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The Eye of God

Makoto: Down from the sky the king's royal moon looks. No a constructed eye. Wait if that's true. Huh? An eye? If that's correct then their moon is an artificial satellite.
Dr.Schtal: Makoto my son. Even the library needs a rest sometimes.

Crow: But it's only 2am!

Makoto: Just a little while longer. I'm onto something about the word for the moon meaning an eye.
Dr.Schtal: Oh very good.

Tom: I thought that was common knowledge.

Makoto: Uh doctor, could you read this passage here?
Dr.Schtal: You are reading from the sign of the king. It tells of ancient legends. The Eye of God chapter. {Joel: It says all that?} Thou shall spin the timeless worlds when bound by holy contract.
Makoto: Holy contract? Huh? The moon is the Eye of God.
{close up of Eye}

Crow: It's a moon of Cybertron.
Joel: Took you long enough to realize what.
Tom: What was your first clue?

{dream} {Rune is picked up by her parents}

Crow: Why are her parents shaded out?

{Rune is put on one side of a glass wall. Her parents touch a ball on the other side.}

Tom: Energize!

{wakes up}
Rune: That dream.

{Shayla walks to Makoto's room, takes deep breath before entering.}

Crow: (F) OK I'm going to ask him on a date and NOT plan Patan. Not play patan. Oh nevermind!

Shayla: Come on Makoto, get out of bed. It's patan time. Nothing like slapping a few down in the morning. We can gamble until the sun goes down. Huh? He's gone too. Like everyone else.

Crow: (F) He just ruined our date.

{Fuji carrying down load of bricks}
Dr.Schtal: Ah good, thank you Mr.Fujisawa. A few more and we should have it. You lazybones, get up and thank him.
{Genwa yawns}

Joel waves hand in front of nose: Morning breath!

Fuji: It's like Godzillia, he looks bigger every time I see him.

Tom: And for some reason, bad guards round here aren't fired, they just vanish.

Makoto: Sensei wait, I can't carry this many. Please help, it's too much. It's too heavy.
{Genwa jumps on him.}

Crow: Isn't that cute. He wasn't to play.

Makoto: Let go! You're too big now. You're crushing me to death.
Fuji: Come on Makoto, try oshi-dashi. A sumo full frontal push out should work.
Makoto Yeah right if only I got super-human powers like you did.
Dr.Schtal: The boy's right your powers are an immeasureable help to us. Especially during working hours. {takes Fuji's booze} And it's barely the lunch hour.
Fuji: Ah shoot!

Tom: Is it lunch time yet? How about now?

Makoto: You know that's strange. Why did Mr.Fujisawa gain super-abilities when he crossed over into this dimention and why didn't I? Maybe it's something I can't understand or see within myself. Yet I know I have some weird connection to El Hazard. {sees Rune} The Princess is up.

Crow: Bout time.

{Dr.Schtal and Fuji arguing about whether Fuji can take a drink}
Nanami: Good morning, Nanami's here and I'm ready to take all your hungry lunch orders.
Fuji: Hey just what I've been waiting for.

Rom: I'll have a whisky for a main course and a side of beer.

Nanami: Oh where's Makoto-chan?
Fuji: He was right there.
Genwa yawns

Tom belches.
Joel: Oh no! Genwa ate him!

{Alliele notices Rune and Makoto together}
Makoto: Yeah? You dream it a lot?
Rune: Yes, it's a very beautiful dream. It's heartwarming, yet disturbing somehow.
Makoto: Really?
Rune: But I think sometimes it's about palaces that I remember, or maybe not. It's like a golden place.
Makoto: A golden place?

Joel: McDonalds?

Rune: Beyond some woods. Well I think it was called, the Ancient room of Holy Contract.
Makoto: A holy contract. I read that. Do you think a place like that really exists?
Rune: I don't know I was very young at the time. My parents must have taken me there. Maybe it was important.
Makoto: Great, those woods behind the palace look kinda golden. Hey let's go try and find it.
Rune: But what if it's just a dream? Then you'd--
Makoto: Please, let's try.
{Alliele giggles}

Crow: All she needs is a camera and, boom, she's a tabloid reporter.

