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Hive of Darkness

{Jinnai laughs}
Jinnai: Now that I've abducted the Princess Rune Venus I am truely the undisputed ruler over all of El Hazard. And Makoto couldn't do a thing to save her. {laugh}

Tom: (at Jinnai's injuries) Makoto did all that?
Crow: (at Rune and Nanami) (sings) How much are those wo-men in the window?

Ifurita: Congratulations master, your operation was a success.
Jinnai: Of course, and will now duely accept all the adjulations of respect from my minions.
{Bugrom mumble}

Joel: And the crowd goes wild.
Tom and Crow: (unenthuaistic) yeah

Jinnai: Thanks it's good to be well loved. Akkkk Nanami!
{Nanami tries to strangle Jinnai}

Crow: Yeah, you go girl!

Nanami: You kiddnapped your sister, you loser!
Jinnai: Ah shut it, it's your own darn fault that you were standing right in the way. You're just going to have to live with it. Prepare our triumphant return to the Bugrom Hive.
Nanami: Prepare, yeah while I wring your scrawny neck.
Jinnai: Let go again!
Rune: Nanami, let go. You'll kill him!

Joel: Why are you so concerned?
Tom: So why doesn't Jinnai just leave her behind?

{Bugrom wonder what to do while Nanami, Jinnai, and Rune argue}
Ifurita: So sweet. Sister and brother reunited together again.

Joel: She's out of it.

{Makoto riding a horse/llama}

Tom: He needs a tie clip.
Crow: I hate flashbacks, but this is better than: Hello my name is Makoto Mizhuara.

Makoto: You don't understand, I have to go.
Guard: Sir Londs, you mustn't premit this. Our troops have reported there are many Bugrom traps. He can't go.

Joel: So what makes him so important?

Makoto: uh But--
Londs: Makoto, please reconsider on all of what we had lost already.
{sub-flashback of last episode}

Tom: A flashback within a flashback.

Londs: Let the boy pass.

Crow: If he doesn't make it back, I'm in charge. heh heh heh

{End flashback}
Makoto: (thinks) Don't worry Princess I'll save you and Nanami.
Alliele: Makoto, wait up!
{Alliele and Fuji ride up}
Makoto: You know they said it's going to be dangerous.
Fuji: {hic} Who {hic} cares?

Joel: I already drank all the booze in Baron.

Alliele: Mr.Fujisawa, are you really sure you're up and OK for a long ride like this?
Fuji: It's better then hi-ho in a glass. {hic}

Nanami: Hey stupid, did you forget where the darn road is?
Jinnai: Listen all hostages are not allowed to be backseat drivers.
Ifurita: I'm sorry, it's kind of rocky. Alternate route 66.

Tom: Where we get our kicks.
Crow: Why don't they just slip out the bottom?

Rune: I'm sure Sir Londs must have prepared for this.
Jinnai: There are many traps, Makoto.
{Makoto's mount snaps a wire}
Fuji: You OK?
Makoto: Forget it, it was just a weird feeling.

Joel: I felt a disturbance in the Force.

Alliele: It wasn't look!
Nanami: What are you doing?
Jinnai: Illinois Jones technique, crush the nenemis as he tries to gain what is most desired.
Rune: He means Makoto!

Crow: As the nenemis or what is most desired?

Jinnai: I bet both of you were wondering what brilliant stradgey I've planned next are you?

All: No!

Nanami: Errrr Katsuhiko!
Rune: Please, I pray that Makoto doesn't get hurt.
Alliele: Mr.Fujisawa do something!


Fuji: What are you crazy?
{trips another boulder}
{they look back and forth to see two boulders rolling at them}
{boulders hit each other leaving them untouched}

Joel: Do you expect us to buy this?

{Alliele faints}
Jinnai: Turn right here. No no no no turn left. With this perfectly plotted map I know where each and every obsticale is.
{tree limb tears map to shreads}

Crow: But not where the trees are.

Jinnai: (thinks) Ahhhh without the perfect map I have no idea where the perfect traps are.
Ifurita: Are you OK master? Is there something wrong?
Jinnai: Everything's all right, just forget it.
{Bugrom mumble}
Jinnai: Of course it's the right way. Straight ahead.
{Bugrom triggers trap, spears start shooting out.}
Rune: And while you're saving Makoto I pray you save us too.

