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The Eternal Dream

{flashback of previous episode}
{flashback of previous episode continues}
Rune: Oh Makoto.
{chaos outside}

Tom: Just hurry up and do it.
Joel: I heard this was originally 25 episodes, but the producer wanted another so they padded it with all these flashbacks and a slow Makoto.

Nanami: (thinks) Makoto-chan!
Londs: (thinks) Hold on dear Princess.
Afura: (thinks) Please both of you, you must succeed.
Ura: (thinks) Makoto fix now!

Crow: Ura knows those notes are important.

Miz: Masamichi, I'm so worried.
Fuji: Don't think like that. If anybody can stop it, he can. I know he will. He's the best student I ever had.

Tom: -- who still speaks to me.

{Shayla on small mesa}

Crow: (F) I don't want to be alone when the world ends.

Makoto: (thinks) I ahve to make it there, to protect Princess Rune. I must do it to save everyone no matter what happens to me. I'm the only one who can save El Hazard.
Jinnai: How can I rule a kingdom that doesn't exist? He just has to save it. Come on Makoto, my El Hazard depends on you.

Joel: Remember, you're the one who put it in danger in the first place.

{Ifurita returns to 'normal'}
Jinnai: Wha? What was that? Hey you, what the heck are you doing?
Ifurita: Master, am I suppose to take you to the Eye of God?
Jinnai: Wah! You already took me there you fool. And just who do you think you are talking to me in that crazy lunatic voice?
Ifurita: Why? Do I sound like I have a sore throat?

Joel: She's back.

Jinnai: Now that's a stupid answer I expect. I got it. She must have blown a circuit somehow. {Tom: Or the Eye rejected her.} Ifurita, listen. The Eye of God is out of control and it's destroying the world. And without your control the whole thing is going to crash into the ground with us in it.
Ifurita: Oh that's not good right?

Crow: At least you won't have to put up with Jinnai's distracting raving.

Jinnai: Makoto and the Princess are headed to find some stupid sub-reactor thingy. And the Eye's acting like some big cosmic vaccuum. Ifurita, you must regain control of the Eye of God and keep it from falling to the ground at any cost.
Ifurita: Right, I'll do a good job.
{Ifurita tries to keep it up}
Alliele: What's it doing now?
Nanami: I don't know!

Crow: (F) I'm just a businesswoman.

Dr.Schtal: Look it seems to be slowing now in it's descent.
Nanami: That's good.
Afura: It isn't stopping.
Nanami: That's bad.

Tom: Maybe Fuji can hold it up.

Jinnai: Is it working Ifurita?
Ifurita: Yeah I think I got it to do something like stop. But it hurts!
Jinnai: Who cares! Get this crazy thing back into the sky!
Ifurita: Yes sir, I'll try harder.

Joel: You could try to be more encouraging.
Crow: At least his not doing that distracting ranting.

{door opens to subspace reaction chamber}
Makoto: That's it.

Tom: Don't stop now, keep running!

{Makoto and Rune turn it on}
Makoto: Well are you ready?
Rune: Yes I am.
{process begins}
Makoto: It's like the Orb of the King I touched.
Jinnai: Try harder. Come on Ifurita, do it! {small explosion} Ifurita, do you feel all right?
Ifurita: Yeah.
Jinnai: Ifurita you've got to get back up and try again.
Ifurita: Right I'll do it for you Master.

Tom: I'll give you a cookie if you save our lives.
Joel: What a pep talk.

{subspace reaction chamber}
{power flows about}
Makoto: Princess, Princess Rune. Look over there.
{window opens}
Rune: It's your world. Mt.Fuji-san.
Makoto: When two hearts are joined together the holy contract shall be sealed.
Rune: Thus the Stairway to the Sky will be opened.
{flashback of the series and the people and places in El Hazard}

Tom: Meanwhile, the Eye, sick of all these pauses and flashbacks, slams into the ground killing everyone. The End.

Makoto: The magnificent world of El Hazard. {pause} The place I met the beautiful Princess Rune Venus. Well it's time I get going. {Tom: Oh no rush.} Now don't worry Rune, I'll figure out something. I found you once already. I can do it again. Will you wait for me?
Rune: Forever.
{explosion, things return to normal}

Joel: Uh-oh The Eye just shot all that energy into Toyko.

Fuji: Atta boy.
Nanami: He did it.
Shayla: All right, that's the way to play it!
{Rune stands alone in chamber}
{Jinnai picks up sleeping Ifurita}
Jinnai: You did a good job.

Tom: The one compliment he gives, and she's asleep. The nerve of her.

{tries to carry her out the room}

Joel: {when Jinnai stumbles} Bonk! Sorry Ifurita.
Crow hums the wedding march.

{commericial sign(?)}

Crow: Is that the end?...Guess not.

{Rune remembers times with Makoto, ghost images of Makoto mix with present}

{Nanami and Alliele watch the eye from a hill}
Dr.Schtal: (voiceover) The Eye of God was stopped and returned to proper orbit and our world returned to a normal state of affairs. Like the Holy River of God, time flows slowly on without end. Makoto Mizhuara is gone. Vanished into divergent space. A brave hero this wanderer. Even if he did live, I fear he will never find his way to El hazard again. I have puzzled over the words in The Sign of the King again and again. There must be two hearts to seal the holy contract. What is this secret vow?

Crow: Quit straining your brain, It's Just Love.1

Dr.Schtal: (voiceover) The Stairway to the Sky cannot be opened by one alone. Princess Rune bears the true Mark of the King, yet she's an only child. When the two are together they shall have the power to spin the timeless worlds. I'm an old man left with more questions now than when i was a young boy like Makoto.

Tom: (old) Like can I still digest eggs?

