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The Jungle Beast!

Makoto {voiceover}: Hello my name is Makoto Mizuhara. A normal high school student from Shiniobi High. I was working on a special science project when something something went horribly wrong. I've suddenly been transported to a mysterious world called El Hazard. What is going to happen to me in such an unpredictable place?

Tom: You'd think after 10 episodes they'd give us a break.
Crow: I'm starting to think this is actually one of the Mad's experiments.

{jungle music}>
(Everyone is exploring along a trail.)
Fuji (voiceover): Several days have gone by since our expedition entered this dark primeval jungle. Will we find what we're looking for? A dreaded creature long thought to be extinct.

Tom: Lounge lizards.

{Everyone sees strange things}
Rune: Makoto, what is that thing?
Makoto: I don't know but you'd better stay close.
Nanami: Listen you two, expeditions are single file. Get it?

Crow: Jealous?

Alliele: Wahh Why did we have to come here and risk our lives out in the wild?

Joel: You had nothing better to do?


(they emerge from a ruin to a gorgeous view)
Makoto: We've looked everywhere trying to find a way back to Earth. I thought we might stumble on some kind of clue here.
Fuji: Don't have a long face. Cheer up. We'll get back home eventually. Right now let's relax a moment and enjoy this magnificent view. It rivals anything we'd see on our world.
Makoto: Ahh funny but I just got a rush of optimism.

Crow: Oh wait, that's just oxygen depreviation.

Nanami: Yeah, like nothing can defeat us.
Fuji: Now you got the spirit. That's why mountains make me feel so alive.
Makoto: Yeah, now I know why you like mountains so much Sensei.

Joel (mutters): Sensei's pet.

{Fuji goes on about mountains}
Alliele: {whispers}: Princess? Are you sure it's all right? I mean sneaking out of the palace the way that you did. By now Londs and the others have to know that you're missing.
Rune: Shhh you must keep it a secret.
Alliele: As long as we don't get into trouble.

Crow (as Rune): I'll blame in on Nanami.

{} Fuji: Huh, what's going on there?
{see raided chicken coop}
Alliele: Oh how horrible.

Tom: They killed Foghorn Leghorn!

Fuji: It's gruesome all right.
Makoto: Who'd so such a thing?
Villager: Not a who but a what It's a monster that fills its belly with OUR animals.
Fuji: Did you say monster?
Villager: It attacks our fields and barnyards killing the livestock for food. The thing grows ever hungrier by the day.
Fuji: Monsters and hobgoblins are a matter of course in this world.

{Crow and Tom shiver}
Joel: Hey guys, what's wrong? Tom: I just had this horrible feeling when he said 'hobgoblins'
Crow: Me too, like a bad omen or something.

Villager: No one has ever laid eyes on the demon. It strikes under the cover of darkness. Leaving behind only a trail of destruction.
Rune: All of you must be living in terror.
Fuji: A mysterious monster which preys on a jungle village.

Tom (sings): Monster of London

Alliele: Nanami!!!
Nanami: What are you doing?
Alliele: I'm seeking protection.

Tom (sings): Monster of London

Nanami: That didn't sound like the wind blowing.
Villager:It's the beast that plagues us. Howling for more food.
Fuji: Some excitement at last! I've been waiting for a chance like this. All right guys we're going on a monster hunt! {Group: huh?} These folks are in trouble, let's help them out. Let's make preparations to go out and find this thing before the sun rises.
Alliele: I don't want to sound rude but why are YOU making these decisions?

Joel: Because I'm the man of course.

Alliele: This is where I want to be, in the jungle at night looking for a blood thirsty creature. There's no monster out here. Let's go back NOW.
Makoto: We've only been out here a while. Don't expect it to appear right off the bat.

Crow: Yeah, be patient. The monster will eat you when its good and ready.

Nanami: I agree with Alliele. That thing is probably nowhere around here. {snap} Ewww gross {catipillars fall on them, panic}

Joel and the bots yell. Joel tries to shield himself from the catipillars.

Fuji: Hey don't run off from the group. It could be dangerous!
Makoto: Didn't those catipillars bother you?

Tom (F): Catipillars? I thought it was raining.

Rune: They don't bother me at all.
Makoto: Wow, you're pretty tough.

Crow (F): It's Nanami who bothers me.

Nanami: {Nanami and Alliele are stuck} Let's hide up in the tree, that was my idea right?
Alliele: That's right. Is someone going to help us get down?

Crow (F): --again...

Fuji: Tomorrow we'll all rise and shine early and plunge deeper into the jungle.
Nanami: What you want us to go on?
Fuji: Why of course we are. We came here to hunt a monster and a monster is what we're going to hunt.

Joel: I thought you were looking for a way home.

Alliele: But I don't want to.
Makoto: So suppose we do find this creature. What do you think it's like?
Fuji: It's hard to say. It's a nasty customer judging by villagers plus all the damage it's done. Maybe it's big like a bear.
Alliele: Bear?
Makoto: It's an animal which lives in the world we come from. Some are about this large {spreads arms} and are feriocous carinvores.