Tom: (deep voice) One or the other, make your choice.

Nanami: You idiot are you trying to get us killed?
Jinnai: Don't yell at me, can't you see we're in danger?
Ifurita: Master don't you think that under these circumstances don't you think it would be wise for us to retreat?
Jinnai: The word retreat is not in my dictionary. {Joel: I tore that page out!} I know what I'm doing. I said straight ahead you idiots!
{more traps are triggered}
{ariel view moving from spot to spot with new screams at each one}

Crow: (old woman) Oh what a delightful forest. They really should make it into a national park.
Joel: (playing along) But all those traps that naughty boy set up, someone could get hurt.
Crow: (continuing) Nonsence, he's taking them down now as we speak see?

Fuji: There's trouble up ahead.
Makoto: Then we'd better hurry.
{Bugrom appear}
Alliele: Oh great, they sent out a welcomeing party.
Makoto: If it is it's a party I intend to crash. Hey you, if you don't want to fight then step aside and let us pass.

Crow: When did he get a spine like that?

{Bugrom mumble}
{Arrows strikes Bugrom}

Tom: They didn't pentrate?! Try using broadheads.

Combre: We'll take care of them. Go on after the Princess.
Makoto: In the nick of time.
{goes off}
Combre: No, Makoto. Not that way!
Makoto: Woah!
{gets to cliff face}
Fuji: Well at least it's a nice view.
Alliele: Well it's about all you can do from here.

Joel: You could help in the fight.

{Makoto goes down mountain}
Fuji: Wait, before you do that...
Makoto: Yahhh!
Fuji: Are you ready?
Alliele: Actually I haven't finished enjoying the view yet.
{Fuji goes down}
{Bugrom appear}
Alliele: Wahhhh I'm finished looking, hey wait for my you guys!

Jinnai: Makoto Mizuhara, it's too bad we couldn't stick around and find out which of my perfect traps sent you to your final downfall. Isn't it?
Rune: I'm still praying.
{Makoto et al drop in}

Crow: But why can't I play in the dryer some more, Mommy?

Rune: Makoto, you're here.
Nanami: Right on the money.
Makoto: Princess! Are you all right.
Alliele: Can we rest before we fight 'em?
Jinnai: You're suppose to be dead.

Tom: (Monty Python) Got better.

Ifurita: Hey you got past the traps.
Jinnai: Go you idiots what are you waiting for?
Ifurita: Bye gotta go.
Nanami: Kazuhiko set us down!
Jinnai: All prisoners can it.
Rune: Makoto!
Makoto: Don't worry Princess, I'll save you.
{he almost makes it}
{he falls down hill}

Tom: They shoot horses don't they?

Makoto: What happened? Where did they go?
Fuji: Are you OK Makoto?
Alliele: It looked painful.
Rune: Makoto up here!
Nanami: Makoto-chan! Sensei!
Jinnai: Two loosers who ridiculed by their own defeat because they have no way to follow. {laugh} You should laugh when you win.
Ifurita: All right. {laugh}

Joel: Like father, like daughter.
Tom: Not like that, like this: {laughs}

Jinnai: Princess Rune is now mine Makoto, so take a good last look.
Rune: Makoto do something!
Makoto: Jinnai get back here.

Tom: (F) I meant something productive!

{Bugrom carrier flies off}
Jinnai laughs
Alliele: He's right about not following. He's crossed the holy river of god. Uncrossable.
Fuji: You're kidding right.
{commerical sign}
{Bugrom terrirory}
Nanami: The air, it feels weird doesn't it?

Joel: Like LA.
Tom: How did the Bugrom get so technologially advanced?

Rune agrees
{Bugrom cheer at victory}
Jinnai: Yes, I won again. {All: Again?} Please keep on cheering.
Ifurita: We missed you guys.
Nanami: It's ridiculous. THey're treating him like he's some kind of grea hero. What the heck did he do? Hyptnotize them?
{Burgom start looking in}
Nanami: What are they doing? Err if you wanna take a look then you're going to have to paaaaayyyy. I mean with money. If you don't got it then back off.
{Bugrom retreat}

Joel: Whoops, I left my wallet in my other exoskeleton.