Dr.Schtal: (voiceover) As I close these brave tales of Mizuhara I only wish I had the time to learn more of his world and to somehow find answers of how and why there is a connection to ours. He bore the Sign of the King, a wanderer from another dimension. If you are reading this looking for answers I'm sorry you will find none. Rune Venus may hold the answer but speaks not. She holds its secret inside her heart these endless endless days. {intelligble}

Joel: Hey, it's only been a week. Give him some time.

{closes book}
Nanami: Makoto, you know I never did get to say what I always wanted to say to him. {Alliele: hum?} I wonder if Rune Venus ever got the chance to say it.

Joel: Bet she made a fortune selling 'I survived the Eye of God' T-shirts.

Alliele: I thought you called me Makoto. What are you talking about?
Nanami: Oh you know, just boy and girl stuff.
{Fuji climbing mountain}

Joel: Huff huff, gotta escape Miz.
Tom: Bet his pack is filled with booze.

Miz: But he's climbed that one already!
Londs: Priestess, he swears it's different. All these Japanese names he calls them can be quite confusing.

Crow: Yeah, tell us about it.

Miz: Oh no! I'll have to postpone the wedding again!
L: Shall I notify everyone again Ms.Miz.
Miz: Oh I canceled it so many times already no one ever believes it's going to happen anyway. Oh see me as your mountain my love!
Londs: Priestess Miz, dear lady please.

Tom: I have no more lines.
Joel: Psst, now's your chance, Londs.

{Ura looks at drawing of Rune by Makoto}

Tom: To think he was once embarrased by it.

Crow: {click} OK we got the CD cover. you can get up now.

Nanami: Speaking of Rune, have you seen her lately?
Alliele: She's in that weird antiquity place as usual.

Tom: If Makoto had a quity, would they cancel each other out?
Crow: I wonder if Makoto's waiting for her to do something on her end.

Nanami: Right.
Alliele: She's there no matter what the weather. She never talks. She acts like a ghost.

Nanami: I guess sometimes actions are more important than things you can't say.
Alliele: Huh? tell me tell me who can't say what.
Nanami: The secret word.

Tom: Say the secret word and win a trip to El Hazard.

Alliele: Don't keep secrets! If we're special friends, you have to tell me everything.
Nanami: Oh stop it.
Alliele: I know what the secret word is don't I?
Nanami: I know something Alliele can't know.

Crow: (F) My recipie for egg rolls.

Alliele: Oh fine looks like double time until you give in...

Crow and Tom: Pan back down! Pan back down!

{Ifurita sweeping, humming to herself}
Jinnai: Troop one is merely the decoy. They'll expect us from here. Now listen up, here's the surprise. Our troops will be across the river already on their land attacking from the north while they defend the coast.

Joel: I wonder if Ifurita will be a part of any more of Jinnai's plans.

Deva: Oh Mr.Jinnai a return in rare form.
Jinnai: Yet somehow It's still not good enough. Operation Eye of God was a setback and an embarassment. I must plan out every afront until the goal I want is totally and infalably in my grasp.
Deva: There is nothing I wish more from you.

Crow: (F) Well you could start taking out the trash once in a while.

Jinnai: I am Lord God Jinnai ruler of all El hazard. But it isn't the plan that's important, it's the way his face would look if he could hear me laughing! {laughs}
Ifurita: It's nice to hear him so happy until he remembers.

Joel: Don't worry. Jinnai built a punching bag Makoto to threaten.

{Shayla is hiking and comes to a fork}
Shayla: Oh all right, whatever. Show me the way. {tosses stick}
{wind pushes stick the other way}
Shayla: Afura. Don't mess it up. It's suppose to end by chance.
Afura: Are you on a lovelorn journey?
{Shayla turns red}

Crow: That's a yes.
Joel: She still doesn't have that right pants leg.

Shayla: Love is a path that I don't take. Call it a walkabout and leave me alone will ya.

Tom: OK mate.

Afura: You won't find what you're looking for that way.
Shayla: Oh shut up, I know where I'm headed.
{falls down hill}

Crow: (F) ...right down this hill.

Afura: it looks like she'll need someone to comfort her burises as usual.

{Rune sitting on bed petting Ura}

Crow: (F) Yes, keep petting Ura.

{Rune goes into the Chamber again}
{orb glows}
{Earthers are aware of something}
{Rune runs out, Makoto walks down hill}

Tom: Walking? Why isn't he running like Rune? Isn't he glad to see her? Hasn't he learned his lesson yet?! Arugh! {bubble head pops off. Joel catches it and puts it back on.} {Tom begins sobbing}
Crow: (thinking quickly) Tom isn't there suppose to a song in these types of scenes in anime?
Tom: Oh yeah. {sniff} (half singing/half sobbing) When the cherry blossoms start to bloom, meet me here in my2--no no it's not working!
Joel: He's probably afraid that they'll run into each other and fall down.
Crow: Yeah Tom, remember he's had bad experiences with going down hills. He probably won't run because he's worried he'll stumble and embarass himself.
{short pause as Tom collects himself.}
Crow: I wonder what took him so long.
Joel: Well first he had to explain what happened, rebuild his machine which Shininobi disassembeled, fill out all those change of address cards, then pack. In fact I bet carrying all his luggage across dimensions made him too tired to run.

{Close up of Makoto}

Joel: I've found someone else. Good bye.

{Makoto and Rune meet. Makoto wraps Rune in his wings}

Joel: He got a second power coming back? Reminds me of Dumbo.
Crow whistles the beginning of Escaflone.
Tom: (sings) Like an angel with no sence of hurry...

1 Inside joke, It's Just Love is the title of the last track of the Gundam W: Operation 1 soundtrack one of my personal favorites.
2 I thought The Dimension of Love was more apropriate here than in Tenchi Universe.


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