Crow: OMNIvores

Alliele: Ehhh
Nanami: Stop scaring her. {Tom (F): That's MY job.} There aren't any bear-like creatures around. Maybe this thing is small and cute kinda the way a penguin is.
Makoto: For some reason I doubt that.

Tom: So that's what a penguin's roar is like?

Alliele: Oh no Nanami!
Nanami: Oh not again.
Makoto: Mr.Fujisawa lets go. {pause} Oh man did the creature do this.
Fuji: Yes, maybe so. Keep your eyes peeled this thing could be near by. {pause} It seems we found its lair.
Makoto: In that cave?

Joel: No under that rock you doorknob.

Alliele: In there, it's so big and dark and scary. You're not going inside?
Fuji: Yep. You girls stay here. Just Makoto and I are going in.

Tom: Wait, I don't want to go!

Makoto: Right it's too dangerous.
{pause then Rune follows them}
Makoto: Princess?
Rune: I don't plan to wait. I want to go in there with you.
{romantic music}
Nanami: Fine, then I'm going too. Alliele, you can wait alone or come along with us.

Crow: Joel who do you think she's more concerned about Rune being with Makoto or the monster?

Alliele: I don't want to go in the cave. What if the monster is in there and you run into it. But I don't want to be here by myself either.

Tom: Just stay behind Fujisawa and run when he gets eaten.

{different howl}
Makoto: It's definately here with us.
Rune: Yes
{Fuji gets nervous}

Joel (drunk): I need a drink.
Crow: I'm going to wet 'em.

Nanami: But doesn't it sound different somehow?

Joel: Must be the echo.

{Alliele screams}
Makoto: What is it?
Nanami: Look it's the monster
{Ura appears}

Crow (F): See--cute.

Fuji: It's attacking run for it!
{group is chased by Ura out the cave}

Crow (imitating Fuji's battle cries): Fujisawa Pants Wetting!

Tom: It just wants to use you as a scratching post!

Fuji: OK monster I'm ready for you. Give me your best shot. {pause} Well?
Makoto: Why doesn't it come out
Fuji: I don't know
{Ura leaps out}

Joel: See, all you had to do was wait a moment.

Makoto: Hey look it's a cat!
Fuji: A cat?

Crow: I wasted a perfectly good pants wetting on a cat?

Nanami: You mean we almost killed ourselves running out of that cave trying to escape from somebody's pet?
Alliele: I guess we overreacted a tinsy bit when we first saw it.
Makoto: Sorry about the confusion little fella we didn't mean to frighten you like that.
{Ura backs away}

Tom: Guess Ura doesn't like dogs.
Joel: Now don't you start.

Rune: He's a she and the poor thing is injured.
Makoto: What, ah your right. I wonder if she'll let me put something on it. Come here {Ura crouches} She's being very defensive I can't get too close to her.
Nanami: You have to appeal to an animal's stomach if you wanna earn it's trust. Here kitty kitty tasty numnum.
{Ura refuses} {Tom (F): Yuck!}
N:Darn stupid cat.

Joel: Cat has taste.

Makoto: Don't get angry. A lot of animals won't take food from strangers. Well her wound doesn't appear too serious.
Fuji: She'll heal herself by licking her injury

Tom: Since when did you become a vet?

{howl}{group acts in shock, Ura gets defensive}
Makoto: That's the beast.
Rune: At least we know this little one isn't the creature.
Nanami: It's close, I'm afraid it might be hunting us.
{commerical sign}
{Beast appears}
Makoto: That's it!
Fuji: Good guess.

Crow (quietly): I'm not going to wet 'em again. I'm not going to wet 'em again. (repeats)

{beast charges}

{close up of Fuji} Crow: I wet 'em againnnnnnnnn!

Makoto: We've got trouble. That's a wild monster
Rune: Then it must have hurt the cat.
Makoto: Come on, Sensei pulverize this vicious mutt.
Fuji: Well I yeah you see I kinda have this huge fear of dogs. When I was a boy a dog bit me and I never got over it.

Crow: Drove me to drink. {mutters} Wet 'em then too.

Makoto: You're kidding!
{beast charges, Ura intercepts}
Makoto: He'll kill her!
{fight, Makoto saves Ura}
Makoto: Now what?
Nanami: Makoto, run for it! {throws pepper} my pepper came in handy.
Fuji: It pays to have a cook around. Let's get out of here!
{fast retreat}

Joel and Tom: Run away!!!!
Crow (F): What's that smell? Fujisawa you did it again didn't you?

Makoto: Just hang on, we're almost back to the village. I'll have you fixed up good as new. You'll be OK.

Joel: Don't say fixed!

Makoto: Well I did everything I could. The rest is up to her now.
Fuji: I hope your furry little patient has a strong will to live.
Makoto: I think I'll stay with her. You all go on to bed.
Rune: No, I'll watch her with you.
Nanami: (grumble) Count me in too.

Tom (F): I'm not letting you two be alone even if it kills me.

Makoto: Gee thanks, but everybody must be tired. You can take over for me tomorrow.
Rune: Oh but Makoto...yes.

Tom (F): Wait a minute, I'm the princess. I'll stay if I want to!