Nanami: We should at least make a buck if we're going to be gawked at right? {Rune sighs} It's only fair.

Tom: Money money money, is that all she ever thinks about?

{Jinnai laughs}

Nanami: Open this door, open it! Or I'll mix a big batch of poisonous insectiside, toxic chemicals, toxic waste, DDT, E.Coli, Fem Thin, and sacrin and Agent Orange and spray it all over here so even the tinist toughest termite will be terminated totally while twitching. {inside} Is this any way to treat a couple of helpless girls. We're meak and defenceless will you open this darn door? Geez how come I've got such a stupid brother.

Crow: Meak? Her? Not a chance!

{Rune remembers Makoto's rescue attempt} {holds hand}

Tom: (F) I'm never going to wash this hand again.

Nanami: Oh gosh, I'm getting hungry. Princess Rune do you think we'll spend the rest of our lives inside of this awful place?
Rune: Don't think like that, {huh} I know someone will come to save us. Someone will try. Like Makoto, like Makoto tried to. Someone who is very brave. Brave just like Makoto.
Nanami: Bravery? It sure doesn't sound like a quality of the Makoto that I know.

Joel: Haven't you been paying attention these past few episodes?

Rune: What do you mean?
Nanami: Like when he was nine and he got dared to go inside of a haunted house and he wouldn't go in by himself unless I went along inside with him too.

Crow: (F) And pay the admission.

Rune: He wouldn't go in by himself?
Nanami: Nope, and when he was eleven he got in this fight with a bully at school [kapow pow] He cried for help and guess who came along and save him.

Joel: Mr.Fujisawa? Jinnai?
Tom: Batman!

Rune: I'm surprised that with such a long histroy between you two that you haven't made a permenent arrangement. {huh} Kind of like a business relationship or something like that.

Crow: (F) Of course, why do you think I drag him off all the time?

{Bugrom comes in and takes them out, show inside of hive}

Joel: Slow moving smoke?
Crow: Disco balls?

Nanami: You can at least be polite and tell us where you're taking us too.
{big hall of Bugrom}
Rune: (thinks) It must be Deva, queen of the Bugrom Empire.
Deva: Mumbles {subtitle} How do you do Rune Venus

Tom: Hey wait, I thought this was dubbed!

Rune: Squeaks {subtitle} What did you say?
Deva: Mumbles {subtitle} What is the meaning of this? Are you making fun of me using this strange language?
Rune: Squeaks {subtitle} If you are teasing me, I will return to the jail.
Jinnai: I don't understand Deva, what do you mean vulgar? What makes her think that you're being uncivil?

Crow: Vulgar?

Deva: You understood her?
Nanami: Stop fooling around, the princess said she couldn't understand is this one of your tricks?
Jinnai: Extra baggage is not allowed to speak.
Nanami: He called me extra baggage! Can you believe my own brother would call me something like that?

Joel: Well considering all the things you called him.
Tom: And the fact she tried to kill him.

Nanami: Oh you know she was being friendly when she said 'Welcome Rune Venus'. Why did you say you couldn't understand?
Rune: It's because I really can't understand.

Joel: Houston, we have realization in 10 seconds. 10...9....8...

Jinnai: They're both speaking plainly but the princess can't understand Deva and Deva can't understand the princess.
Nanami: Who the beck wants to talk to bugs anyway. but how come I seem to understand them?

Tom: You have the same IQ?

Jinnai: I got it, I must have gained the super ability to speak fluent Bugrom.
Nanami: What? My brother and I gained the same superability?!

Crow: Quick, aren't they?
Tom: It only took him 18 episodes to figure that out.

Jinnai: Well it's alot easier than high school French you know.

Tom: (French) Ho ho ho, you zilly foreigners will nev'er master zi Franch lang-wage.

Jinnai: Do you agree to fairly interperet Rune's words?
Nanami: Better than you would. I'm not the one famous for twisting everyone's words around.
Jinnai: What was that crack?
Nanami: You hear it!
{Deva clears throat}
Ifurita: (writing) Deva clears throat.
Jinnai: There's no need to caption it.

