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{Joel, Tom, and Crow stand at the center table}
Joel: Hello, as you know we are watching the anime series, El Hazard: the Wanderers. It's about four Earthers get sent on another world by a device made by the hero, Makoto.
Crow: But considering how nice El Hazard is, the powers they got, the people they've met, why would they want to leave?
Tom: The answer to that is simple. Makoto is not the first one to transverse universes. Actually many individuals have found themselves in strange worlds. Escaflowe, Magical Knights RayEarth are popular examples of a successful journey. But there are others who's trips were drastically cut short. Joel, if you please.

{Joel lifts up picture of a man about to get stepped on by a Zentradi Officer Pod}
Tom: This poor soul got trapped on Macross Earth where after five mimutes became a red smear on the bottom of a mecha's foot.

{Next picture is of Brain, Bob, and Dave from Knights of the Dinner Table about to fight a dragon.}
Crow: This is a group of fantasy gamers found their trip gave them special powers. However they didn't bother testing or becoming skilled at them and quickly became lunch. Their bones, however, make an appearance in the first episode of Record of the Lodess War.

{Third picture show several people floating in space...without space suits.}
Joel: These sci-fi lovers forgot most of the universe is a vaccuum and miscalculated their entry point. Believe you me, going into outer space without the proper equiment can be dangerous.
Crow: Yeah, I won't do that again.

{Joel flips up another picture showing a polar bear couple with cubs}
Tom: This dope fell into Jusinkio's Spring of Drown Polar Bear during winter. Without hot water, instinct took over and he wandered north, lost his human intelligence, and degraded into the average polar bear.

Joel: Now this last one deals especially with El Hazard. After Makoto and the other left, another student tried to use it. This time the portal opened forty years prior to our story.
Crow: Yeah, happy to have escaped cram school. This young man started a new life as a hermit, eating nuts berries and the like. He never found out one kind of nut has a mild neuro-toxin and is avoided by normal El Hazardians. So from eating those nuts, he became one (laugh). Now he lives in Roshtaria's Insane Aslyum never letting anyone near him.
{Joel lifts last picture. It's of an old man with a long, tangled, grey beard covering his body. He is shaking the bars of his cell violently.}

Joel: So you see boys and girls, dimensional travel is dangerous with a very low survival rate. If you find yourself in an anime series, play it safe until you find out what's really going on and you are completely ready for what you might meet.

House of Thieves

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