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{last episode summary}

Tom: Another short one.
Crow: Wasn't much to tell. Makoto screwed up again by waiting.

{ship leaving area}

Joel: So after barely making it across, they're going back in a damaged boat?

Afura: Take them and go. I'll stay and try to find the Princess and Nanami. You try to get back to the ship.
Shayla: But Afura... Let's do it.
{they make their escape}
Ura: Makoto, open eyes, talk to Ura.

Crow: (F) Then pet me.

Fuji: All right thataboy Makoto
Makoto: Sensei? Sensei, Nanami and the Princess, are they safe? Well? What happened?
Miz: Don't worry Makoto, they'll be fine. Afura said she'd find them and she will. You must have faith, Makoto.
Shayla: Count on it. Afura's not got much in the personality department. But is she says she'll save them, she'll do it.
Makoto: My herself?
Shayla: Yeah by herself. Are you saying that you don't trust her?
Makoto: I do.

Tom: Well not really, with her bookworm eyes and all.

Shayla: (thinks) Come on Afura, you're our only hope now.

Afura: I can't find them anywhere. Where are they?

Joel: Hiding in a tree or cave I bet.

Jinnai: (voiceover) I command you to find Rune Venus and return her here now and don't come back without her. {morning}

Joel: See.

Rune: Wake up Nanami, it's morning now. Wake up. Nanami wake up. Nanami, please get up we may be in danger if we stay here any longer.
Nanami: Oh go away hit the snooze will ya?
Rune: Snooze?
Nanami: I'll just skip my class OK.

Crow: Been in El Hazard for who knows how many weeks and she STILL thinks she going to cram school.

{trying to start a fire}
Rune: Maybe faster again?
{no luck}
Nanami: Oh it's just hopeless. I swear I saw Mr.Fujisawa do it on a camping trip once. Honest he did, it was just like magic.

Joel: The Gathering.

{crosses desert then jungle, then wasteland, then forest} Rune: Hu Nanami?
Nanami: Yes what?
Rune: Are you certain that we're going in the right direction?
Nanami: Of course
Rune: Really sure?
Nanami: Who knows.
{climbing mountain}

Tom: Wouldn't it be easier to go AROUND them?

Nanami: Hey Princess Rune, you holding on all right?
Rune: Yes! Is it much further now?!
Nanami: I'll never understand how Sensei can enjoy this stuff. It's absolutly terrifing.

Crow: Try it once with equipment.

Nanami: You've heard of starvation?
Rune: Yes.
Nanami: The part about where you die from it?
Rune: Yes.
Nanami: Well that's now. I bet there's a 7-11 right behind that bush. Yeah.

Tom: Bet the clerk only speaks Bugrom.

Rune: What? Is that a place of death? {Joel: Yep.}
Nanami: {falls over} It's Chekko's harpy fruit!

Joel: Harpy fruit? Like in Greek myths?

{takes one, notices alot of them}

Tom: Uh-oh, it's their crop of them.

Nanami: Saved at last.
Rune: Nanami! Nanami hurry come quickly
Nanami: Where are you?
{sees pool}

Tom: A Nadisco tulip!
Joel: You can tell alot about a person by how they fold their clothes while swimming.

{Rune and Nanami bathing} Nanami: Ahhh just like the Shrine of Water Park.
Rune: Whatever that is, it must be refreshing.

Crow: Ahhhh THIS is what anime is all about!
Tom: You said it.
Joel: Now you two. Be civilized.
Tom: Wait, where's her royal bathing dress?

Nanami: You know I got a trophy once for swimming in Jr.High School.
Rune: What's Jr.High School?
Nanami: Yeah you know the school before High School. Makoto and I went to Shininobi Jr. He was on the swim team too but wasn't really very good at it.
Rune: You swam with him?

Tom: With suits on I hope.
Crow: Joel, I'm just going to give up and look.

Nanami: Yeah, he'd flail about a bit in the water and then he'd sink straight to the bottom.
Rune: He...wasn't good?

Joel: (F) Makoto's not good at everything?

{Nanami splashes Rune}
Nanami: Oh come on, will you lighten up alittle? Gotcha! Gotcha!
Rune: Oh well yeah, I can get you too.
{splashes back.}
Nanami: Oh yeah, try this one.
{playful water fight}

Tom: They're risking their PG rating right here.

Nanami: Yeah nothing can stop us now!

Joel: Here comes nothing.

{Bugrom appear, chase to cliff face}
Nanami: Spoke too soon!
Rune: Nanami, what should we do?

Crow: Scream, die maybe.

Nanami: I have no idea. Get ready to swan dive! One! Get ready!
{pulls Rune over}
Rune: Lookit.
Nanami: Well what do you know, it worked. I betcha you didn't know they can float.

Tom: Didn't you notice earlier?

Rune: You're so cleaver, Nanami.
Nanami: I bet this flows right into the holy river.
Rune: These Chekko fruits are great. You should start a business with them.
Nanami: Better than lifesavers.

Crow: And they taste better.