Makoto: Careful.

Joel: These vines can strike at any moment.

{they go down the path}
Makoto: Wow, it exists!
Rune: Yes of course. {Crow: Hey, you thought it was just a dream.} But only the royal family is allowed in there. Death to anyone else.
Makoto: What? I'm gonna get killed? Are you sure it's all right? I wouldn't want to get you into any trouble.
Rune: Don't worry. I have a feeling there's nothing in there that will harm us. It's OK.
Makoto: Are you sure? {Rune indicates yes}
{Rune touches orb and door opens.}
Makoto: Ready.
Rune: Yes.

{Nanami, Shayla, and Alliele approach}
Nanami, Shayla, and Alliele: Huh? Let's go in.
Makoto: Woah, just seems to go on forever doesn't it.
{Bugrom appears}

Tom: Booga! Booga! Booga!

Makoto: Don't worry Princess. It's just some kind of carved intaglio. It's incredible isn't it?
{Makoto and Rune realize they're holding each other}
Rune: I feel compelled to hurry on.
Makoto: But, there's no door. It looks like a dead end.
{Rune puts hand close to small orb, door opens}

Joel: (computer voice) DNA scan completed, please enter.

Rune: I remember now. This room leads to the Chamber of Antiquitiy.
Makoto: The Chamber of Antiquitiy?
Rune: It's ancient. It is a room that holds secret royal knowledge.
Makoto: Hey, lookit this. It's amazing.
{commerical sign}

Tom: Hey, we got a new commerical sign too!
Crow: This one's better. Rrrrwol.

Shayla: Darn stupid thing. What kind of doorknob is this anyhow?

Joel: (computer voice) DNA scan completed, rejected rejected rejected.

Nanami: Please hurry up. My legs are giving out.
Shayla: Just be patient. I'm trying to get a good grip on it.
Alliele: I saw the Princess. It was kinda dark, but it looked like she opened it without having to touch it at all.
Shayla: Come on operate you stupid thing. Oh go ahead and be that way. I can bust a hole through the thing a lot faster.
{Alliele and Nanami restrain her. Shayla protests.}

Crow: Yeah, remember the last time she threw fireballs. They bounced back.
Tom: She gets made at anything doesn't she?

Makoto: This is fantastic. Look at it all. {reads} The holy newslet-I mean contract joined with the beating something uhhh.

Joel: Reminds me of a NYC subway station.

Rune: (reads) When two hearts are joined together the holy contract shall be sealed. Thus the stairway to the sky will be opened. {thinks} Two hearts, what does that mean?

Crow: (F) Marriage? But I don't want to get married.

Makoto: Yeah, stairway to the sky. I see. This place must be connected to the Eye of God. So come one where do we go next. Rune we have to go to the next level. {Tom: Is this some kind of game?} Aren't you excited? Come on lets go.
Rune: If you want to.

Alliele: Sure are alot of dark corners in here where a guy and a girl could get in trouble.
{Nanami and Shayla are shocked}
Nanami: What trouble?!
Shayla: Yeah Alliele what exactly do you mean by that.
Alliele: Well I'm just worried about them. What if they fall and get hurt or something?

Crow: Suuuuure. You meant about 'that', admit it.

Nanami and Shayla: OK. Whew.
Shayla: I hate it. This wacky maze is driving me crazy.

Rune: (thinks) Mokoto's so sweet.
Makoto: Princess, what is it?
Rune: I'm thinking about what it said, the two hearts.

Crow: (F) It means we're going to get engaged.

{Lights come on. Rumbing. Makoto and Rune are seperated. Makoto is trapped in a small room.}
Makoto: What happened? Where's Princess Rune? {Pounds on the wall.} Princess Rune! Are you OK can you hear me? Princess? Can anybody hear me?

Shayla: What? the food's still good isn't it?
Nanami: No, I just remember this dream I had where Makoto was shackled and caught in a cell. Neah, it's kinda stupid.

