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A Death-Defying Rescue

Makoto: We left Roshtaria on a mission to rescue Princess Rune Venus.

Joel: We're on a mission from God. Afura: A priestess who disobeys our sacred laws.
Shayla: At least I don't abandon my friends in their hour of need.
Makoto: After crossing the perilous Holy River of God we now find ourselves on the edge of the Bugrom Empire.

Tom: Nice and short, just how I like them.

Miz: Yes, that must be the central hive of the Queen of the Bugrom.
Fuji: It's amazing the whole thing doesn't fall right over.

Joel: Well now we know where to set the bombs.

Miz: How will ever cross such a distance?
Fuji: The darn ship's too damaged by the icebergs I guess we'll have to hike it.
Alliele: If Ms.Afura was along I'd bet she could fly us right over there.

Crow: If Afura were here then the ship wouldn't have been damaged.

Makoto: (thinks) Princess Rune, don't worry. We'll find a way to save you. Somehow. Trust me.
Afura: (remembers) If the sunlight should seize then the air shall be still and the winds may hid in silence. Without wind there's no guidance for every droplet. For water is the cradle there to nurse each seed to bloom.
Miz: May seeds not blown, rest until water can help them find sunlight and be guided by ways to fruition.
Fuji: Huh?
Miz: I'm just reciting to bring us luck in our hour of need.
Alliele: We can't loose now, that's holy scripture!
Miz: Do you say something like that on your world?

Tom: Let's rock and roll people!
Joel: We're gonna bash us some bugs.
Crow: Yippy ki-ia yeah mammajamma.

Makoto: Like asking a crane or a turtle or rubbing a rabbit's foot?
Ura: No Ura more lucky.
Shayla: You got that right, we are lucky. Lucky to get a chance to smash bug-face. We'll win the game all right.
Alliele: Shayla, you're my favorite priestess. Red hair, tough and ah!

Tom: (F) Go on.

Shayla: Huh? What's wrong?
{looks up}
Fuji: It's the Bugrom ships! They've found us.
Alliele: They're dropping stuff look!
Miz: Balsom?

Crow: No, just their garbage.

Shayla: Who cares what they are.
Miz: No Shayla don't fire.

Joel: That's her response to everything. If she doesn't punch it, she fries it.

{too late}
{Balsom explodes, everyone runs away from the debris}
Jinnai: The rescue doesn't seem to be going too well. Does it hostage number one Rune Venus. Whatever army you expected has not been obliterated.
Deva: Haha! yes! A move worthy of the new Pure Grand Chancellor.

Tom: More like 50% Chancellor and 50% loon.

Rune: I don't know what you've done. But Makoto will get through.
Jinnai: Good thanks for reminding me. Ifurita!
Ifurita: Yes sir.
Jinnai: Tell me do you remember all the details of plan rooftop.
Ifurita: Uh yep, every word.

Joel: But how much of it did she understand?

Jinnai: If he does make it. I'll have quite a show in store for you Princess. You'll get to see how chicken-livered Makoto really is. {laugh}
Nanami: Oh why am I in jail all alone? Darn it, it's not fair!

Crow: You hurt Tenchi. You got what you deserved.

{Shayla screams}
Makoto: Please Ms.Shayla will you hold still
Shayla: Leave it alone already.
Makoto: If you leave it alone it may get worse. Wounds get worse when you leave them open to infection.

Joel: After what happened with mouth-to-mouth, I'd be careful about giving her first aid.

Shayla: How was I suppose to know they'd explode? I knew what they were, I just never actually saw one before.
Makoto: You were trying to protect us. Don't worry. No one trying to blame you. Well that should do it. I've never played doctor before. {Shayla blushes} Oh well we'd better get looking for everyone we don't want to loose sight of them.
Shayla: (thinks) He's polite, unselfish, and a doctor. {Tom: (F) I'm takin him home to Mom!} I'm sure glad he doesn't read minds. {Ura looking at her}

Crow: (Ura) Ura read mind.

Shayla: Yeah, let's go we gotta a battle to win.
{accidentally punches Makoto}

Joel: Told you so.
Tom: Is she that strong or is Makoto that weak?

