have the privilage to seek for knowledge here. I'm sorry those are the sacred rules to which I am strictly bound. And I regret that this knowledge can't be for everyone.

Crow: You can't handle the truth!
Tom: Just like the Dark ages.

{Makoto and Fuji groan}
Afura: Besides, the information would be useless to you in its state of current disarray. I'd hope to build a library for use by all in where the books could finally be put in order. But no one will build it for free.
Makoto: {groan} Hey, if we built it then we would be in service of the shrine. And when it was built, then we could use it
Afura: Huh?
Fuji: You sure about that?
Alliele: Yeah, there's just three of us.

Crow: Don't worry, we'll outsource.

Makoto: So if we finished building it for you and you sorted it out you could then let us use the library right?
Afura: Ummm y-yes

Tom: Damn, he figured it out!

Fuji: Makoto, grab that side.
Makoto: Hold on, OK I got it.
Fuji: 1-2-3 over there to the right. Easy, set it down. We need 3 more.
Makoto: OK
Fuji: No wait from that pile over there...

Joel: The one made of boards.

Afura: What odd people.
Alielle: I brought you some uhhh...some tea.
Afura: Um, thank you. Hum? Speak your mind.

Crow: Do you like your heh heh heh drink?

Alielle: Well you're really such a great priestess and I just want to say that I enjoy being a servant to you.
Afura: Well the be a good little servant and run along so I can read my book.

Joel: I wonder what that book is titled?
Tom: How to Win Friends and Influence People? Alielle: Beauty through intelligence.

Joel: Giant pencils?

Fuji: {Fuji pounding stakes into the ground} She's gonna love it. It'll be a beautiful mountain cabin.

Tom: I don't see why she wouldn't.

Makoto: Uh But this doesn't look like any of the plans that Afura had drawn out.

Joel: Hey those aren't wine bottles, they're urns!

Fuji: {Fuji finds booze} Ahh bricks, well I got the plaster.

Crow: It's in one of these bottles.

Afura: No! What have you done? It''s beyond atrocious! Ugh! My designs were majestic not rustic. Did you read the plans I made? Look it, you made me a stupid outhouse not a library.

Tom: Big outhouse then.

Alliele: Well her plans do look nicer don't they.
Makoto: But it does look very well built and strong. Isn't that right sensei?
Fuji: Yes it's great. It looks like a Canadian loghouse I always dreamed of staying in. And the Apline ... {unintelligble} ... will be proud to say you built a house like this. {laughs then collaspes}

Crow: Didn't I see this on Hometime?
Tom: Kids, don't drink and make buildings.

Makoto: Mr.Fujisawa
Alielle: You should keep this stuff locked up.

Joel {pointing to bottle}: Uh-oh, that one is marked 'laxitive'...

Afura: It's too late now. It's what I should expect from amatures. When he wakes up, you should leave.
Makoto: No please wait. Please let me try it again. A second chance.

{Makoto working hard}

Tom: Dance, Makoto!
Joel: Do you think he's a licenced construction worker?
Crow: Just hope he doesn't try to start a union.

Alielle: Heave ho, Heave
Makoto: Wait wait wait, it's easier like this see? There that's how you can do it.
Afura: I can't believe how loud he is.

Crow: Oh quit complaining!

Makoto: When making cement. you have to be very careful of the ratios.
{coughing, All join in}
Makoto: Oh Ms.Afura. Did you come outside to help? It's hard but it's real fun.

Crow (F):Hah! You must be joking.

Afura: Priestesses aren't allowed to the menial work of dogs you know.
Makoto: ...How about that.
Afura: So odd... my my, people from other dimentions are very strange {sees Fuji}
Fuji: Beautiful mountain cabin {snore}

Tom: Pop it...pop it...pop it...
Joel: Spear and magic helmet.

Afura: I just might have to write a book about them.

Crow (F): I'll call it Imported Labor: Blessing or Curse.

{Makoto still working, Fuji still sleeping}

All adlib helpful suggestions

Afura: It's all wrong! You aren't even following my designs at all are you? And this foundation is completely different than the one I laid out. It's going to look awful!

