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Well it's been a fun ride for the past seven months. While making this site I suffered through a broken arm, a move, and more insidents of writers block than I care to remember. But it's been worth it. Thank you everyone who wrote to me. You're letters have been the most vital source of encouragement during the low points.

What is the next step? Well I'd like to go back and fix any glaring mistakes made the first time around. I don't think anything new will be added, it will just look better. The skits will be added whenever I get around to them. This project is considered complete and any polishing is now a low priority. Now I think it's time for me to move on, away from MSTing anime. There are fan fics and other stories I want to write. Some involve El Hazard, some don't. Some people have been asking if I'll do El Hazard 2. Sorry, but that's unlikely. I didn't find as much incidental humor or the pontial for MSTing as with the Wanderers. Plus I'm not too comfortable with posting the nudity and swearing on the web. I take some pride in writing the script as accurately as I can, both in terms of the what is said and how Joel et al react. I don't want to litter it with [censored] and I almost fear how Tom and Crow will react to some scenes. Anyone who watches MST3K often knows what I mean.

Thank you again. I hope you've enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

{SOL main room. Crow is looking over the ruins of his machine. Tom has collected himself after loosing it over Makoto's slowness. Joel is looking in on the mads.}

Joel: How's it going down there sirs?
Dr.F: (scaractically) Well I hoped you enjoyed this little fluke because it's NOT happening again. Right TV's Frank?
Frank: (ashamed) Yes Doctor Forester.
Dr.F: Well there's still the pre-inventory clean-up to do. We might have to hire someone to complete the job. It's stupid to expect scientists of our caliber to do this sort of thing.
Frank: So you're not mad about it anymore?
Dr.F: Frank, I already killed you twice as they watched the series. I don't want to seem to harsh. Besides, look at how Tom suffered. And I'm sure he wasn't the only one upset about the pace and plot. It was a good series and they still managed to poke fun at it. {starts laughing} They'll never be able to watch anything again like a normal person! The experiement is almost a success. Joel's will won't take much more. How do you like that, Jimbos?
Crow: He's right! We'll never get any pleasure from movies again! Wahhh!
Tom: You monsters!
Joel: (depressed) Well I hope you're happy.
Dr.F: Well, actually I am. Push the button Frank.

{closing theme of the last Wanderers tape plays in place of the usual theme}
All: Turn down the reverb!

{closing clip of Makoto falling from the Hive roof after Rune takes off tied to the kite.}

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