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Makoto {voiceover}: Hello my name is Makoto Mizuhara. A normal high school student from Shiniobi High. I was working on a special science project when something something went horribly wrong. I've suddenly been transported to a mysterious world called El Hazard. What is going to happen to me in such an unpredictable place?

Tom: Let's see, so far you've met 3 priestesses, fought giant bugs, saw more wide open spaces than you thought possible, and escaped cram school.

{Miz approaching Roshtaria}

Crow: That hood does a good job of hiding her grey.
Joel: Does her staff do anything apart from make noise?
Tom {when she gets to Roshtaria}: Bright lights, big city.

{Makoto and Fuji sleeping}

Joel: Shouldn't they have seperate rooms by now?


{Bugrom headquarters}
{Jinnai plotting and laughing}

Tom: I hate it when comedians laugh at their own jokes.

Jinnai: You just wait and see, Makoto. This is easily my most fiendish plan yet. I'll fix you.{drinks tea and gets mad}
Deva: Mr.Jinnai, you have to go easier on yourself. I worry for your health. I think you need rest and sleep.

Crow: Aren't they basically the same thing?

Jinnai: OWWW!
Deva: Jinnai what is going on?
Jinnai: You baffoon, this tea is stone cold. {chases Bugrom out of room and throws cup}

Joel: He yelled 'OW' for cold tea?!

Deva: What in the world is wrong?
Jinnai: It's that idiot. 76 degrees Celcius, 3 grams of leaves to 150cc of water and then seive it twice! Is that so difficult to remember. {Bugrom grumble and fan him} Tom (to Bugrom fans): Hey you two, turn it on high speed.
Crow: Or Mr.Particular, can't stand a bit of variety.

Jinnai: How am I suppose to make dasterdly plots when my brain is being addled by that god-awful tea? I'm still a guines and this is a very excellent plan. Makoto I hope you sleep peacefully tonight cause I'm going to turn the rest of your life into a living nightmare.

Joel: On Elm Street

Jinnai: Well just a fix here, and there, and that's it. The ultimate plan of my crowning glory! {tries to laugh, knocks himself out}

Joel: Well I guess he'll get his rest now.

{Rune in her bath talking to puppet}
Rune: I'm so happy Makoto's back. What? What makes you think I'm acting nervous?

Crow (F): Well last time he barged right in during my bath.

Rune: It's just that I'm very excited because I'd never thought I'd never see him again. I guess I can't fool you huh?

Tom: Considering you're just an extension of myself...

Fuji: I finally feel perfectly relaxed. All I need now is a good shower to wash the last of the journy's fatique away.
Makoto: Yeah, you're right. We really had a hard time. What's worse, we never found a clue on how to get back to Earth at all.
Alliele: That's because you spent all your time building, gambling, and dating.

Joel: and handgliding and drinking and spying

Alliele: You should think carefully about your plan for the next time.
Makoto: I don't think I have the energy for the next time. But we should try to do something productive while we rest up.
Fuji: Yeah you're right. I think it's Monday, so it's about time.
Makoto: About time for what?
Fuji: About time for your class so I can teach!

Tom: Ahh no, actually it's Sunday, yeah that's it.
Crow: Forget school, I'm dropping out.

Makoto: Mr.Fujisawa, we don't have any materials. No text books.
Fuji: Wrong I got all the text books right here. {points to head}

Joel: Sure the booze didn't wash that away?

Fuji: Makoto you have to study hard and be prepared for when we get back to Earth. You don't want to be behind your classmates would you? What?
{Miz appears}
Makoto: Sensei, you're not going to believe it but...
{pan up on Miz}

Tom makes striper music

Miz: My dear Masamichi.
Fuji: Miz Mistall, what are you doing here.

Tom: What do you think?

Miz: Mr.Fujisawa...I found you. At last! I missed you. Have you missed me my dear sweet Masamichi?
Fuji: Well class dismissed.

Crow (F): I take that as a yes.
Joel (sings): Schooooool's out for summer!