Joel: Nahhh she just saw the first part of Episode 2

Alliele: I don't think so. It's kind of a deja vu or a daydream. I get those all the time. Hurry up and eat so we can keep search.
Nanami and Shayla: Yep, you're right.
{Shayla eats with gusto}

Tom: Manners, Shayla, remember your manners!

Rune: I've called and called but he doesn't seem to be able to hear me. Where are you Makoto? {memory Makoto Princess Rune.} Makoto, I'm worried.
{Makoto studies the door.}
Makoto: Mizu punch! {Joel laughs}
{strikes orb. Orb glows, door opened.}

Tom: Hey it worked.
Joel: Oops.
Crow: Oh boy! Another door!

Makoto: It opened up. What do you know?
{touches next orb, door opens}
Makoto: I don't believe it. Is this my power?

Crow: I can open doors!

{Rune opens doors the same way}
Rune: This is the place, like in my dream.
{Makoto running down hallway opening a series of doors uyntil he gets to a big room with a wall biseceting the chamber.}

Tom and Joel hum the Duke Nukem theme. Crow says 'Spacebar' when Makoto opens a door.1
Joel: (taking a pause) Why do they have so many gates in a halway like Get Smart?

Makoto: Princess!
{Rune sees him and runs to center}
{Makoto touches center orb, his half lights up}
Makoto: (thinks) If I do have a power all I ask is that I can open this door.
{Rune does same. Orb vanishes and the two reach each other.}

Crow: Not a very good grip ist it?
Tom: Oh so he's going to pull her through? Rune: (thinks) Makoto, I thought I lost you. Oh my wreath.

Crow: It's still here and smelling fresh.
Joel: Think it has the same powes as Rune?

Rune's Mother: My baby, listen little Rune.
Rune's Father: Though shall spin the timeless worlds when bound by holy contract. If we are ever to go away from you Rune you must remember this.
Rune's Mother: Here is where I once met your father by chance. If you bring the one you trust and love then he is safe and welcomed.

Crow: This Rune's father is from Earth too?
Tom: This guy, however, is history!

Rune's Father: If you and he enter in here with true hearts, thus the stairway to the sky will be opened.
Rune: (thinks) When two hearts are joined together, the holy contract shall be sealed. I understand my dream now, Father. Thank you Mother. Makoto, you're here.
Makoto: Of course. (thinks) When two hearts are joined together, the holy contract shall be sealed.
Rune: (thinks) Thus the stairway to the sky shall be opened.
{flashes of light}

Joel: Mr.O'Brian, beam them up.

{Makoto wakes up}
Makoto: Princess? {goes outside} Woah!
Rune: Makoto, are you OK?
Makoto: Yes of course I am. Where were you? I got lost when the tunnel started moving.
Rune: Look at the palace. It is a jewel.

Joel: What are those antennas for?
Crow and Tom start hacking loogies off the Eye.

Makoto: Princess, do you realize what we're standing on? The Eye of God. We must have been transported. Are we dreaming?

Tom: Arvelous look, it's Unicron!

Makoto: (thinks) I used my power opening the doors. No wait, I was in the Chamber of Antiquitity reading those words.
Rune: When two hearts are joined together, the holy contract shall be sealed. Thus the stairway to the sky will be opened. {Tom: (fustrated) Enough about the hearts and stairway!} Remeber when you made the Orb of the King shine? When you showed me the Fuji Mountain?
Makoto: I've had a power all along, the King's Orb. I did it, that one night after I met you.
Rune: My old dream was never this beautiful.

Joel: So does this means they're married?
Tom: They would have said something, engaged probably.
Crow: I think his power is kind of lame.
Joel: What do you mean?
Crow: Well basically he got it by virtue of building the device in the first place. Shouldn't he have gotten an extra power by going through the portal?
Tom: Crow has a point. Maybe Makoto can survive in space without a suit.
Joel: Well how can you prove that?
Tom: That's the beauty of it: it can't!
Joel: Good point.

1Duke Nukem kicks Quake's butt!

Episode 18: Operation: Abduction!

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