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{Joel is talking to Gypsy about the series}
Joel: Well it is a welcome change of pace. The characters are intresting. You should watch some of it with us Gyps.
Gypsy: Oh I don't know. Well it's just that there's so much to do around here. The control rods in the power generator need replacing, our mainframe downloaded Internet Explorer 4 by accident and it's causing no end of problems...
Joel: Well those things can wait for a while don't you think...
{Tom and Crow come into view. Tom is now colored white with thin blue lines. His bubblehead is filled with crumpled wads of paper and confetti. Crow's 'hair' is holding a cordless phones and his chest has a keypad.}

Joel: Uhhh hello, what are you two suppose to be?
Tom: Behold! I am Paput Binett, Priest of Loose Leaf Paper!
Crow: And I am Rell Rell, Priest of Telephones!
Tom: Yes, stare in awe at our wonderous powers!

{Tom starts shooting scraps of paper from his top while Crow's head starts spinning as all the phones start ringing. Joel gets fustrated quickly.}

Joel: Will you please stop! I get the point. You're being like those priestesses. But why couldn't you have chosen more reasonable things to be priests of?
Tom: Wait! I have another one! {rolls off screen}
Crow: Well what do you suggest then?
Joel: How about rock or stone for starters?
Crow: No, the author is doing a fan fic about the Lamp of Rock. So that one is hands off.
Joel: Ahhhh I see. Well how about wood or metal? I believe their considered 'elements' in some areas.
Crow: Well paper is like wood isn't it? Besides we are made of metal. What kind of fun would that be for us?
Joel: Loose leaf paper? Telephones? I think the both of you are late for your regular maintenence.
Crow (backs away): Oh, no. You're not touching this robot. (cordless phones in 'hair' start to ring and extend their antenas threateningly)

{Tom rolls back. Now he is a solid orange color.}
Tom: Do not worry Paput Binett, for I, Ankphy-Priest of Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice, will save you!
{Tom leans foward and showers Joel with melted FCOJ for a second, then his pipe get clogged.}
Tom {nervous laugh}: Sorry about that Joel. Guess I got carried away.
Joel {looking at his jumpsuit and spitting stray drops of FCOJ}: All right. Enough's enough. Look at this mess. I'm going to have to change into my blue jumpsuit now. You two clean this mess up while I change.
Gypsy: Ummmm Joel, I don't think I'm going to be watching this with you.

{Joel walks away}
Crow: Paput Binett, Ankphy? Talk about dumb names.
Tom: I just combined the words paper, cut, bin, and basket. Dan Ankroyd and Eddie Murphy were in Trading Places. But if you want dumb, what about your own? What did you do, mix up ring and bell? Man, how uncreative!
Crow: Ahhhh no. Actually

{Joel comes back}
Joel: Aren't you done yet? It's almost anime side. Gypsy is going to have to finish this. But when we're done. You two are going to do something very nice for her. Got it?
Joel and Tom: Yes sir.

A Golden Oppertunity

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