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Tale of the Priestesses!

Tom: Hey, they finally give us a new intro.

I'm overflowing, I'm overflowing
Everytime the feelings start

Crow: {Makoto dances on a spot} [crunch] Squashed a bug.
Tom (F): {Rune dances on same spot} [crunch] Got it again.

I'm overflowing-now way of knowing
how you unlocked my heart

Joel {sings}: With a key...

My smile is showing, I'm overflowing
Love has made me open wide
This joy is growing-I'm overflowing
Deep inside

Joel: (when Ifurita sticks tongue out) Well isn't that cute.

The heat of the moment takes me

Tom makes disco sounds during strobe lights.

To places I never knew
A feeling of freedom finds me
Whenever I am near you.
You are the dream I've longed for

Crow: (at picture of Jinnai, Deva, and Bugrom) Family portrait?

Through the night
Now it's hazy
'Cause it's crazy
Am I really holding you tight?

Joel: Let me check. Yep.
Crow: Hey, Makoto's doing a bit more in a fight now.
Tom: But he still lets his cat thow the punches.

I'm overflowing, I'm overflowing
Everytime the feelings start
I'm overflowing-now way of knowing
How you unlocked my heart.

Crow: Used a lockpick, hee hee hee.
Tom (F): (when Shayla approaches Makoto) Wanna dance? No. Then get lost!

My smile is showing, I'm overflowing
Love has made me open wide
This joy is growing-I'm overflowing
Deep inside

Joel: OK OK we know you're overflowing!
Tom: Better get a mop then.

{Bugrom making snowmen}

Crow: Hey, what does this have to do with the song?!

{temple of fire}

Tom: Was their decorator the same one who did the Demon tomb?
Joel: Goldfinger got Shayla!
Crow: Maybe this is like their version of Arlington.

Shayla: {voiceover} You can call me Shayla Shayla. I'm one of three great priestesses. Somebody once said that "No other priestess of fire who came before me could empassion the element of flame hotter than I could." I didn't like the way he said it though, so I fried him. {echo}

Joel: Thus proving his statement.


Tom: It was the windiest of times, it was the firiest of times.

Shayla: {voiceover} Times were pretty hard when I had to grow up. I was too young yet to go out on my own.

Crow (F): I had to haul 5 piles of sticks 10 feet high two miles uphill for two cents--before breakfast.

Shopkeeper: There you go.
Shayla: What? only two phaylas? Are you kidding?
Shopkeeper: What did you expect, 100? Get lost!
Shayla: You cheapsake. What do you take me for! I'm outta here and nothing's going to stop me!
{boy falls over}

Tom: Not even you, kid.

Shayla: Choose the right path next time.
Prof: Ms.Shayla.
Shayla: Yes Professor?
Prof: Fighting in school and in public?

Joel: Well what does the Skipper have to say about this?

Shayla: But he shoved into me first!
Boy: Please Professor, she's gonna kill me. Nyahhhh
{Shayla punches boy}

Crow: Talk about woman's lib. He gets beat up by a girl and feels so extra shame.

Shayla: {voiceover} It became increasingly difficult to keep a cool head there. Like when other people crossed that line with you. {Joel: The punchline.} The educational system tried their best. Ah heck you know what they say. I guess it depends on who you talk to. Anyway I skipped school alot. And then I found a better cooling down place, a place where they couldn't hastle me.
{Shayla chases frog, catches it}

Tom: Lunch!

Shayla: (thinks) She wasn't there before.
{Woman gives impressive show}

Crow: (frog) Let me go!
{as old women gossiping}
Tom: Oh look at that, she's quite talented.
Crow: Look how she gets those fireballs to move around her, like lithium.
Joel: Mercy me, but she does need to work on that aim.
Crow: You know, that Shayla is such a tomboy, chasin frogs, fighting, it's so unladylike.
Tom: She'll grow out of it. Remember my nefew's friend's sister's daughter. She was just like that.
Joel: You don't say. What happened?
Tom: Well, she got married and is very happy now.
Joel: Oh that's nice.