Tom: Hey, beggers can't be choosers.

Makoto: No it won't. This foundation is necessary. Your designs were OK, but they needed modification. I just made them run backwards. Well more accurate. {cartoon music} {Crow: He really thought this out.} It's better, I promise. Like the west window, letting in more sunlight from the east, {Joel: Making it a stain-glass Elvis will add color too.} and moving the inside staircase would save more room, and you can have bathrooms on EACH floor, I lined them up. You save on plumbing if you put them over there. Just one over there is really-
Afura: That is quite enough! How dare you modify holy plans without asking?
Makoto: Well maybe...I'm a dog, doing what's best for his master.

Crow: We're gonna have fun with this one! {laughs evily}

Afura: You're right, do it your own way.

Crow {barks happily and pants}

{Commerical sign.}

Alliele: Oh it's goregous. I can't believe we're almost done. So what's left?

Crow: Yeah, you were working like a dog today.

Makoto: Couple things. But we need to go into the town to get the things I need. We'd better start walking now or we won't make it back.
Alielle: What? we have to walk? I'm tired!

Crow: He needs his walkies.

Afura: {yawn}
Alielle: Sure hope Ms.Afura will like it and not yell at us again.
Makoto: She'll like it. Don't worry, her attitude holds more bark than bite. I bet she's OK inside.
Afura: Very insightful.

Tom (F): Wrong, but insiteful.

Makoto: That's it, now the library roof can have the finishing touch. {Alliele moans} I can try out my new air system. One which will utilize the mountain winds more effectively.
Alielle: My system won't work much longer without food or at least something to drink.
Makoto: There's no time. We gotta get back to the shrine before dark.

Crow: If we don't I'm really in the doghouse.

Alielle: Wahhh will at least slow down so I can smell the food longer. Makoto, this stuff's too heavy.
{thugs and their theme music}

Joel: Must be real important to have their own there music.

Waitress: Those three thugs just left. I saw them just eyeing some innocent-looking kids. I just know they're going to kill them.
Nanami: I'd like to kill all this darn stubbron dirt.

Joel: Boy she's really concerned about others isn't she?

Waitress: It's too bad. You know that boy looked like a forigner the way he was dressed.
Nanami: Oh great, now it's the tourist season. Maybe they'll kill everyone and I won't have so many dishes to wash.
Boss: I'm going to have to kill you if you don't keep up with the workload.
Nanami: Come on dirt you're mine!

Joel: Try using a dishwashing liquid.
Crow: Yet another 'just missed you' interlude.

Makoto: All right let's take a rest.

Crow: I'll just roll around on those leaves over there.

Alielle: You don't know how long I was waiting to hear that.
Head Thug: We've been waiting for a little rest ourselves haven't we boys?
Makoto: Oh is this a rest stop?
Alielle: No they're a bunch of Bad Guys.
Head Thug: Ah little girl we're not so bad once you get to know us.

Tom: We're worse.

Short Thug: They're bad cause they got our bags right boss?
Makoto: Hey listen, the stuff inside these bags are worthless
Head Thug: Now now now young man, as far as worth, there's always hidden value except for the value of life, that's the only exception.

Joel: Life's value is obvious, not hidden.

{Allile panics}
Makoto: Hey, look there's a UFO behind ya!
Thugs: Heh? UF what?

Tom: Oh man, I can't believe he's trying THAT again!
Joel: I can't believe it worked.
Crow: You know what they say, you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

Head Thug: You can't fool us with tricks like that. At least not the next time.

Afura: That's pretty good and not a bad color choice. He was right about the light. {Joel: Elvis looks GREAT!} What's all this lying around? {picks up scratch paper, Tom (F): Oh it's a drawing of ME, how nice-- But why am I tied up? And what does TNT stand for?} He talks really big but he's having a very rough time.
{Fujisawa still snoring}

{chase}{All try making car noises, but give up after a while.}
Makoto: I'll draw their attention and you hide. When it's clear you run back to the shrine for help.
Alielle: What if we don't get back in time?
Makoto: I'm sure you'll get there and back in time. Don't worry I can hold them off.
Alielle: But I'm slowed down.
Makoto: No you're not. {takes her sack}

Tom (F): You could have done that earlier you know.

