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Caravan Driver: Umph? That's odd.

Joel: Rain.

{whirlwind moves about}

Joel: From desert to pasture in 2 seconds!
Crow: (sings) Come on baby, let's do the twist!

Tom: It sucked out my front tooth!

{Temple of Wind}

Crow: (reading) and as he put his strong, thick arms around her... woah, that's pretty hot stuff!

Afura: Huh? That's not right. {thinks} It is not right for the wind to make that sound. Perhaps I was daydreaming and misheard the wind.
Servants: Ms.Afura come quickly. Please hurry, it's a whirlwind!

Crow: See.
Joel: OK you two, I don't want to hear any references to Wizard of Oz or Twister from you two. Try to be more original.

Nanami: Again are you kidding?
Makoto: A bigger tornado?
Dr.Schtal: My all my calculations, yes. And from all the news I've heard, historically large and I expect it to pick up speed in the desert regions.
{Fuji takes a drink}

Joel: Hey, this isn't water. Oh well.

Fuji: Sounds more dangerous this time.

Tom: It could damage my booze supply.

Makoto: Are you sure? The direction. Could it be diverted?
Dr.Schtal: Hmmm It is doubtful. The lay of the land could only bring it straight here. It is very powerful and I can only venture guess that it will strike us in only a few short hours.
Fuji: It sounds like a good learning experience for a school field trip. Right class?

Crow: I don't believe he so casually puts his students in danger. Bet back home he took his classes to gang turf fights.
Tom: OK I can understand Makoto being there. Even Fuji. But what is Nanami doing there?

{Nanami and Makoto are nervous}

Afura: Well it is a lot bigger. It's enormous.

Tom: It really sucks don't it?

Ifurita: Well I hope Master Jinnai is going to be happy this time. He told me not to stop practicing until I get it right finally.
Jinnai: (SD) Scolding forever!

Crow: Budget artists again.
Joel: It's hard to feel threatened by someone without any fingers.

Ifurita: How can I please my master when I forget what he says when he yells? {as Jinnai} Never forget you're evil inside. you must graduate. {laugh}

Tom: Pretty good imitation.

{Get's tossed about in wind}

Crow: She should have kept her mind on her work.

Dr.Schtal: Very unusual, it has changed its course.
Makoto: I'm sure it's changing course. Check the map!

Joel: Dr.Schtalambaugh just said that, bet they have a walkie talkie.

Nanami: OK. Looks good, it'll miss Roshtaria by miles.
Fuji: I hope. Something's wrong, even a megatyphoon couldn't get this big.
Makoto: Sensei! It's slowing down. I think it's going to turn again and head straight for us!
Fuji: Huh? You could have told me sooner!

Tom: Well it wasn't slowing down sooner.

Afura: Here now from the holy Priestess of the Wind, I command you to stop.

Joel: (deep voice) No.

{tries to stop it by force}
Afura: So you'll be thick headed will you?
{tries to counter it with her own whirlwind}

Crow: Damn! It worked before!

Afura: (thinks) So why was I distracted the day they taught that lesson?

Tom: (helpfully) Shayla was there?

{branch flies torwards her, it gets incinerated.}
Afura: Shayla! you saw that coming?
Shayla: Yeah, I don't have bookworm eyes.
Afura: At least I read.

Crow (F): (continuing her sentence) Trashy romance novels.

{Makoto et all arrive}
Makoto: Afura, are you all right?
Shayla: She is even if she won't admit I helped her.
Makoto: What's wrong? you are going to be able to stop it aren't you?
Afura: Well I--

Tom (F): Well no.

Shayla: Oh that's great, letting the old armband tarnish huh?
Afura: you know that this wind is beyound a natural force. Any learned priestess would know that and use her Lamp of Fire to stop it instead of burning a twig.

Crow: Hey, that's your job.

Shayla: you want a taste of it?
Makoto: Wah Look out it's coming at us.
Fuji: What are you waiting for? Come on get on the ship!
Shayla: Afura come on!
Fuji: Let's go!
Afura: I cannot run away from it. It is my responsibility.