Shayla: Oh that's hot! {Woman looks at Shayla}

Crow (F): You're next.

Shayla: {voiceover} I realized later that I had seen a priestess alone practicing her control over the diving arts. Learning to harness the art of fire. So I bet myself I could do it too. To find control like that for myself. It was then and there I made up my mind.

Joel: 'bet myself'? Even then she was a gambler.
Crow: Didn't work. She's still impulsive.

Prof: Well class we learned alot from career week. Did any of you hear anything which caught your attention.
Student 1: Yeah, me I'll be a fighting knight of Roshtaria.
Student 2: A blacksmith make army swords.
Student 3: Professor, I think what the ladies from the palace sounds real neat.
Student 4: Palace maid.

Joel: 'Palace slave'?!
Tom: Guess so.

Student 5: Ahh me too. I wanna. Oh I don't know
Prof: Still undecided. Tasha, you father's at the palace.
Tasha: Mom too, they're rich.
Student 6: You're fakin, you're an orphan.
Tasha: Am not.

Crow: They're coming back for me.
Tom: I'll sick Worf on you!

Student 6: He's copycating off of me again. He's not a real orphan.
Tasha: Yeah right, copy you?!
Shayla: Will you shup up!
Prof: Please, hand before talking.
Shayla: Servants suck. I'm a priestess all right?

Joel: So soon, well that was quick.

Shayla: {voiceover} The professor of the school helped to hasten me on my path.

Tom: Translation-they kicked me out.

Shayla: Hey, hey you excuse me. Somebody's out here! What are you all, all asleep? Hey I said open this door! Errr Do I have to ram down the stupid door to show you {unintelligble}
Shayla: {voiceover} I found out much later that there are numerous time-honored protocalls needed to enter into studies within any holy shrine. I own the single honor to dare knock on the door.

Joel: Direct and to the point.

Shayla: {voiceover} My unique determination status helped me to join quickly into the holy services. And the sooner the better. Land a job with lifelong pay. I didn't want to...gamble with my future.

All improv skeptical remarks remembering Episode 6.

{Shayla sees Afura and tries to be nice. Afura acts smug.}

Crow: Not very friendly is she?

{Shayla yawns, gets hit on head by nun}
Shayla: I told you I meditated on self control for 12 hours already. {bonk} and 2 on shouting!

Tom (F): See how well I do it?

{bonk bonk bonk...}
Shayla: Will you knock it off? Oh no wait, I didn't mean that....
Shayla: {voiceover} Of all the lasting impressions I received that day the one that I remember was noticing her. {Crow: and the concussion.}

Shayla: {voiceover} Afura Mann, she was in our class even though she was a junior. I finally made it to the intensive training levels. The point where I became aware of "the bliss of cosmic understanding".
Shayla: Boring! I don't know what's worse, the food or the constant study. Hey Affy, I bet we can scale the outside wall tonight.
Afura: Nor if she climb or knock, no one answers.
Shayla: I'm just trying to be friends. What kind of crack is that? {bonk} Oh will you lay off {bonk bonk} oh enough already {bonk bonk bonk}

Joel: That nun is enjoying that a bit too much.
Tom: You stupid penguin!

Shayla: The most tastless food I ever had in my life. {wolfs it down} {Joel: Hey, you're still eating it, right?} How do they expect a growing girl to life on this bunch of icky stuff? Hey if you're not going to finish that, I'll take it.
{tries to take Afura's food}
Afura: Greed is unsaintly and unbecoming. {wolfs down food}

Crow (F): You should eat like me, see.
Tom: Besides, I don't associate with the lower classes.

Shayla: Oh I can't sleep. I gotta find some real food.
{Shayla climbs over wall}
Shayla: {voiceover} The rigid high-protien, low-fat diet was driving me to distraction. How can you concentrate on your inner self when it's empty and growing all the time?

Tom: Practical, yet spiritual.

Shayla: Hey there one house special and make it extra large.
Chef: You got it.
{notices Afura already there}
Shayla: {voiceover} Afura mann, one step ahead. There every time I turned around. Something had to be done.