Shayla: {nervous laugh} You see, feels better already.
Makoto: Yeah, that's great. Helps even out the other side.

Crow: I'm beginning to think she just likes him because he's a forgiving punching bag.

{hill lifts off}
Shayla: What the heck's going on?
Makoto: They must be their hidden border patrol.

Joel: Some hiding place. Right where it can be mistaken for a hill.

Ura: Ura not lucky Makoto.
Makoto: Don't be worried, Ura. This is great luck.
Ura and Shayla: Huh?
Makoto: They're flying straight towards the hive. Now we don't have to worry about how to get there. As long as we're not seen, we're fine. It was better than a safe hill, Ura. It's a free ride.
{Bugrom scout spots them}

Tom: Why do flying Bugrom sound like jets?

Makoto: All right, we're there already.
Shayla: Makoto, something's wrong. We're not going in the same direction. This one's veering away.

Crow: Oh great, we choose the one which needs maintenance.

Makoto: Hey, those specs look like. Oh never mind. They found us. How did they know we were here?

Tom: Think about it.

Shayla: I'll show them a landing party!
Makoto: Huh? Wait Shayla!
{Shayla charges in}
{Miz uses powers}

Joel: Just like when the Shrine of Water Park blew up.

Alliele: Do you guys gotta bug I can pick on my size?

Joel: Well there's Tenchi, think you can handle that?

Miz: I don't think I know where to start. Any suggestions?
Fuji: I suggest teaching a lesson in fighting with fair odds.

Crow: Sounds like an old car horn.

Nanami: Keep it down! The extra baggage is trying to sleep you turncoats! {kicks open door} Great, no effect at all. Sent to lost luggage. Nobody cares. Good! I'll escape. Later!

Tom: She's not one to feel bad about being ignored.

{fighting in stairwell}
Makoto: Hurry, we have to keep doing. {stumbles}
Shayla: Makoto.
Makoto: We got the advantage. Keep moving.
Shayla: Oh well I guess there's no choice.

Crow: We stop.

Makoto: No! We can't. We gotta save the Princess. She might be in some horrible trouble.
Shayla: Hey hey let's rest. We'll gather our strength. Besides we got here way ahead of the gang. Right? {winks}
{Makoto sits down}
Shayla: The thing Miz was saying. You wanna hear the rest? Sunlight shines upon the ground, earth is warmed and all seeds of life grow into all living creatures blessed whether great or small.
Ura: Ura know blessed.
Shayla: And all creatures live on earth through wind and water and fire. Together the holy elements have played their part. Life is renewed. The hearts of living creatures now beat again. Life, like a tree, a holy link between heaven and earth, there growing in harmony and peace.

Tom: So if sunlight is fire, then wouldn't it be the highest of the elements putting Shayla in charge?


Crow: What was that about peace?

Makoto: I can't see is someone here?
Shayla: If there is, they're dead!
Makoto: It's Ifurita.
Ifurita: Do you know the fate of the brave who dare enter here? Death! The place you've chosen to invade is now your own grave. You face the fuzzy tingler of... Just hold on a second. I know it's here somewhere. {flips through book} Yes. Lying dead like a cup of cold tea or something. {laugh}
{no one is impressed}

Joel: I'm finding it harder and harder to fear her power.
Tom: Oh I gave up after she shot the lake.

Shayla: You know you could use another rehearsal.
Ifurita: I know. I really tried. But I can't remember all those words. Can't we go right to the fighting part so he'll say for once I did good?

Crow: (F) Tell ya what. You go back up. We'll wait here for you to try again.

Shayla: Yeah, whatever. Go ahead shout a challenge.
Ifurita: Ha ha. Prepare to die. {falls down, blasts ceiling}
Shayla: How can anybody prepare for her?

Tom: At least you're keeping a straight face for the ditzy comic relief.