Rune: Good morning.
Makoto: You're up early.
Rune: I thought you could use some tea.
Makoto: Ah thanks alot.
{Makoto takes drink}

Joel: Whew, yes, thirsty.

Rune: So how is she doing this morning? All right?
Makoto: Hard to tell but I think she's mending.
Rune: Good I'm happy to hear that. I know she needs a name. Let's think of one to give her.
Makoto: Yeah, maybe something like Fluffy.
Rune: Actually I have a name in mind. How about Ura?

Tom (F): I've already decided, don't try to change my mind.

Makoto: Not Fluffy?
Rune: Ura is the goddess of all animals and possesses great strength and courage. I thought the name suited our brave little friend.
Makoto: You're right the name suits her well. I think it's the perfect choice. Hey you'll be called Ura from now on OK? {Ura twichtes her ear} Look see she knows her name already.

Tom: No, just batting at a fly.

Rune and Makoto giggle

Crow: Injured animals are funny.

{Fuji and interview villagers}
Farmer: That filty demon killed some of my herd while they grazed. Two times now. The attacks them nearby in a pasture nearby at the foot of the slope.

Tom: Weren't you watching them?

{group makes traps and cage}

{Ura wakes Makoto up}
Makoto: Hey Ura hi girl, nice to have you back.

Joel: See you two, Makoto is NOT a dog so just drop it once and for all.

Alliele: Come here Ura, come see me.

Joel: [sniff][sniff] is that tuna?

Rune: It's remarkable. She appears totally recovered.
Makoto: Yeah.
Fuji: I have a new idea for that beast dog. But I'll have to use Ura as a decoy.
Makoto: Wha?

Joel et al make quacking noises

Fuji: Before you get excited let me tell you about it first. Now listen we're dealing with a clever canine here. He's been smart enough to stay away from the reach of humans. But he came out into the open when he saw Ura and took his chances with us.
Makoto: Well if it's the only way we can draw out this predator.

Crow (Arnold impression): If it bleeds we can kill it.

Nanami: I bet he wants you because you're juicy and fat
{Ura meows}

Joel (as Ura): Not fat, thick fur.

Makoto: If Ura's going to be the bait then I intent to go with her.
Rune: Oh but Makoto
Makoto: Calm down I won't let her face that hound by herself. If we all pull together then we can beat him. Right Ura? Do you want that beast to pay for his crimes.
Ura: Na!

Tom: So 'Na' means yes?

Fuji: It's very important to remember, are you listening? That as soon as one entrance is closed that the second one should be shut right after it. So if Devil Dog goes in one door, burn tracks out the other as fast as you can. I wouldn't worry. I'd doubt he'll get this far. I set traps all around here and up the slope. It's a regular minefield. We'll catch him before he can set one paw inside the cage.
Makoto: I'm getting a bad feeling about this.

Joel: Really Han?

Fuji: We'll be keeping an eye on you from our hiding place. {Tom: Where it's safe.} Well good luck! {Joel: Write if you survive!}
Makoto: Well we're ready, monster.
{beast approaches}
Alliele: Oh no.
Fuji: We got him where we want him. He's heading for one of the snares. {beast jumps} He's flying?
Nanami: I get the feeling your plan isn't working.
{beast lands on cage}
Rune: Oh be careful!
{beast lands on top of cage, breaks spear}
Makoto: Get off of there!

Crow: This is MY cage!

Nanami: Plan B, lets divert his attention with this.
Fuji: Hey mutt over here! {throws stuffed Ura}

Crow: I'm wetting them now.

{beast falls for it}

Joel: Why do you think it attacked a stuffed toy?
Tom: Nanami used Stove Top stuffing?
Crow: The fabric was marinated?

Makoto: Let's move Ura {pause} Ah, it already spotted us! {runs down pasture} Oh no it's a dead end.

Tom: OK Plan C. Beast eats Makoto and dies of food poisoning.

{Ura transforms into armor and carries Makoto up cliff face}

All gasps in shock.
Crow: I'd like to see the evolutionary tree behind THAT!
Tom: I think she was brought over from the OVAs.

Makoto: That's cool, what kind of cat are you? {Ura looses footing, lands on her feet, rockslide buries beast}
Makoto: Whew, we escaped by the skin of our teeth. Ura, thanks.
Ura: Na!

Village Chief: I offer our village's deepest gratitude for ridding the jungle of this horrid creature. Please partake of the food and wine we have for you. {Fuji already is} {Crow: Whew I'm really thirsty for some reason} Wait I recognize you, you're Princess Rune of Roshtaria.
{everyone bows down}

Tom: Not a very good disguise was it?
All (bows): We're not worthy.

Rune: Oh please everyone, you don't have to do that.
{everyone is enjoying the food}

All improv munching sounds.

Makoto: Well Ura we really had a rough day today didn't we?
Ura: Rough day. Rough day.
Makoto: Yeah, that dog--holy smoke and you can talk too?!
Ura: Na! Makoto! Na!

Tom: Na! Ura want a mousey.
Crow: Do you think she and Catrice1 are related?

1 Catrice is a character in the comic book Realty Check. She's an online cat with an almost trademark meow, 'Nya!'

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