{commericial sign}
Jinnai: Exo-bone heads! You idiots, how dare you let them get away from you like that. Nevermind, I know Nanami's behind it she ruins it. She ruins everything I do.

Joel: It's always her fault isn't it?

Jinnai: You fools, don't you realize she's still trying to usurp my ultimate contol as your ultimate leader? And after all I've done. Always taking advantage of my sweet brotherly kindness to her {Bugrom speaks} What? {Bugrom speaks} What do you mean I'm not kind to her? {Tom: Truth hurts.} You've never even had a sister! Set up a base at the mouth of the river. And if you let them get past you I command you all to drown yourselves. Get going!

{trying to build fire}
Nanami: Err come on come on come on come on. I'm chilled to the bone. Come on fire, I'm even a friend of Shayla Shayla you know.

Crow: Name dropper.
Joel: Oh well in that case...

{fire starts}
Nanami: Look it started!
Rune: You're right, it's just like magic.

Joel: The Gathering.

{looking at stars}

Crow does Starhustler theme.

Nanami: Look at how beautiful it is.
Rune: You're right, it's breath-taking.
Nanami: you know what, looking at the sky like this reminds me of one time Mr.Fujisawa took Makoto and I up hiking on Mt.Shininobi at night. I mean of course we've been there before on picnics and stuff but we've never been up there late at night. {Joel: Blue and pink, how original.} The city lights were really cool, but they were far away. You could see the stars really good. Zillions of them just like these. Sensei talking about them, but he's more history than astronomy. Of course Makoto knows all about stars. Binaries, red dwarves, {Tom sings first five notes of Red Dwarf theme} black holes. Can you believe this, he even knows the all distances from each other. ALl I know is that they're pretty. Is something wrong?
Rune: It's nothing.

Crow: (F) Just a cold.

Nanami: Rune, you awake? You're in love aren't you? With Makoto. The hidden love in your fotrune.
Rune: Nananmi, I'm sorry but I envy you so much. {Nanami: huh} You make me feel like I have no past. Please tell me everything picnics, Jr.high, hiking, stars I hardly know anything about Makoto at all. I don't even know if he's still alive. {cries}
Nanami: Of course he's alive. OK I'll start from the first day I met him. You wanna know about that?
Rune: Yes.

Joel: I wonder if she edits her memories like her brother.

Nanami: Listen. Wait a second, how old are you when you're in 2nd grade? Umm 7. He just moved into town. I thought he was cute but other girls didn't cause he was kind of an egghead.
Rune: An egghead?

Joel: A software store? Nanami: You know like, real smart.
Rune: Oh I wish I could have known him then. Sorry please go on with your story.
Nanami: Actually he was in my dumb brother's class and he lived close so he always tried to be friends with him. But Dumbo's such a social geek I started to hang out with him...

Tom: I wonder what the age difference is between them?

{Bugrom searching}
Nanami: They got the river surrounded. We'll have to go around them. Princess you'd better be careful.
Rune: I am.

Crow: Shouldn't Rune's shoes be worn through by now?

Nanami: They see us! This way.
{run around}
Rune: Nanami, I just can't go on. You go ahead.
Nanami: Come on. It isn't safe.
{chased some more}
Nanami: In there.
{run into small cave, it's not much better}
Nanami: Through here.

Joel: There are fewer hiding places in here.

{run into Chekko}
Nanami: Chekko? Chekko is is you! I'm so glad you're here.

Tom: Royality!

{Chekko hides them}
Nanami: Wow, that was really nice of you Chekko.
{Chekko blushes, leads them out}

Tom: Thank you Royality!

Nanami: Goes right to the river huh? Can't you come? You're so sweet. Thanks alot, I'll miss you Chekko.
Rune: Thank you Mr.Bugrom sir

Tom: Farewell Royality!

Nanami: It must be close, these are wetlands.

All start making squishing noises as they run.

{Bugrom scout sees them}

Tom: That's a base?

{Bugrom start moving out}
{they make it to the shores of the river}
Rune: It's the Holy River of God
Nanami: And Roshtaria's right on the other side.

Joel: How do you intend to cross?

{Bugrom come in}
Nanami: Lets go!
{Rune falls}
Rune: Nanami, I can't make it. I can't run any longer.
Nanami: But you have to, we're almost there.

Crow: (F) Then we gotta swim across.

Rune: Nanami, please go, save yourself.
Nanami: I can't believe, I thought you loved Makoto. I know he's alive and I'm running so I can see him again. So I knew him in the past, what about the future? He doesn't know how much I really love him.
Rune: You never told him?

Tom: (F) Good, that means I can bet you to it.

Nanami: You ready?
Rune: Yes.
{they're surrounded and forced back to the edge}
{Afura saves them}
Afura: You weren't easy to find.

Joel: They didn't have their mail forwarded either.

Rune: It's Afura Mann.
{Afura defends them}
Nanami: She saved us.
Afura: Yes, now we go back to Roshtaria. Makoto's there, he's waiting for both of you.

Crow: (F) But mainly for me.

Episode 24: Destiny

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