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The Legendary Snow Fields!


Tom starts whistling Tenchi Muyo's "Sleeping Beauty of the Balcony"

Rune: What is it that you wanted to show to me, Mamma?
Rune: Mamma, it's snow. Lookit!...See the snow, Mamma? Mamma?

Crow (F): Mamma, it's cold. I wanna come in now. Mamma?

{wakes up}
Rune: I miss you, Mother.
{Nanami's resturant}

Tom: Do you think they eat there every day?

Makoto: The Snow of Legend?

Joel: No, "The Legendary Snow Fields!"

Nanami: Yeah, people say that a snowfall happens in El Hazard every hundred years and this is the big year. It's a once in a lifetime oppertunity.

Tom: So it only snows once a century here? Even up north?

Makoto: Nanami, what money-making scheme have you come up with now?
Fuji: Wait, that's what that is?
Nanami: You've got it. Youre looking at my new product line. Snowmen set, snow shovel set, ski set.

Crow (F): Snow tire set, snow fort set, ice-covered steps set.

Nanami: With a great business chance like this, there's no way I can miss. And check this out. {brings something out} {Makoto and Fuji: Hum?} Bean jam rice cakes, perfect for cold weather. A bargin for you at cost.

Joel: Bean-jam rice cakes? Only in Japan.
Crow: But not as bad as snails in France.

Dr.Schtal: Good fortune has been bestowed upon me so I may finally witness the Snow of Legend, one of the seven wonders of El Hazard. I proclaim the inaugeration of the Snow of Legend Investigation Committie.
Alliele: Oh enought already. Forget the speech and lets get going. As committie captian, Dr.Schtalumbaugh you should be a man of action, not words.
Ura: Not words.

Crow (F): Pet me.
Tom: I bet that map shows where all the catnip patches are.

Dr.Schtal: Committie captian. Yes, a man of action. I love the sound of that.

Joel: So start acting.

Alliele: Oh please.
Fuji: I'm excited I haven't felt like this since the first time I climbed Mt.Yaragitaki.

Crow: Sober I mean.

Makoto: It's just a research trip. Maybe we can find out why it snows there only once every century.
Dr.Schtal: Right, that's preciscly the point of this whole trip Makoto. It is my speculation that this extrodinary weather phenomomn is caused by a freak condition of nature, in other words, an accident.

All: El Nino.

Makoto: Of course. Atmospheric pressure patterns aren't normal due to the area's unique geography.
Dr.Schtal: By the heavens, you're very quick to grasp the situation aren't you? It took me many years to forumulate that theory.

Tom: Makoto just watches the weather channel alot.

Dr.Schtal: Now, let's begin our search for the Snow of Legend. Off we go! Now lift up your spirits. This is a journey to remember.
Rune: You're absolutly right.
Dr.Schtal: Yes. Hum? Oh my.
Rune: It's a wonderful adventure and we should all go in good cheer.

Crow (F): Ifurita was such a let down, we can relax.

Dr.Schtal: Uhh Princess rune.
Makoto: Hey wait!

Tom: I wanna ride!
Joel: I don't think she'll leave without you.
Crow: I have to potty.

Rune: The snow of Legend is said to bring happiness with it.
Makoto: You don't say.

Jinnai: A legend? all you found out was that they're looking for some kind of legend? A spy gets the information. That's why it's called spying.
Bugrom mumble

Tom: Well maybe if you explain what you want, maybe you won't be so disappointed.

Jinnai: Obviously something's out there. It's a weapon or anceint tool that they want to use against us.
Ifurita: How do you know that's what they're looking for?
Jinnai: Because it's a legend. Only mysterious powers and weapons seem to be legends here. Let Makoto Mizhuara find what what he is after and when he does, I'll be there to steal it.

Joel (like villain from Raiders of the Lost Ark): There is nothing you can find, Mr.Jones, which I cannot then steal from you.

Tom: Hey, why does Makoto have to walk?

Dr.Schtal: Why is the snow of legend only a cenntinial occurance. I have hypothized that seasonal winds blowing at the foot of Mt.Fhena are effected by the unusual terrian. I reason that once every hundred years a meterolgical condition results when the winds hit each other. Thus it snows. Ahh stop here my deductions where right. These are the woods we must enter. The forest of Mirage.

Crow: Why did you stop if you're just going to go again?
Tom: So for snow they hurry, but for a demon they lag. What a set of priorities.

Rune: How beautiful it is.
Fuji: This forest is going to be really hard to hack through. But that's all part of the challenge right?
{Nanami puts a flower in Ura's hair}
Nanami: She's so pretty.
Alliele: You look cute
Ura: Look cute.

Joel: I wonder if that's their version of catnip.

Rune: I wish it would snow soon.
Alliele: Wow, I love the feel of the wind in my hair, warm sun in my face, and the excitement of being part of the wild.
Fuji: As long as you're excited perhaps you can put some energy into rowing.
Alliele: Grump. The doctor likes the nature too.

Crow (whispers): Think we should tell her about what he was looking at in Episode 12?
Joel: Best not to mention it.