Rune: Well, it's Miz Mistall. It's been a long time. Welcome back to Floristica, Great Priestess.
Miz: It's good to see you again.
Rune: I'm absoluted delighted. To what do we owe such an honor and pleasure of you visiting us? Is it a business matter?
Miz: No, it's more a spiritual quest. I have come on this long journey to help assertain a matter of my heart.
Rune: Your heart?

Crow: High blood pressure.

{Fuji, Makoto, and Alliele are hidden in some drapes}
Fuji: Of all the places that are in the world, why the heck do you think she came here for?
Makoto: It's pretty obvious. Right?
{Fuji points to himself. Makoto and Alliele nod yes}
Fuji: Oh brother, why did she have to go and pick out me?

Tom: You were single and there.

Miz: And I believe it was a miracle that brought me here to the palace. For it must be because upon entering the city he was the very first person I saw. I believe it is my destiny.

Crow (F): I only looked at people's feet until I found him.

Rune: Your destiny?
Miz: I must find it. At first I thought it was by chance, but too many things are pointing to a much greater plan.

Tom: I think you're reading a bit much into this.

Miz: And I'm compelled to walk the path to find whatever answer lies at the end and I hope to find what his heart feels. I hope his heart feels the same as mind. And thank you, thank you for sending him into my life.
Rune: I did? But who is he?
Miz: Well I think you know. You sent him.

Toom (F): I'll give you a clue, it's NOT Makoto.

Rune: I see. I wish all the best of luck to you, Miz Mistall.
Miz: Thank you Princess.
Fuji: Boy I sure wish I could hear what they're talking about.
Makoto: Yeah.

Joel: They're plotting against us, I just know it.

{outside, Miz and Fuji and together at a fountain}
Miz: This is a very famous fountain in Roshtaria. It's called 'the Fountain of Lovers'
Fuji: Yeah, who would have have known?

Crow: Miz gets right to the point doesn't she?

Miz: And there's also a legend. The legend says that if two people throw a coin into the fountain together that if they're meant for each other by destiny then a miracle rainbow wil appear. When that happens it's said the two lovers will be together for eternity. It would be intresting to try wouldn't it?
Fuji: Well ummm any other fountains around?
Miz: Oh Masamichi, let's do it!

Tom: In front of everybody?!

Fuji: Uhh it's kind of a waste of money.
Miz: No it isn't, it's a test of love.
{Alliele and Makoto hiding in some bushes}

Crow: Don't they have anything better to do?

Alliele: Oh how cute, she's taken him straight to the Fountain of Lovers.
Makoto: That stuff you were telling me about rainbows was just a load of bunk right?
Alliele: I guess you're not the stary-eyed dreamer type are ya? Legends are historic and often times those legends are based on actual incidents. Take a look at the top.
Makoto: What's up there?
Alliele: The crowning architechural pieces that addorn the top were fashioned in the artist's expression of the woman that he was in love with centuries ago.

Crow: I wonder what Freud would say about this.

Makoto: I just do not see it. Falling in love destroys talent.
Alliele: Look I think she's broken him down. I knew Mr.Fujisawa was too mushy. Shhh I think they're going to throw the coin.
Fuji {thinks}: Oh do it, what's the chance of a stupid old miracle could happen? {says} OK Miz, I'll do it.
Miz: All right. here goes
{they throw the coin}
{impatient pause}
Miz: Come on rainbow.
Makoto: All right sensei, that's the way to pitch 'em. Alliele: Looks what's happening on top!
{fountain lights up}

Joel: Ohh a nickel! Thank you thank you thank you. Now I can put a down payment on my new anti-pidgeon hardware, big-shot.
Tom: It's a fountain full of savings at Menards!

Miz: Wahhhh!
Fuji: Great, hello eternity

Tom: From TSR.

Miz: Oh Masamichi my love, I just knew you were my destiny.
Fuji: Oooooooo
Miz: And now the beautiful rainbow. And here comes the miracle. Bout any second now. I said rainbow. Did you hear me? What? It's not fair! What the heck are you doing? Piece of junk, I'm in love darn it! Give me that dumb rainbow you stupid fountain!