Tom: (F) (as if Ifurita is writing) There's no need to caption it.

Deva: Greetings Princess Rune. I, Queen Deva, would like to see an end to our constant warring. Under the circumstances I suggest you surrender. Go ahead.
Jinnai: Prisoner number 1. You have only one choice to prevent us from destroying your kingdom. That is surrender and admit that you are a slave for the rest of your life and also say that makoto is a big loser. ha ha ha
Deva: Doesn't sound right.

Joel: Nawww!

Rune: Never we will never surrender to you and the concept of slavery is abhorent to us. Go ahead translate that.

Crow gives Jinnai the rasberry.
Joel: Pretty close translation, Crow.

Nanami: Makoto is not a loser! and nobody ever wants to be your stupid slave so why don't you just hit the road bug lady and don't you come back no more no more.

Tom: (sings) Don't ya come backs, Kaks.
Joel: These two were kicked out of Model UN at school.

Deva: Tell her I'm trying to prevent an all out war.
Jinnai: You're dumb and you're ugly and you will be a slave or we'll kill everyone and their favorite pets, mess up their rooms, bust their favorite toys, and if they won any trophies we'll take those too and bury them in the back yard.

Crow: Will they care about their toys when they're dead?

Ifurita: (writing) bust their favorite toys, and if they won any trophies we'll take those too and bury them in the back yard.
Rune: If you do our people will still fight on.
Nanami: Well you can tell your buggy girlfriend she can stick it where the sun don't shine. Ah that was a good one.

Joel: Not really.

Ifurita: Stick it where the sun don't shine. Deva gets mad.
Deva: You'd better believe Deva got mad.
Jinnai: YOu'll be a slave to Deva and Lord God Jinnai until the end of time. and you'll begin by kneeling before your god while he discides your future while you cry out for mercy.
Rune: Oh my goodness!
Nanami: Lord God Jinnai? Give me a break. You couldn't even gain the respect of the student council you screw up.
Jinnai: Princess Rune didn't say that. Translate it right you stupid money-faced--
Nanami: You started it by changing what Deva said--
{Rune and Deva begin to think this wasn't a good idea.}
Jinnai: No respect. Little sisters are suppose to obey their older brothers so he can order them around and shall respect them by having their elder brotherly protection.

All: Protection?!

Nanami: Protection wimp-legs? You're the one who gets bet up all the time! In kindergarten you were beaten up by that cool guy Ken. Example one out of 2504.
Jinnai: A carefully laid plan to get him in trouble with the teacher so I could play the conductor on the toy bullet train and he couldn't touch it for a whole day. And when I tried to explain the genius you go 'oh that's not right'.
Nanami: That's because it isn't genius, it's evil. I hate you, you stupid sneaky worm!
Jinnai: Errr I dare you to call me that again.
Nanami: You're a stupid sneaky worm!

Tom: Nanami always accepts a dare.
Crow: I bet he has an excuse for each time he got beat up.

Jinnai: Oh yeah!
{Rune and Deva try to break them up.}

Crow: No, let them fight it out. (mutters) Just like Shayla and Afura...

Jinnai: When we get home I'm going to tell Mom you said dirty words and she'll wash your mouth out with soap!
Nanami: Liar. I hate you! You stinking liar. {chokes Jinnai with his own tie} tighter tighter tighter...

Joel: See, that's why I never got a job which requires a tie.

Ifurita: Operation Brother and Sister Together Again. {giggle}

Tom: A tournament size game of Risk.

Guard 1: We should reconsider, it's obvious. We must be prepared in case they do ask for ransom.
Guard 2: They won't ask for ransom, they'll want subgation.
Guard 1: Then we should attack.
Guard 3: We can't attack. We have no means by which to cross the river. Ransom is out of the question.

Crow: Well who asked you?

Alliele: (tired) I hope Nanami and Rune's OK.
{Makoto gives coat to Alliele then looks out window.}

Joel: Hey, he finally removed his jacket.
Tom: Bet it stinks to high Heaven after all this.
Crow: Poor Alliele, now she's going to dream about being in an arm pit.

Episode 20: Jinnai: Sister vs. Brother

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