Shayla: You've been asking for this for a long time. And don't give me that smug look either.

Crow: How about this aristocratic look then?

Shayla: That stupid face of yours is driving me nuts. And if I had my way I'd--
Afura: You'd what? You'd do exactly what?
Shayla: I'm exactly drag your stupid face all over this hillside. hows that for exact. {flips the bird}

All jump back as Shayla's...gesture fills the screen.
Joel: Dems fighting words.
Crow: Hey Tom, a week's worth of emptying the load pans on Afura.
Tom: You're on! Shayla's going kick her butt!

Afura: Oh please save me. I'm terrified.
Shayla: Ready set go!
Shayla: {voiceover} So how did it end? Well that was our first battle. I guess it just depends on who you talk to.

Tom and Crow: What! Tell us! We've got a bet going!
Tom: Joel?
Joel: I'm not getting involved. It could go either way.

{commerical sign}
Afura: I am called Afura Mann, not only do I control the wind. I am also the strongest and wisest of the 3 priestesses.

Crow (F): And the most humble.

{Afura practices}

Tom (F): Goats, there aren't suppose to be any goats in the clouds.

{Shayla practices}

Joel: That's not good for conserving practice areas.

Afura: {voiceover} The biligerant, stupid and rude woman you see before you is Shayla Shayla. We went to Priestess Elementry school together and have been bitter rivals ever since. I can't quite express the depths of my loathing for learning she acheived upper graduate level, my class. A lamp of element of power is given to the priestess ordained to the first level.
Shayla: Can you imagine what having a lamp like this would be like. All that power. I just can't wait to get my arm into one of these babies.
Afura: Oh quell the enthuiasm. We all know you're not going to make it anyway.
Shayla: Oh yeah, well just who the heck are 'we'?

Tom (F): Me, myself, and I.

{tries to punch Afura, misses} {Afura looks confused as to why Shayla has hurt her hand.}

Joel: Oh don't act innocent.

{bath} {Shayla is sitting there humming the El Hazard OVA theme}

Tom: Dear Pioneer, thank you so much for this scene.
Crow: Hey wait, something's missing!
Tom: You're right. We want a new artist.
Crow and Tom: We want a new artist {repeats until Joel stops them}

Afura: My I'm surprised. I didn't expect to see you here.
Shayla: Oh yeah, best place in the shrine. I always come here to relax and cool off.
Afura: But I've never seen it so steamy.

Crow: That's us, sorry.

Shayla: Oh come in already, the water's just perfect.
Afura: Oh good. {dipps toe in} Yahhhh it's a thousand degress.

Joel: She turned blue for excess heat?

Shayla: Oh yeah, it's a bit cool. Some imbisile let a draft in.

{Shayla and Afura under waterfall}
Shayla: What's wrong? Can't you get it any colder? Colder! Ice you here! I want to control the cold shoulder technique.

Tom: Afura has no problem with it.

{meditation room}
Afura: {voiceover} Until I met her, I never realize that stupidity lazyness and sheer vulgar volume can increase geometerically.
{Shayla accidently kicks Afura while sleeping. Afura hits back}

Crow (F): What did I do?

Afura: {voiceover} One day two great priestess visited our school with official business with the head instructor.
Shayla: So who do you think they are?
Afura: Oh don't you konw anything?
Shayla: I know I don't know who they are.
Afura: It still amazes me you've gotten this far. If you could ever stay awake in class for once. You'd know they are the great priestesses Krana Krana and Miz Mistal.
Shayla: Oh, hey wait. {recognizes Krana} That's the woman I saw on the rock.
Afura: Wha?
Shayla: Remember I said when I was a kid. The one doing the fire tricks.
Afura: Something about a frog.
Shayla: Hey, think she'll rememeber me? She's gotta.
Afura: If I barely you notice you Shayla. I doubt a great priestess would.
Miz: Why are you stopping, Krana?
Shayla: Afura help, I think she's looking this way.
Afura: Well then let go of my are or she'll think I'm with you.