Tom: (F) Oh that's the way it is. Two seconds ago it was my responsibility.

Shayla: Great, so you wanna get killed.
Afura: We do not have a choice in that outcome. {Joel: WE? Hey, I don't want to get killed.} The management of the wind's flow is my holy duty, and I may have to pay that cost.
Shayla: Can she do it?
{flies in}
Dr.Schtal: A tornado of such magnitude is unrecorded even among all eight volumes of the ancient Erratic Upheavals. It is so erratic that I cannot tell if it will stay land bound or go out to sea.

Joel: Connect the dots!
Tom: It's a flower you doorknob!

{inside whirlwind}
Afura: The wind will listen won't it? {flies in} Huh? What's that? I wasn't listening, say it again. Something's behind the way your acting. Hum? Who's that?

Tom: Sure, ignore me. We'll see who'll Inherit the Wind next time.

Ifurita: Wahhh Master, I'm done practicing I think I'm done now. Now what the heck did I write in that journal. Yeah, use anything close at hand. Huh? It's that wind lady. She can help me!
Afura: The demon god. Another afront to usurp my control of the wind.

Crow: Touchy about that aren't we?

Ifurita: Hey, it's really nice of you to come and help again.
Afura: How dare she mock and insult me like that!

Joel: Hey, she's just asking for help.

Ifurita: Time is running out.
Afura: Yeah, out for you! That's enough. She's going to be taught a lesson she won't soon forget! {get's hit by sign}

Tom: Take that! That'll teach you to ignore me.

Ifurita: Well I guess she can't help.

{shrine of wind}
Nanami: It must have been something big to knock her out like that. {Afura stirs} She's waking up!
Afura: Where am I?

Joel: (weakly) Who am I?

Nanami: Don't worry, you're OK now. Makoto and Sensei saved you and brought you back from the tornado. Now you're right in your bed, safe where you belong.
Afura: What are you talking about? I can't seem to remember what happened.

Tom: Who are you?

{flashback from earlier}

Crow: Two minutes ago on El Hazard the Wanderers.

Afura: Huh? it's the demon god
Ifurita: (mumbles)

Joel: Ahh the wonderful powers of denial.

Afura The demon god. Another afront to usurp my control of the wind. Yeah, I'll show you.

Crow: I don't remember that last part.

{end flashback}
Afura That's right, she hit me with some kind of sign!
Nanami: Like in magic, is that bad?

Crow: Yeah, now she'll have a fear of fish.

Afura: Yes, it is the evil magic of the demon god. I have to go back.
Nanami: Hey where are you going? you shouldn't get up. you'll pass out, Afura.
Afura: I must...{falls over}

Crow: Pass out.

Nanami: I told you. Ms.Afura are you OK? Afura, talk to me.
Afura: Where did Makoto go when you left. Do you know where Shayla Shayla is?
Nanami: Well you see. Makoto, he went after Shayla Shayla oh plus Sensei back to the tornado. Because Shayla said, 'I must avenge the death of Afura Mann.' Isn't that nice don't you think so?
Afura: Oh the total nerve of that girl. I'm not even dead yet. Oh but there is going to be a funeral when I finish with her. {Tom (F): Mine!} But first I've got a demon in a tempest that must dealt with.
Nanami: Hey, were are you going? you haven't recovered yet!
Afura: Do you think that Makoto and Shayla Shayla are able to stop that demon and her wind alone?
Nanami: Oh you're just like the both of them. There's no talking any sense into you half of the time. Afura, we need a plan.

Joel: What's her plan? Find out after these messages.

{Commercial sign}
Ifurita: OK I tried right left up and down. There's no way out.

Crow: How about front and back?

Ifurita: I sure hope it's going to stop soon. Oh well. At least there's nothing more dangerous than flying sheep.
{starts dodging boulders}

Tom: Hey, she can teleport.
Crow: Hey they're back where Afura started!

