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Jinnai: Say that again! Rune Venus got away? Nevermind. Don't say it again cause I'll kill you! {Bugrom wimper}

Joel: Make up your mind.

Jinnai: I'm ruined. The most brilliant plan I devise in my life and you all let it all slip through my fingers.
Deva: But it isn't the end.
Jinnai: Oh but that's what they'll call it.
Deva: huh?
Jinnai: It hangs right over their heads like the sword of Damocles. {laugh}
Deva: What sword? Mr.Jinnai.
Jinnai: What else do you do when you're backed into the corner but simply drop the ball.
Deva: Not that!

Tom: (from Spaceballs) Yes, THAT.

Jinnai: It's the end all right. Like the end of a song. The bouncing ball his the last period and it's over. {laughs} Ifurita.

Crow: Bizarre analogy.

Ifurita: ehhhh yeah what?
Jinnai: Let's take a trip.
Ifurita: Ahh that's nice. To where?
Jinnai: The eye!

Joel: Eye don't think so.

Sage 1: This is beyond belief.
Sage 2: Therefore it must be a mistake.
Sage 3: Forget it, let's calculate everything again.

Joel: Creationists are the same way.

{birds flying around}

Crow: The first opening theme again.
Joel: Cover the statues, cover the statues!

Makoto: Where are you Princess. Huh? Sir Londs.
Londs: She'll return. makoto, you must have faith in Priestess Afura. But return to what?
{chaos at the temples}

Tom: (F) I wish our bosses didn't leave. This is their fault.
Joe: Why did Shayla make her clerics wear such revealing outfits?

Londs: What are you sure? Are you saying the Eye of God changed its orbit by itself?
Dr.Schtal: Yes it has. Such a thing has never happened in all of recorded history.
{growing panic}

Crow: (little boy) I lost my other tooth!

Londs: Tell us doctor, what shall we do.
Dr.Schtal: I have studied the Sign of the King thoroughly. And those tho bear the king's mark can control it. Of course that is Rune Venus, and oddly the wanderer Makoto.

Joel: Get to the point; he doesn't know.

Makoto: It's odd, but it is the truth.
Alliele: My guess, it works when they're together.

Crow: She read the script!

{Guard comes}
Londs: Report
Guard: There's trouble.

Joel: We're out of genie pants!

{Bugrom attack}
Londs: Unbelievable. An all out attack?
Guard: Yes, the largest army ever on our shores headed straight to Roshtaria.
Shayla: Yeah right, it's just like him to take advantage.
Afura: Huh? what's that?
{plows through Bugrom squad}

Joel: Where did they get that thing?
Tom: Bug on your windshield.
Crow: Wait, we have to exchange insurance information.
Joel: Crazy drivers!

Nanami: Ms.Afura, look ahead. Stop stop!
{stops before rockslide}

Tom: If it's a hovercraft, then can't it just go over it?

Nanami: Dead end. We can't get over that.
Rune: We will, we shall climb over.
{Afura holds off Bugrom}

Crow: (F) Oh I'm good.

Afura: Are you ready to climb.
Rune: Yes.
Afura: The Eye of God! Something's wrong.

Joel: That's not an Eye. That's a space station.

Rune: Yes, why does it look so big?
Nanami: It's spooky. It's so close.
{Afura talks into Lamp, wind ribbons come out}

Joel: Breaker breaker. We got smokies.
Tom: (F) Come on Lamp, one big wind to get us home.

Afura: Well, we should hurry now.
Nanami: Ah, if you don't mind me asking what was that?
Afura: I just send off a simple letter to one who would need it the most.
Nanami: Oh yeah, like invisible wireless e-mail.

Crow: afuramann@elhazard.prsts.air

Guard 1: Report in, the Bugrom have entered the El Dolash kingdom.
Guard 2: Last report from Ogresio, no survivors.
Guard 3: Neighboring Kobisho, same report.

Tom: Then who brought the report?

Guard 4: They have also crossed into the Disano Highlands. Now, nothing can stop them.
Alliele: Mr.Sensei, is this the end?

Joel: Nope got two more episodes left.

{pause} Makoto: Oh, Ura, what now? What should I do?

Crow: (F) Pet me!

Ura: You love Rune. She love you. {Makoto: Uh Ura} I love, both you.

Crow: Finally, someone told him the obvious.
Joel: Yeah, you know you're in trouble when your pet can put your love life in perspective.

Makoto: And we love, Ura.
Ura: You both fix sky.
Afura: Makoto...

Tom: Wah! A ghost!

Afura: Do not worry.
Makoto: It's Ms.Afura's voice.
Afura: Princess Rune and Nanami are safe. I will bring them to you very soon.
Makoto: I have faith in you.

Crow: Mailer-daemon unable to send reply, e-mail address(es) invalid.

Ura: Faith work right.

Tom: Works better with people.

{commercial sign}
{Eye of God}
Jinnai: {laughs} The occupation of the Eye of God is complete. And Roshtaria is being attacked on every front. A devious operation, perhaps the greatest in the history of El Hazard. {laughs} I must say, I'm amazed you haven't bungled this one. You found the controls quickly and the chaos caused is adequate.

Crow: That should arouse some suspicion.

Ifurita: I'm glad you're pleased, master. I guess I'm so adequate cause this is so easy and I feel so relaxed. I feel as though I've always been here before. I wish I could put it in words. It's like -- dreaming.
Jinnai: Don't think about it, concentrating on your job is what's important.
Ifurita: Yes sir.
Jinnai: All right, next stop Roshtaria, dead ahead. {laugh}
Ifurita: (thinks) It's like, a dream of those who remember.