Joel: Nice way to be supportive, Afura.

Krana: All grown up now are you?
{Shayla makes nervous noises}
Krana: So how are you coming along with your training?
Shayla: Sir! I mean good ma'am.

Tom: It's not cruch time yet.

Miz: Krana, we should be getting along. We must review the initition progress.
Afura: Well connected are you?
Shayla: Uh-uh

Crow: Only way to get to the top.
Joel: She's got the right name for it.

Afura: {voiceover} Of course I was selected as a final graduate. I was chosen above all others in my class to enter the first circle at the Shrine of Wind. Shayla Shayla, after meeting Krana, stayed awake a whole month and was chosen as an initiate to enter the Shrine of Fire. We couldn't seperate without a final farewell.
Afura: You said I had a lesson to learn before I graduated.
Shayla: I'm going to show you what I learned. You thought I was asleep all the time, well I was dreaming of all the ways I was going to kick your butt.
Afura: Oh save me, I'm terrified.

Joel: Not very original, she said the same thing earlier.
Tom: Hey Crow, same bet as before?
Crow: Nah, I bet they won't tell us who won again.

Shayla: Say it again with feeling, cause you're going to feel it this time! Fire burst!
Afura: Wind Shield! You should learn that if you call it out, I know what to expect.

Tom: Come on, it's anime tradition.
Crow: You did it too with the Wind Shield.

Shayla: You don't expect this! {blocks blast with fire pillar} What's wrong? Little Ms.Stuck-up afraid to get her hands all dirty?
Afura: The wind is higher than thou! Afura: {voiceover} How did it end? I guess it just depends on what some people say to whom you're not talking to anymore.

Crow: She lost.

Afura: {voiceover} At the training center for the Shrine of Wind hopeful initiates studied for the highest position. The competition was strong therefore I trained all the harder and mastered all the difficult techniques.
{Afura destroys a boulder at practice}

Joel: Very good, but you were suppose to turn the bolder over.
Crow (F): You broke it, you get us a new one.

Afura: {voiceover} They said I was the most powerful student the scholars could ever remember. It was my 17th birthday when they day came for the retirement of the great priestesses. I was chosen to be successor to the Wind Priestess. I then journied to the Great Temple to accept the holy Lamp of Wind.
Miz: Welcome. You're Afura Mann aren't you. {hello} I am the priestess Miz Mistshal I think I met you once didn't I?
Afura: Yes I think we did.
Miz: Even though I control the waters I hear your wind techniques are historically amazing and that you're also the youngest in your class. {Yeah} I'm just wondering with all your skills you didn't attended the water shrine. You see they didn't have a graduate this year for water.

Tom (F): They even made my Lamp into a ring to show I'm married to my job!

Afura: Yes, I know.
Miz: I'm in it for the rest of my life. All they ever do is study wind and fire.
Afura: {voiceover} I forgot, Miz Mistshal, age 28 and no successor.
Miz: Don't let me stop you.
Afura: It's beautiful.
Afura: Indeed it is the holy Lamp of Wind.
Miz: Go ahead put it on. You're the preistess of wind after all.

Crow (F): But how do you get it off?
Tom: You know, I expected more ceremony than this.

Afura: Who's is that?
Miz: It belongs to the fire priestess. It's strange. No one ever been so late before. And I hear she's only 17 years old too. Oh whatever.
Afura: 28's not old.

Crow (F): My Mom was 28 when she had me.

Shayla: Hey didn't keep you waiting did I?

Joel (old woman): Oh she's got her own theme music. She's so clever isn't she?

Afura: It just can't be.
Shayla: The great Shayla Shayla has arrived. Better late than never you know.
Afura: nooooo

Tom: Depends on who you ask I guess.

Shayla: Uh, you're here?
Afura: (voiceover) Ne'er grander tales of wind and fire were born upon that day. Hopefully someone, someday will seperate fact from fiction. I'm merely presenting the truth of a rivarly I'm sure last until the end of time.

Crow: Your version of the truth anyway.

Episode 16: Whirlwind!

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