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Greetings and welcome. This page was created out of a need for an easy way to connect the various El-Hazard pages on my site. Use the drop down box or the direct links below.
Drawn into the Land of Adventure   MST3K does El-Hazard: the Wanderers
An accident at Deep 13 gives Joel and the 'bots a break by sending them El-Hazard: The Wanderers. Old habits die hard as they continue to make jokes, comments, and humorous remarks.

El-Hazard Links
To the best of my knowledge this has all El-Hazard links in English (plus a few in other languages) organized by category. All links are occasionally checked and new links are added when found.

El-Hazard Fanfiction
Rock and Redemption
I'm still looking for people to review it and offer suggestions. To give credit where credit is due, Chris Davies story, The Eleventh Night, helped with the initial development of Hiashi. What was initially a motovating factor later became a key character aspect. (And still later a subplot.) Thanks. Just goes to show how you can take a concept and run with it. This story is turning out to be longer than expected. I didn't plan on it being this big, but it just kept coming and coming and I couldn't find a way to shorten it without feeling like I took something important from the story as a whole.
Continuity note: This uses OVA dubbed continunity of the first El-Hazard series.
Summary: Afura is possessed by the ghost of the last Priest of Rock who wishes to complete is scheme which was interupted long before the Great Holy War. His biggest obsticale is the fifth Earther, Hiashi, and his ability to use the Lamps of the Three Great Priestesses.
sizes of each section are included for your convience.
SectionSizeLast Modified
Section 1: (Chapters 1-5)79K9/29/2002
Section 2: (Chapters 6-10)54K11/21/98
Section 3: (Chapters 11-15)104K11/21/98
Section 4: (Chapters 16-18, Epiloge, The Return: Part 1)77K11/21/98

The Return
Continuity note: Begins about 9 months after Rock and Redemption or 1 year after Makoto et al first arrived in El-Hazard.
Summary: Galas's sabatoge did not destroy the Bugrom as thought. Instead it teleported them to whereever the Eye was last connected to, in other words Shininobi High. Now Makoto, Fujisawa, Nanami, Efurita, and the Priest and Priestess must return to Earth to save it from the Bugrom. Well, at least they have help from the science fiction club.
sizes of each section are included for your convience.
SectionSizeLast Modified
Section 1: (Chapters 1-5)66K3/31/99
Section 2: (Chapters 6-10)53K1/20/00
Section 3: (Chapters 11-15)65K10/9/00
Section 4: (Chapters 16-)36K8/9/01

Fire and Lightning
Continuity note: As far as I know this is the first (and only) fanfic using the Wanderer's continunity.
Summary: Makoto has returned to El-Hazard with the help of his long-lost twin, Shikei. Inspiried at finally having his arch-enemy back, Jinnai starts a new master plan to conquer El-Hazard.
sizes of each section are included for your convience.
SectionSizeLast Modified
Section 1: (Chapters 1-4)48K4/14/99 under revision

Normally I don't host other people's fanfics. But as a favor to a friend who does not have the time to manage his own web site, I'm posting his story here.
Fire and Thunder
by Lane Kramer
Prologue: Love and Sadness
Part 1: The Taking of Makoto
Part 2: All ones fates are decided....
Epilogue: Moving ON

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