Dr.Schtal: Yes, what an oppertunity to view this world of beauty and menance close up.
Makoto: Princess please stop. Let me do that.
Rune: It's all right. I'll do my share like everybody else.

Tom (F): Unlike someone, right Nanami?

Makoto: Don't strain.
Rune: Just think, Makoto. Soon we'll witness a lifetime event.

Joel: Wonder if they'll beat the crowds.

Makoto: Awfully warm weather for a snow fall.
{Rune sneezes and splashes Makoto}

Tom (F): Got any antihistimines?

Rune: Oh Makoto, I'm so sorry. Are you OK?
Makoto: Look at that!
Rune: Oh lovely.

Crow (Ura): Get one for Ura. Ura hungry.

{Rune gets splashed, both laugh}
Nanami makes fustrated noise.
{they hit the rapids}
Fuji: Bout time. Oh yeah, now we're cookin!
Dr.Schtal: My goodness, you're so confident.
Fuji: Nothing compares my raft ride down the Karobi river. Now that was a ride.

Joel: They had booze at the end.

Makoto: Mr.Fujisawa look up ahead!
Fuji: I'm sorry what did you say about my head?
{Fuji casually destroys rocks}
Fuji: Ha! Defy death again!
Alliele: The man's humor is sick.

Crow: You should see him eat.

Makoto: Is everybody OK?
Rune: As long as you're all right, we're OK.

Tom: I'm OK. You're OK.

Dr.Schtal: Well if my calculations are correct by continuing striaght up river. We'll soon hit Mirage Lake.

Joel: UPriver? Thought they were headed downstream.

Alliele: Oh no not again!

Joel: Case in point.

Makoto: Hey turn back, go back now!
Fuji: The current too strong. We can't!
{they go over}
Alliele: It's like a dream.
Dr.Schtal: At last we have finally arrived at our destination.
Rune: Here's where we'll watch the snow fall.
{Bugrom in background}

Tom: Oh, they're going to watch the snowfall too. How nice.

Alliele: Doctor, you have to keep up your strength. Come eat something.
Dr.Schtal: Everythig is ready and in place. Not one snowflake will get by me.

Joel: It's just snow man! Go to the mountains if you want to see it.

Alliele: He's a lost cause.
Dr.Schtal: (thinks) I've waited so long to see the Snow of Legend with my own eyes. And this will be my only oppertunity. I wont miss it. I must be prepared.

Crow: Yeah, you'll do a real good job of keeling over from exaustion.

{commerical sign}
Dr.Schtal: I'm still waiting for you snow. Come on now. Please.

Tom: I'm hot and tired.

Alliele: Attack!
Ura: Oh All wet. {Alliele laughs} Too cold.

Crow: I thought cats hated water.
Joel: Where did Nanami get an air matress?

Fuji: Gotcha! And Ahab harpoons his whale.

Tom: Ah the wonders of self-delusion.

Dr.Schtal: I'm positive my theory is correct. The snow will be here any minute. (falls over) I think I'll just wait for it down here.

Joel: Now I'll just rest my eyes for a while.

Makoto: Are you tired?
Rune: No, just relaxing.
Makoto: Ah, what's this? I almost forgot I had these. Here try one, they're tasty.
Rune: What is it?

Crow (F): It's covered in lint!

Makoto: Nanami made them for ths snow. Rice cakes stuffed with bean jam. Ha! She's got a surplus of them now.
Rune: She does? Well thank you. I'll save it for when the snow arrives. It will taste even better then.
Makoto: Yeah, anything will taste good. Starving people aren't too picky. {huh} I think it's a myth. The Snow of Legend is probably nothing. I don't believe it exists.
Rune: You don't? But why not?
Makoto: Well think about it. The climate is too warm here. If it did snow it will just melt before it hits the ground. {But...} Yeah, it's a shame we came all this way. But it is nice.
Rune: But but Makoto.
Makoto: Nanami's going to fume. She lost all her profit. She'll be so mortified.
Rune: NO! {huh} The snow will come, I just know it. If it doesn't fall here then somewhere else.

Joel: Like where it's cold.
Crow (F): I'm a princess, if I want it to snow, it will!
Tom: Good one Makoto.

Makoto: Oh I'm sorry.
Rune: The snow of legend, it exists. Beautiful snow, so white and soft. It will fall!

Tom: Wait, if it only snows once every hundred years, then how can anyone know so much about it? It's not like a comet or anything, right?

{runs off}
Makoto: I'd like to see the snow fall too, Princess. I really would. But it wouldn't be likely on such a hot day. Huh?
{Bugrom and Jinnai drop in}
Jinnai laughs: Thanks for guiding us here Makoto, what a sport.

Crow: Several sports. Hiking, canoeing, rafting, swimming....

Ifurita: Hi there, howya doin?
{rest arrive}
Jinnai: Huraaa troops attack!

Joel: Excuse me, something stuck in my throat.
Tom: I think the Bugrom need to practice jumping.