Shayla: This is completely crazy. It's twice the size as before and it's moving even faster.
Makoto: We gotta stop that thing. Time's running out.
Dr.Schtal: The royal city of Floristica is doomed.

Joel: Well aren't you just Mister Sunshine.

Afura: If your wondering, I still don't have a plan yet.

Crow: (F) I wasn't.

Nanami: You will. Does your head feel better yet?
Afura: Yes it does, but that doesn't improve my chances of saving anyoune.
Nanami: That's down-talk what you need is to just think up-talk.
Afura: I'm afraid you do not understand my position as priestess, Nanami. I'm not allowed to fail.

Joel: They'll take her other pant leg.

Nanami: Then don't. you only fail if you don't try.
Afura: Go on.

Tom: (F) This is the lamest motivational speach I've ever heard.

Nanami: A setback is only a small stone on the road to success. you never fail if you believe in your hidden strength. you know what I'm talking about. you're inner voice.
Afura: And if I can't seem to find it right now do you have a problem with that?

Crow: Which means: shut up!

Nanami: No, of course not.
Afura: I just need some time.
{5 second scene of Makoto et al being chased by the whirlwind.}
Nanami: Ms.Afura, how is the planning coming along?
Afura: About as well as the soul searching. {Tom: (F) Still haven't found it.} How about you, have you come up with any brainstorms yet?
Nanami: All I can think of is the weather bureau number back home. Funny how the basic stuff comes back when you need it.
Afura: They'll die out there. I'm just wasting time. It's better that I die with them.
Nanami: What are you trying to prove? The tornado isn't going to stop just because you died of honor.

Joel: Will so!

Afura: I know, but I have a sacred duty to uphold. I'm sworn to it. Sometimes the choices you make leaves you no choice.
Nanami: I guess so.
Afura: Huh? What did you say? The wind's inner voice.
Nanami: It is?
Afura: The wind is crying.

Joel: Like my inner child.

Afura: {remembers earlier} It was talking. I didn't hear. Yes. I can hear you now.
Nanami: Hear who?

Tom: (F) Oh great, she's flipped out.

Afura: Come it's time to go. I shall ease the wind.

Shayla: Well Brains what are you thinking about?
Makoto: Uh non-linear dynamics. If not centrifugal force can be reversed with increased pressure. I'd apply central heat if the direction wasn't backwards in relation to this hemisphere.
Shayla: Ah knock it off! Put it in some kind of language I can understand will ya? Well so what the heck do we do?
Makoto: It might have a low pressure center. Therefore you'd apply heat. If it is low it should be reversed to high.
Shayla: High is my favorite temperature. Now that I can understand. I'll barbecue that funnel for ya. you want some pressure.
Makoto: Shayla wait!

Joel: Let me finish!

Shayla: Afura's death shall not be in vain. Ha!
Makoto: Well that's great!

Tom: Hey, he's mad at someone. This is new.

Shayla: It was?

Crow (F): Thanks!

Makoto: They're going to bounce back.
Fuji: Let's get out of here. you've given a whole new flare to meteorological studies you know.
Shayla: Sorry! {boulder chases them} Hit it!

Joel: Not the ground, the boulder Fuji!

{everyone ducks, boulder stops}
Shayla: Huh?
Afura: Go ahead thank my ghost.
Shayla: I don't believe it. you recovered.
Afura: What did you expect? you'll have to send back the flowers. I go to stop the wind.

Crow: (F) Flowers? Why would I send you flowers?

Shayla: Hey wait, you can't tackle that thing alone!
Makoto: Ms.Afura! Hey Nanami, what's going on?
Nanami: We were having a little pep talk. She heard an inner voice and took off.

Tom: cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo.