Joel: What do you expect for a nickel?
Crow: Doesn't the light show count for a rainbow?

Fuji: Whew
Miz: My destiny's ruined.
Alliele: It's really weird that it just stopped like that. Something's wrong.
Makoto: Oh really?
Fuji: Oh don't cry.

Joel: We'll just get a second opinion.

Miz: There's no reason why it didn't appear. Unless. {runs off}

Tom: This is a twist, she's running away from him.

Alliele: Hey were are you going?
Makoto: Hey she's running away.
Alliele: Look out she'll see us.
Fuji: Hey, you two, what are you doing? Spying on me again are you.
Makoto: Sorry, we got worried.
Fuji: About what?

Tom: About our classes.

Makoto: Where you were that's all. What happened. Why did Miz run off like that?
Fuji: You know I don't have a single clue.
Alliele: Maybe the water stopping like that has something to do with the shrine.
Makoto: Hey, you might be right. It could be the Bugrom.

Tom: Oh sure, blame the Bugrom for everything. Oh, I stubbed my toe, it's the Bugrom's fault.

{commerical sign}

{Shrine of water}
{Miz et al are running to it. Sees it's been turned into a water park.}

Crow: So they all just ran all the way there?

Miz: What--what have they done?
Fuji: Hummm looks like a water park.
Makoto: It sure looks alot different than the last time we were here.
Alliele: Let's go it looks like a whole lot of fun.

Crow: Yeah, we're young! Let us enjoy it!

Twins: That's right everyone, step right this way to the beautiful Shrine of Water Park. Where you can splash around or sunbathe to your heart's content. Try the exciting water slide or visit Suveniour Shell Land. We've got open-pit barbeques, hourly super-hero shows, and our new attraction bungee jumping.

Tom: This place has litigation writen all over it.
Crow: How did they get this much ready in only a few days?

Twins: Exciting wet fun all day long. For those of you who are buying tickets for today's daily pass only, please join the line forming on the right side, thank you. And those of you with advanced tickets or season passes, please join the line which is forming on the left side.

Joel: Season tickets? Did Nanami plan this out before she left the caravan?

Miz: Stop this nonsense! What in the world do you think you're doing?
Twins: Well we were just following orders. Yeah. Boss's new orders.

Tom (german): I was in Austria during the war.

Twins: It was her idea to update the shrine. The general public would be attracted to the new look. And look how popular it is. She was right, the old place needed fixing up and now we have all sorts of fans and it's loved by just about everyone!
Miz: It's a holy shrine you idiots! It doesn't need fans. And it didn't need fixing up. And you two fools went right along with this?

Crow (F): I liked being seculded.

Twins: But you told us to obey her. We were just following Big N's orders like you told us to. Yeah.
Miz: I will never speak to you two again for as long as I live. And as for Big N--
Twins: Ah hold on a second.
Miz: What now?

Joel: I thought you weren't speaking to us.

Twins: I'm sorry but you need to have a ticket to enter the Shrine of Water Park today.

Tom: They must be on a quota system.
Joel: Talk about gall.

Miz: I'm so sorry, I forgot. How much is that dear little ticket?
Twins: 10 rostals, it's good for a whole day of wild fun. Very economical.
Miz: Yes, very economical for one whole day of fun. 10 roshtals. {laughs} You double dopes you actually expect me to pay to enter my own shrine?

Nanami: I did it again! Another great idea right in the bull's eye. I thought up the biggest attraction this world has ever seen.

Tom: Fishy banks?

Nanami: I've alreay made back the initial investand and all this is pure profit. Hmmm maybe that Shrine of Wind is up for sale.

Crow: Have either of ever hear of a wind park?

{Miz storms in}
Nanami: Oh hi Miz, welcome back. So tell me, how are things going in the boyfriend department.
Miz: It was going perfectly until someone ruined the whole thing! Nanami, what do you think you're doing?
Nanami: Running a water park.
Miz: What's got into your stupid head? Do you realize you've caused a drought through all El Hazard? You can't use that much water. Fish ponds have dried up, crops are dying, people can't shower, and you turned off my fountain.