{Bugrom surround everyone}
Jinnai: Dont' be foolish Mizuhara hand over the power of the legend right now.
Makoto: I have no idea what you're talking about.
Jinnai: Don't play games with me. I want that legend this instant. Or you'll feel my wraith.
Nanami: What are you doing?
Alliele: Mr.Fujisawa, do something.
Fuji: These are bad odds.

Crow: Hit them with the inner tube!
Tom: Just yell "Fujisawa Monster Stomp" and they'll run away.

Jinnai: I won't ask you again. Give it to me!
Makoto: You're making a mistake, Jinnai. There's no power of any legend to give to you.
Jinnai: Fine, if you want to continue this pretense I'll have you blown to bits. Ifurita, give our friends a little demostration.
Ifurita: At once Master. {prepares blast} Here goes. Hey now everybody watch out.
{shoots lake, everyone is drenched, panic}

Tom: Wait, isn't her staff pointed the wrong way?
Joel: Nice demo.
Crow: I'm sure she can hit the lake every time.

Jinnai: Errrr Ifurita.
Ifurita: Uh-oh, yes sir?
Rune screams
Makoto: Princess!
{Rune goes under}

Joel: Let this be a lesson to you. Always wear life preservers in and around large bodies of water when a madman attacks.

Rune's Mother: All of a sudden something appeared before the prince and princess. Do you know what it was?
Rune: The Snow of Legend.
Rune's Mother: That's right, Rune. Clever girl.

Tom: Well that was the title.

Rune: Please read me the rest of it, Mamma
Rune's Mother: A blanket of snow appeared before the two. It was known far and wide that the Snow of Legend brought happiness. And as they stood in the snow they smilied because they did indeed feel happy.

Joel: I'm beginning to think the snow is an euphanism for something else.

Rune: Can we go see it. When the Snow of Legend falls again? Can we go see it Mom?
Rune's Mother: Yes.
Rune: Yes! You promise we can go. You promise...?{falls asleep}
Rune's Mother: Ahhh I promise you my love.

Tom: How can she remember what her mother said after she fell asleep?

Rune: You said we go mamma, you promised we would.

Crow: I wonder where they are anyway.
Joel: (as birds) We pulled you out.

{gets up} Rune: Where am I?
{Bugrom appear, Rune runs, but is caught}
Makoto: Get away from her!
{Ura scratches Bugrom}

Joel: The cat's showing more courage than the hero.

Makoto: Princess are you OK?
Rune: How did you know where I was?
Makoto: Ura's nose followed your scent.
Ura: Smell good. Umm sweet.

Tom: Must be the flowers in her headband.

Jinnai: {laugh} There's no where you can hide from me.
Makoto: Just leave us alone Jinnai.
Jinnai: Suuure I'll go away. After I get what I want. Now!
Makoto: Want what? Just what is it you think we've got?
Jinnai: humph. All right. I tried to be a nice guy about this {All: When?} but we'll do it your way. Prepare to attack.
{Ura transforms}
Jinnai: I will let you have one final chance, Mizuhara. Give me the legend or die.
Makoto: But Jinnai, we have nothing to give to you.
Rune: You heard him!

Crow: Finally, she's acting like someone with authority.

Jinnai: Uah! Watch it missie. Don't you know who you're dealing with?
Makoto: Princess Rune?!
Rune: We have no secret weapon or anceint power to give to you. We're looking for the snow. The Snow of Legend brings happyiness to everyone. Would you frighten and threaten us for that?

Joel: Well I gotta do SOMETHING after coming all this way.

Ifurita: Now look you've made her cry.
Jinnai: I'm not falling for your snow and happyness balony. You just blew your last chance. Attack!
{nothing happens}

Crow (whines): Oh come on! Attackkkkkkkk.

{snow starts falling}
Makoto: It looks like snow. But it can't be.
Rune: What else could it be?
Makoto: A mayfly. Mayflies hatch about this time of year. They're breeding cycle must me long. About a hundred years there's a spree of hatchings.
Rune: And they look like snowflakes.
Ifurita: This is the power of anceint legend you wanted?
Jinnai: Of course not. Why would I need flies? Let's go back.
Ifurita: Why? I wanna watch the snow.

Joel: She's easily amused.

Jinnai: It isn't snow you idiot. It's just a lotta lousy bugs. {Joel: Sure you want to say that?} Now shut up and lets go. I won't forget this Mizuhara. Ifurita!
Ifurita: Comming!
Rune: (thinks) Only tiny fluttering insects. Makoto was right. The Snow of Legend never existed.
Makoto: Eat, they're great in the snow right?
Rune: Oh Makoto.

Crow: Umph, think one of them got in the jelly. Tasty though.

{rest come running}
Nanami: Oh Ura, you're safe.
Ura: Safe, all people safe.
{notice snow}
Nanami: Beautiful
Dr.Schtal: Splendor of nature. It's beauty is incomparable.
Makoto: They're right. It is the Snow of Legend. And it does bring happiness.
{image is transposed with one from storybook}

Tom: This seen is to show to even the thickest of watchers that Makoto and Rune will get together. Thank you.

Episode 15: Tale of the Priestesses!

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