Shayla: She heard the wind's voice?
Afura: I'm sorry, my ears were closed and couldn't hear you.
Shayla: The inner voice. Her's is wind. Mine's fire. It our basic training. Each element has an inner voice. And the high priestess must listen.
Makoto: That's incredible.
Afura: (thinks) I see now. I had forgotten the fundamental basis for all my holy training. Not just to speak but to listen. The wind and all it's fury was not at fault. I was to blame for closing my ears to the sound of its voice. I hear you now wind. All shall be well. Please listen to me again. I'm sorry I made you cry. Gentle wind, open a path for me now.

Crow: I'd blame Ifurita, or Jinnai.
Joel: How do you close your ears?
Tom: I think listening for Afura is a new skill.

Ifurita: Wah it's not funny anymore. I'm really really scared. Somebody stop it now!
Afura: You cannot escape.
Ifurita: Uh-uh
Afura: Well you shall frighten the wind no longer. Prepare yourself.
Ifurita: I could prepare myself if you hold me.
Afura: What are you nuts?

Crow: I'm not a hugger.

Ifurita: I'm really scared. you're some kind of church person right?
Makoto: I don't get it. It's just standing still.
Fuji: I hope it doesn't throw her out again like last time.

Crow: Cause I'm not going to catch her again.

Shayla: Don't worry. Trust her. I think Afura's finally got her act together.
{whirlwind starts moving again}
Shayla: Well then again maybe she hasn't.

Joel: Ya think so?

Fuji: It's coming at us let's get out of here.
Afura: Again, you're really serious, that you tried all that and you have no idea how to stop it?
Ifurita: Yeah, I promised I tried everything. I'm not fooling around either. I even gave it the big boom a couple of times. It's hopeless.
Afura: Now I see. I do not have a choice. We will have to stop it together.

Crow: (F) You're not really bad, just stupid.

Ifurita: What together? Are you sure?
Afura: your meddling caused this. Therefore you're the key to stopping it.
Ifurita: I've never cooperated before.
Afura: There's a first time for everything.
Ifurita: you've got it.
Afura: Steady now. I've concentrated the core of the disturbance at this point. It is up to you to apply the correct temperature.
Ifurita: Oh yeah, what will that do?
Afura: Reversal. Our two combined efforts should equally balance out the pressure.

Joel: Wouldn't reversal just make the tornado spin the OTHER way?

Afura: Listen wind we can hear each other now. Are you still with me?
Ifurita: I am.
Afura: Ignite!
{funnel collaspes}

Tom: Now rocks and sheep and trees are going to start raining.

Makoto: What's that light? {Joel: The band!}
Dr.Schtal: Hummmm
Shayla: She did that alone?

Crow: Great, now she's going to take credit for Ifurita's hard work.

Makoto: You said trust her.
Shayla: All right Affy. you knocked some sense into it.
Afura: Wish it could always be that easy.
Shayla: I'm so proud of you. And I'm glad you're not dead.
Fuji: Good job!
Makoto: you all right?
Nanami: Oh Afura, I knew you could do it!

Tom: Well not really, but I'm not going to tell you that.

Afura: The wind, it feels gentle now.

Joel: The wind carved out that canyon?!

Jinnai: you cooperated with the enemy?! It doesn't matter if it was right. you never go over to the other side. you switched. Do you know what that means?
Ifurita: Switched--the flipping process that a finger executes when you want something turned off or on.

Tom: Good one!
Crow: That's the smartest thing she's said all series.
Joel: I bet Afura tutored her in the funnel.

Jinnai: Say that again.
Ifurita: Scold.
Jinnai: First of all there's the utter lack of loyalty to our purpose. Which is a direct insult to me. Do you know that?
Ifurita: I know that.
Jinnai: There's no reason to repeat me if you're not writing it down. Where's your notebook?
Ifurita: Forgot it.
Jinnai: We'll start again. I'm the master.
Ifurita: Forgot it.
Jinnai: Don't do that!
Ifurita: I know that!
Jinnai: Errrrr
Ifurita: Errrrr like that?

Joel: Oh now she's just teasing him.

Episode 17: The Eye of God

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