Tom and Crow {at woman in bath}: Woah!
Joel: She's using a flower as a shower head?

Nanami: But I didn't know that.
Miz: You pushed the whole works to its limits. The whole thing will probably blow any second.
{straining equiment}

Crow (F): Or even now!

Miz: Uh-oh, it's going. It's too late now.
Nanami: {nervous laugh}
{equiment breaks}
Twins: You know what I think we got fired. Yeah, we're all washed up.

Joel: No, you've been hozed.

Fuji: Finally I'd thought we never get inside.
Makoto: Yeah, you'd think being friends of Miz, we'd get a cut in line.
Fuji: You shouldn't talk like that. It's not fair to take advantage. Just because you know someone it shouldn't mean you get special consideration.

Tom: Oh come on, that's what friends are for!

Alliele: Look at that. {person dives} I'll see you guys later. That is the neatest thing I've ever seen in my whole life. I just gotta try that.

Crow: Look a South Park artist!

Makoto: No Alliele, we didn't come in here just so you can play around.
Fuji: That's right.
Alliele: Wahhhh
Fuji: Our mission is to find Miz and see if we can help her.

Tom: If any of your EH force is caught or killed, the State Department will disavow-
Joel: Yeah Tom, we know.

{tidal wave}
Makoto: Sensei look!
{water soaks everything}
Twins: What's going on?
{Miz stops disaster}

Tom: Wasn't this scene in the opening theme?

Nanami: Uh-oh, I blew it big time. Maybe the money I made will pay for it? And as for the review on my part-time job, well forget it.

Tom (F): I should have just paid the fine.

{water returns back inside}

Joel: I always thought Pretty Sammi was all wet.

{Fuji trying to swim}
{Alliele and Makoto shake off}

Joel: No.
Crow: Come on, Joel, please!
Joel: NO!

Fuji: You kids all right?
Makoto: Yeah, what the heck do you think happend to the shrine.
Fuji: I don't know.
Nanami: Oh great I'm going to be working this off for the rest of my life.
{Nanami and Makoto see each other}
Nanami: Ohhh! Makoto-chan.
Makoto: Nanami, I found you.

Tom: Do you know the moron who made this mess?

Miz: I can't blame it on her. It was my fault for leaving. Now I got more work than ever.

Crow (F): I know, let's blame the twins.
Joel (suggests): Maybe Fuji will help.

Twins: hut hut hut clean clean fix fix fix work work work
Miz: I almost found it. Maybe if I hope hard enough again I'll have another chance.
Twins: hut hut hut clean clean fix fix fix work work work {repeat}

Crow: hunt hunt hunt stab stab stab shoot shoot shoot kill kill kill

{Outside Floristica}
Nanami: It's beautiful.
Makoto: They call it the 'Jewel of Roshtaria' it's ruled by Princess Rune Venus.

Joel: My new girlfriend.

Nanami: I'm so happy to find you. I thought I was all alone. It was like a nightmare or something.
Makoto: Yeah it's kind of weird.

Tom: Taking a bath with your clothes on and such.

Nanami: But I don't care anymore cause I found my bestest friend at last.
Alliele: Hmmm she seems really familiar to me.
Nanami: It was awful. I had to do all this horrible work. I was a food caravan slave. Oh if I ever see them again. Oooo they made me travel all over the place.
Fuji: Ahh socio-political georaphy.

All: Oh shut up!

Alliele: That's so weird. I'm sure I met her before. I hate it when I meet someone and forget who they are.

Tom: Remember episode 4?

Nanami: It's so good to see you guys again. And neither you have changed a bit. You're the same, sensei's the same.
Makoto: I don't know.
Fuji: You wouldn't think so after what we've been through.

{Bugrom HQ}

Joel (shilding face with arms): Look out! It's going to tip!

{Jinnai regains consciousness}

Tom: I can't believe he still has that stupid smile on his face.

Episode 9: House of Thieves

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