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The End of the World

{last episode summary}
{Makoto and Ura go to Chamber of Antiquity}

Crow: Uh-oh, Ura's in trouble. Only the royal family and Makoto are allowed in there.
Tom: Think Rune's parents will mind her boyfriend brings his cat over?
Joel: He's making himself pretty much at home.

Dr.Schtal: Princess Rune Venus and Makoto Mizhuara, only those who bear the mark of the king can stop the Eye of God. The Sign of the King bares truthful words.
Alliele: And they have to be together. Isn't that right, Doctor?
Dr.Schtal: Hum-hu
{Makoto sees Rune in the central orb}

Crow: Uh-oh, he went in the wrong side.

Jinnai: {Laughs} We are nearing the very center of Roshtaria. Victory is almost at hand. It's Surrender or be crushed.

Joel: Not much of a choice.

{something clicks with Ifurita's connection}

Crow: (F) Hey, that felt goooooooood.

{Deva Laugh}
Deva: The alliance cannot withstand our advance. My invincible is far too strong. March on my children. Roshtaria will so belong to the Bugrom!

Tom: (F) With all of its sugar.

{Makoto is waiting for Rune, touches Rob}

Joel: Hasn't he been listening? He can't do it alone.

Ura: Come soon.
Makoto: Yeah, I know she will. We have to have faith in Afura right? I'm glad you came to wait.
Ura: Wait short.

Crow: (F) Now pet me.
Tom: Waiting's not much fun is it Makoto? Well just suffer through it like us!

Rune: Please be there.
{Fuji vs. Bugrom}
{Miz vs wave}

Crow: Oh now she's just doing it for fun.

{Shayla vs. Bugrom}
Shayla: Hold it right there! The great priestess Shayla Shayla stands before you now. Dare to pass by me and you'll surely die. {Bugrom charges} I see you didn't understand the warning. Well if it's fire you want, it's fire you'll get.

Jinnai: Well if it isn't the jewel called Floristica. Yes, it is here I shall halt to accept their surrender. Ifurita, stop the eye of god here. Didn't you hear me, I said stop. You know I don't like to repeat myself, I said stop. Ifurita, what the heck are you doing up here? {sees her} Ah-ha! You're caught, asleep at the wheel are you? {Ifurita has a new look in her eye}

All: (sing) She's got the look.

Jinnai: Wah! It isn't safe to operate heavy machinery while dozing.

Tom: He was going to smash it into a city, how safe is that?

Ifurita: You there, what are you?
Jinnai: What do you mean what am I? You dumb twit, I'm your master. Idiot! Are you listening, I said stop the Eye of God?
Ifurita: I cannot comply.
Jinnai: What do you mean you can't?

Crow: The brakes failed!

Ifurita: For ages this machine lay dormant. I complete the circuit now. My reason for being. I exist to destroy the world that lies below. My name is Ifurita, demon god who shall destroy the world.

Tom: Oh great, if she's not being a ditz, she's destroying the world. Some people.

Jinnai: Oh yeah? Well you can't do that unless your master says that you can. {force field shocks Jinnai} What's...goin on?

Crow: A bit much for a bug zapper is it?

{outside the Eye starts to crackle with energy}
{Fuji and Bugrom stop fighting}

Joel: Let's stop fighting and watch the world end.

Miz: No, not that.
Dr.Schtal: Incredible, what in the name of heaven is it doing?

Tom: It's going to give you the evil Eye.

Ifurita: The end of the world begins now. For this reason the demon god was created, To destroy! Behold the annihilation of El Hazard. This world is no longer a world. I sent it forth into nility.
Jinnai: You can't do that! How am I suppose to be a surpreme ruler of a world that doesn't exist?
Ifurita: No data.

Joel: Brent Spiner quit.

Jinnai: What do you mean? Did you forget who winds you up in the morning? You just better accept that I'm the one in control.
Ifurita: You have no control here.
Jinnai: Oh I don't do I? I'll show you who's the master around here. {shocked}

Tom: Had enough?
Crow: (Jinnai) OK, you win. You're the master.

Ifurita: There is no master, there is only the command to destroy.
Jinnai: But I am your master! Who do you think commanded you to take me and come up here in the first place? Now quit acting like a lunatic and stop this thing now. Ifurita listen to me!

Crow: (F) I can't believe I let a shrimp like that boss me around.

{Shayla vs. Bugrom}
Shayla: (thinks) I can't hold out forever here. Come on Makoto, stop the Eye now.

Tom: Never expect slow-pokes to hurry.

{Afura's taxi zooms along a road.}

Joel: And here comes the Windracer moving fast, and the T-rex is looking for a way around that fallen tree.

{Afura vs. Bugrom}

Tom: (Bugrom) Stop, pay toll.

{lighting from the Eye makes big hold near Deva}
Deva: Oh my, does he intend to destroy us as well?

Tom: Well you served your purpose, so of course he is!

{Jinnai tries to get a look outside}

Joel: Gonna hurl...
Crow: This is Jazz, a gi-normous weird looking eye just showed up in the suburbs of Roshtaria.
Tom: And it's attacking the palace.1

Fuji: That crazy kid, what does he think he's doing?
Nanami: Ms.Afura it looks like it's getting worse. Don't you think you should be moving a little faster?
Afura: Yes, we're going as fast as we can!

Crow: Listen, just use your wind power to either lift the car or lift Rune. You'll make better time without the 'excess baggage'

{commercial sign}
Jinnai: Ifurita stop it! You're destroying it! How can I rule El Hazard if it isn't there? How can I force people to worship me if I'm Lord God of nothing. Stop it you lunatic!

