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{Mihoshi is chasing Crow around the room, in and out of camera shot. Tom and Joel stand at the table easily dodging Mihoshi's attacks.}
Joel: So do you think Crow was right about the Mads experimenting on Jinnai?
Tom: Well maybe not our Mads, but something serious happened to him. I mean no one is born with those kind of psychological problems? Are they?
Crow: A little help here please.
Joel: Well it has been known to happen. Do you think we should help Crow?
Crow {Mihoshi is currently using her ice thrower with no effect}: Ah yes, help your creation. Lift up the saucer section and you'll see a big red button, Joel. Push it!
{With his 'are you sure?' expression, Joel does. A beam hits Mihoshi and she vanishes.}

Crow: Thank you so much for taking your time. Anyway, the problem was I wasn't using the right gimics. I forgot to include aliens. Joel, if you'll put this above the connection to our computers. {Crow gestures to the triangle communication thing used in Being from Another Planet}
Tom: Crow, are you sure you want to do that? Remember those green boiler room scenes in that movie.
Crow: Don't worry, that mummy just wanted the crystals. We just leave them alone and nothing will happen. It only has to work once. This way we kill two birds with one stone or triangle.
Joel: Besides, look what I got. {shows off Mihoshi's Control Cube}
Tom: Cool, where did you get it?
Joel: She ahhhh dropped it. Yeah, that's it. Remember, she did it before in that one...{robots give him a disbelieving look}
Crow: You were just trying to get a quick feel! You've been in space too long! Shame on you!
Joel: No, she dropped it. I swear.
Crow: Well what's done is done. Why don't you hook that up too? The more the merrier. Done Joel? {Joel nods} OK hit it!
{Joel flicks switch. Machine starts making noise again. This time it starts spinning.}
Tom: Oh darn, I think Mihoshi hit the machine with her laser and ice guns!
{another explosion filling up the room with smoke.}

{smoke clears. Joel looks around.}
Joel: Well no one new is here. Cambot, get me rocket number 9.
{Millions of Zentradi ships are appearing around Earth. Fortunately the SOL is almost behind the moon.}
Joel: Robotech?! I remember this. Earth's about to get the stuffing blown out of it.
Tom: Look the Mads are calling.
Joel: How can they call us...unless they were brought here too.
Crow: Look they're firing.
{cut to Dolza's armamada opening their ships and let loose millions of energy bolts on Earth} Tom: They can't be doing this, they can't! ah Joel...
Joel: Oh, right. {Acknowledges Mads.} Hello sirs.
Dr.F: What did you do Joel? {Deep 13 shakes} Good thing I established a connection to the Satillite of Love when it was first launched. Otherwise you might have escaped. But I could have thought of better places to go. Remember, where you go, I go. You can never escape my torture! Now I'll get us back home then you simpletons get back into the theater! {Dr.F pushes button, more smoke}
Tom: Hey, where did the Zentradi go?
Joel: It doesn't matter, we're back. Crow, you've got to do more testing before you can use that thing.
Crow: Well this IS testing right?
Dr.F: Oh, Joel, here's a little reminder to keep you in line.
{Minmei starts singing 'To be in Love' over the speakers. Joel et al cry out in pain as they race back to the theater.}

The Shrine of Wind