Alielle: But, Makoto-
Thugs: There he is! Get him! Come back here you little runt! After him!
Alielle: He's right. I just gotta make it back in time. {slides down mountain}

Tom (F): Weeeeeee!

Head Thug: I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that's a dead end my friend.
Makoto: Bad news, {Joel: Bears} real bad news.
Dumb Thug: Yeah, real news bad. For of you boy who trick, get dead now.

Tom: Stuff we take your. Your side body mountain throw we battered will down the.

{Makoto runs into windmill}

Joel: You'd think it would be locked....

Makoto: El Hazard, land of no elevators. I just gotta make it.
Alielle: Ms.Afura help me I'm falling! Ah forget it, anybody belp me please! Hey I'm down here now.

Tom (F): OK, I'll just hang around here for a while.

Makoto: Oh I hope this idea works.
Head Thug: Open this door you little coward. {thugs bust down door} All right little coward, hand over the goods right now.
Makoto: You think I'm a coward? Wrong! Do you know any cowards that can fly? {Makoto takes off.} {Crow: Oh, he's a bird dog.} Hey it worked, this is great! I feel as free as a bird. {minor problem}

Crow: Now I can poop on everyone's yard. heh heh heh

{Afura appears}
Dumb Thug: That must be the FUO!

Joel: Unfriendly Female Object

Afura: Do you understand the penality for harassing my servants? If you don't you're about to learn.
Dumb Thug: That stuff is ours.

Tom: We stole the receit!

Afura: What a cooincidence. I was just reading this morning about the effects of gravity and weight.

Crow: Hopefully you learned the two are unrelated.

Head Thug: She's only a frail girl. Let's knock the wind out of her.

Joel: How ironic, she was just about to do that.

{Afura blows them away.}

Joel: Round and round they go, where they land...who cares!
Tom: I can't believe they wasted perfectly good theme music on these dolts!

Afura: What a clever boy using my windmill like that.
Makoto: Ahh the wind is so great.
Afura: Indeed.
Makoto: Hey, you should be careful this is dangerous.
Afura: That's good advice and you should be the one heeding it.
Makoto: Right. It's my first time.
Afura: You're an odd young boy.

Crow (barks)
Joel: Crow, stop with the dog bit, he's had enough. {Crow relunctantly agrees}
Tom: Maybe you'll get even one day.

Alielle: Hey you, quit playing around. Somone needs to be saved down here.

Tom (F): At least drop me a parachute!

Fuji: Ahhh good rest.
Makoto: Look at them all.
Alielle: It's amazing.
Afura: There, they're all in order now. You're free to search for all the knowledge you may need.
Makoto: It'll be easy now right?

Tom (F): I don't see how, they're ordered by color.

Afura: I suppose, well you'd better begin.
Makoto: Thank you.

Makoto: It's doesn't make sence.
Fuji: Yeah, at least a thousand dialects.

Tom: Southern, Texan, Canadian, Cockny...

{Makoto and Fuji look at Alliele, she realizes what they have in mind}
Alielle: Then dynasty for the Livt 13th a god, no goddess, named Hanaveriallis the Terrible lived {yawn}
Alielle: After the 4th millinimun she died.

Crow: Wow, what exposition!

Makoto: All of that work and we didn't learn a darn thing.
Fuji: That's not true. At least you got an education in building. That was worth it.
Makoto: Yeah, you're right and you got the chance to build a real nice Canadian log cabin.
Fuji: That's right, I forgot!

Joel: I thought it was the DTs.

Afura: If they return, I can show them the plans for the additions I've alwyas wanted to--

Tom: Maybe you should check with the zoning commission first.

{roof ordimant takes flight}
Afura: That strange object he put on the roof, it's flying. {chuckle} I wonder what people will call that when they see it?

Crow: Ummm a UFO maybe?
Tom: I think the whole episode was leading to that joke.

Episode 6: A Game of Chance and Fire
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