Tom: Physician heal thyself.

Guard 1: Look there. Princess Rune Venus.

Crow: And her romantic rival/friend too.

Nanami: Hi, we're here everyone!
Londs: Are you absolutely certain, she has returned?

Joel: Cancel the coup.

Guard 2: Yes.
Londs: Dear Princess.
Alliele: Priestess Afura you did it! Sister Nanami are you OK?
Nanami: Uh yes.
Alliele: I'm so happy I could eat you up.
Nanami: I might be a kinda stringy.

Tom: I'm not touching this.

Ura: Rune!

Crow: (F) She'll pet me!

Makoto: You made it.
Rune: Oh Makoto, you're here! {pause} Your friend Nanami has told me so much about you. It makes me realize how much she cares and how she never took the chance to say what...I should say. How much I...

All: Say it say it say it!
Joel: Darn! He can't hear her.
Tom: Chit-chat later, get moving!

{Makoto and Rune touch the orb and go into the Eye}
Makoto: (thinks) You here my thoughts don't you? We must go together now. It's time to save the world, our world, El Hazard. Rune: (thinks) Yes!

Ifurita: Something has arrived.

Crow: (F) The pizza I ordered.

{Makoto and Rune run out and meet in a hall}

Tom: Finally, they decide to hurry.

Makoto: Which way? {things fly by} {Joel: Someone's shooting at us!} What are those things. {one stops for a moment} Hey I think they're showing us the way. Let's follow them.

Crow: Actually they're fleeing something. The danger's in the other direction.

Rune: Yes, let's.
Makoto: Jinnai!
Jinnai: Wah? Mizhuara?
Makoto: Stop it, don't you realize what you're doing?
Jinnai: I'm not causing this, I'm trying to stop the Eye. You moron.
Makoto: Yeah right, like you aren't behind this.

Joel: The one time he's telling the truth and no one believes him.

Jinnai: It isn't me. It's that power-crazed demon destroyer dummy.
Makoto: Ifurita, this isn't like you. You have to stop the Eye.
Ifurita: My purpose is to control the Eye of God. The circiut is complete, El Hazard shall be no more.

Tom: You're doing a lousy job, you're going to destroy it.

Jinnai: And I said don't do that. Listen to your master you imbescle.
Makoto: That isn't the Ifurita we know. This must be the true weapon of legend, the demon god Ifurita.

Crow: Ya think?

Ifurita: You there, do you mear the Mark of the King? Yes it was your ancestors which created the Eye of God.
Jinnai: I knew it, it's your fault. You're the one who's destroying the world.
Rune: You have it wrong the words mean that we too have the power to spin the timeless worlds.
Ifurita: Yet if there is only one, then timeless means the nility function.

Joel: What would Stephan Hawkings say about that?

Makoto: But we're two hearts joined by holy contract. And the stairway to the sky was opened.
Ifurita: This criteria is correct. you two function as controlers of the Eye of God. You have the power. But it is too late.
Makoto and Rune: What?

Tom: Again?! Won't they ever learn?!

Ifurita: The Eye of God is now passed critical point for destruction. Vows of the two cannot stop it. {suddenly zapped}

Crow: Wrong, you must pay the penality.

Makoto: Ifurita!
{Makoto frees her}
Ifurita: What are you? You are not from this dimension.
Makoto: Right. My name is Makoto Mizuhara. I came here from Earth.
Ifurita: I see. Listen to me, Makoto. One who bears the Mark of the King like you who is not of El Hazard may control what I cannot. A subroutine.
Makoto: A subroutine like the one I put into the machine I made.

Joel: An off switch!
Tom: So would Makoto's machine destroy the Earth if Ifurita was hooked up to it?

{Miz using powers. Fuji appears.}
Ifurita: (voiceover) Destinies may alter by wanderers who have the power to cross through timeless doorways. You must continue to follow the indicates. They will lead you to the subspace reactor release point. As a catalist you will channel the energy through divergent space. However, there is a consequence.
{Rune lets go, starts crying}
Ifurita: Makoto Mizuhara activation of subroutine, Great Contract, will dispell all energy and stop the Eye of God. Doing said action will drasticly alter your permenence.

Joel: I hate it when my permenence gets altered.

Jinnai: You idiot, talk normal. Get on with it. Tell me what will happen to Makoto.
Ifurita: He'll vanish.

Tom: That nomral enough for ya?

Rune: That can't happen. It can never be broken. Don't vanish. Don't do that to me! {cries, Makoto hugs her}

Crow: Hey, how do you think he feels?

Makoto: Princess, I'm doing it for you. This special power I gained must be to save you. Listen to me Rune, I know you'd do the same thing to save El Hazard. You'd use the same power wouldn't you? Our power to spin both our timeless worlds.

Tom: I think that's the first time he called her just by her first name.

Rune's Father: No precious Rune, power is gained by vows between souls.
Rune's Mother: Do not fear my darling. If you are here, then you are not alone.

Joel: Chicken Soup for a Princess's Soul Rune's Father: If you climb with heart marked as true, the Eye of God will not fail you Rune. Dream of golden places and trust the moon. Remember every word I say to you.
Rune: We'd better hurry along.

Tom: That'll be the day.

{Miz and Fuji watching the Eye}

Crow: (F) Mumph, hair got in my mouth.

Makoto: Come on!

1Dialog 'liberated' from Transformers the Movie when Unicron attacks/consumes Moon Base One.
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