Tom: The OVA took all the good lines.

Extra 1: Look!
Extra 2: What are those things?
Extra 3: I have no idea!
Extra 2: Did they come out of the Eye?
Extra 3: They're coming closer.

Joel: They're big and slow, let's shoot em down!

Fuji: Is he at it again?
Makoto: Huh?
{banner unrolls}
Fuji: There ought to be some kind of law.

Crow: Or at least he needs a license.

Alliele: Can you read it master Makoto?
Makoto: (reading) Greetings to all the people of Roshtaria (Jinnai impersonation) I am Jinnai Lord God ruler over all the lands of El Hazard.
{next banner}
Jinnai: The Eye of God is now in my control. And if provoked I will use it to crush Roshtaria into dust.
Londs: He controls the Eye?

Tom: Are you surprised?
Joel: He really needs to take an art class.

Jinnai: You have already angered me beyond any apology. {Crow: You gave me pink eye.} This time I give you no choice. Raise the flag of surrender now before I reduce you a flattened pile of molten rubble! {next one} {laughs}

Tom: He's eating his seal?

Makoto: (Jinnai-style laugh) {Joel: You don't have to translate that part.} Argh, he drives me nuts.
Londs: We could do nothing until the return of Princess Rune.
Dr.Schtal: No, not that! This is unthinkable! He is positioning the Eye of God so that all of Roshtaria will be shrouded in utter darkness!

Tom: And me without my eclispe viewer.

Guard: Sir Londs. It's another emergency. {Dr.Schtal: Huh?} We have more now to fear than the relentless Bugrom attacks. Reports from the coast speak of a giant tidal wave building with incredible height and strength looming along the entire coast. All our ports are destroyed. Gigantic snowstorms have been reported in the north. {Joel: Snow of Legend?} They whip across the land destroying everything leaving in their path a frozen waste. What shall we do?

Crow: Why do bad things always come in 3s?

Shayla: That's our territory right Miz?
Miz: Saving lives is one of the supreme rules of the great priestesses. Though threatened by death we shall use our strength to restore nature to it's harmony.
Fuji: Yeah, strength and harmony.
Miz: Yes does that strike a cord?

Tom: C sharp.

Fuji: Well I'm no priest. But count me in cause it's the Shininobi motto.
Miz: How cute.
Shayla: Well?
Fuji: Makoto Mizuhara, do you think you can hold down the fort while we three go off to hand the front lines?
Makoto: Yeah I guess so.
Fuji: Stopping the Eye of God gets extra credit you know.

Crow: Oh boy! Extra credit!

{they look at Mizhuara}
Fuji: We all know that you can do the job Mizuhara.
Miz: I trust you Makoto.
Shayla: You got my bet.
Alliele: Even old Londs trusts ya. {Londs nods}

Tom: But I'd never admit it.

Makoto: I'll do it.

Afura: Stay close.
{Nanami collaspes and finds a 'car'}
Nanami: Yeah, taxi!

Joel: Writers work in mysterious ways.
Crow: Why can't Afura just carry them with her wind powers?

Fuji: Do me a favor. Hold onto this all right. {tosses booze} No time for that huh?

Tom: Now Makoto's going to drink it.

Makoto: No sir.
Fuji: Remember Makoto, strength and harmony. {sees Miz}
Shayla: {sees Makoto starts panicking} {Crow: (F) I left the oven on in the Shrine!} Yo dude, guy.
Makoto: Huh?
{Shayla starts walking stiffly to him}

Crow and Tom make old robot noises as she walks.

Makoto: Shayla?
{Shayla falls down on him}

Crow and Tom make tree falling sounds.

Shayla: You dummy sneakin up -- like someone in the dark. I was lagging cause I wanted to tell you something.
Makoto: Tell what?

Crow: (F) I still have problem expressing my emotions.
Tom: Makoto doesn't have a clue does he?
Joel and Crow nod 'no'.

Shayla: Well I just. I bet on you. Makoto. I wanted to say good-bye oh and just thanks. It's all I...
Makoto: Shayla, thanks for what?
Shayla: For saving my dumb old shrine that time. Did you forget?

Tom: A Game of Chance and Fire

Makoto: I did it for you.

Joel: (scarasticly) Great, that's exactly what Shayla needed to hear.

Miz: It's so pretty.
Fuji: It's Mt.Fuji-san. It's very precious. Do you mind it's kinda old?

Joel: Like me.

Miz: No, never.
Miz and Fuji: Strength and harmony.
Miz: Right?
Fuji: {laugh} I'll come back.
Miz: Be it so.
Fuji: Like I give promises lightly.

Tom: So think this is a pre-engagement gift?
Joel: More like a pre-pre-pre-pre-engagement gift.

{Miz flies off to fight wave}
Miz: (thinks) He, he must come back.
{Shayla tries to melt snowstorm}
Shayla: (thinks) Great job Shayla. How can I face him again?

Tom: Bring a gift, that will help.

{Afura, Rune, and Nanami ride along in a worn out aircar}

Joel: That's one big steering wheel.

{Fuji fights Bugrom}

Tom: Fujisawa-foot order!

Shayla: Take that! {throws fire around}

Crow: I don't think you can intimidate a blizzard with shouting.

{Fuji vs. Bugrom}
{Miz vs. wave}
{Jinnai laughs}
Makoto: (thinks) A break of sunlight. Afura, please bring her here right now. It means so much. El Hazard is so important, to all of us.

Joel: (Jinnai) Wait wait, Ifurita, we overshot the sun. Go back! Go back!

Episode 25: The End of the World

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