Ifurita: Wah! I shot the ceiling. Master, operation rooftop's in danger. Is the Princess OK up there? I blew that too.
Shayla: Oh yeah you did. Wanna know what happens when you forget a lesson? Makoto get Rune.
Makoto: We're on our way Ms.Shayla.
Ifurita: Wait! {Crow: (F) Please!}
Shayla: I know you can do it, Makoto.
Ifurita: Hey, he really shouldn't go up there.
Shayla: You lost a winning, hand sister. Now get ready for the real thing. Come on, you wanna piece of me?
Ifurita: You could say that. Shouldn't we get on to the violent part? Cause I know I'm ready if you are. Ready to graduate!
{first blow}
{commercial sign}
Fuji: Guess Shayla beat us there. {Tom: How can you tell?} {Miz hoses Bug} This is getting ridiculous. Do you have enough strength left to run? {picks her up} Saying you have enough strength is enough for me. I'll carry you.

Crow: (F) Put me down--oh wait, this is what I wanted.

{Makoto and Ura run up stairs, visions of Rune}

Tom: (at angry Rune) She's cute when she's angry.

Makoto: (thinks) Don't worry, I promised I'd save you and I will. Just hold on. I'm almost there Princess Rune.
Rune: Makoto, you're here.

Crow: (F) Hurry, Jinnai thinks he Ben Franklin.
Joel: Weird place to keep a prisoner. What if the wind changes?

Makoto: Princess Rune. Hold on Princess.
{goes up stairs. Jinnai appears at top}
Makoto: Jinnai.
Jinnai: So how does it feel to be thwarted at the end of the gauntlet my old rival Makoto Mizuhara?
Makoto: Let her go. This isn't a game Jinnai.
{Jinnai throws a sword at Makoto}

Joel: You missed!

Rune: Makoto, he's crazy!
Jinnai: Game? I'm afraid it isn't. This time it's a final fight to the death.
{Ura gets scared}

Tom: What's she scared of? She's been in combat before.

Jinnai: Walk away Makoto. Show your princess what a spineless loser you are. Too afraid to take the challenge.
{Makoto picks up sword}
Jinnai: Huh?

Crow: Didn't think he'd actually refuse me.

Rune: Makoto don't.
Makoto: I accept the challenge. To the death!
Jinnai: Ohh! Die Makoto!
Jinnai: (thinks) You idiot Makoto. Can't even see how easily you fell right into my trap. Doesn't even know the genius of what I've done.

Joel: Time for the artists to take a vacation.

Jinnai: (thinks) Your sword's been fixed so it breaks quite easily. {Makoto's sword breaks and he gets a lump} Mine's perfect and you were tricked. You always were a fool.

Joel: Pacman!
Tom: He gets hit with a sword and gets a bump?
Crow: Why is only Makoto's leg moving like that?

{end demo}
Rune: Makoto, please defeat him.
Jinnai: (thinks) That's right Makoto. The harder you hit the sooner it breaks.
{Makoto disarms both of them} {Joel: Oops.} {Jinnai gets both swords}
Makoto: Aw great.
{Ura gets one sword}

Tom: Since when can she do that?

Makoto: We've played long enough. It's all or nothing to the death!

Joel: That was such a nice vacation, I'll take another one.

Jinnai: (thinks) What if I got the wrong sword? {Jinnai's break. Gets lump} Then Makoto will win.

Crow: Jinnai doesn't have a very visual imagination does he?

{end demo}
Jinnai: Hold on, I didn't say death. I said deaf. Til we couldn't hear each other from all the ringing of the swords.
Makoto: There's no chance you're changing the rules now Jinnai.
{Jinnai's sword breaks}
Jinnai: No! I've got the wrong sword!

Tom: Anyone surprised?

{sword fragment flies at Rune}
Makoto: Rune look out!
{sword fragment narrowly misses Rune goes through sail and cuts rope}

Crow: (F) Hey watch it!

Makoto: Oh no Princess.
Jinnai: Good, I'll get his. {Ura wraps him up} What are you doing? It's my second chance.

Tom: (F) Ura know.

Rune: Help me Makoto!
Makoto: Grab my hand Princess!

Tom: Don't you think you should get her down? Loosen those ropes? Secure the kite?
Tom: Well? Do something! Oh not again!!!

Jinnai: Let go you feline freak. Don't you understand he's not allowed to get anywhere near her? {Joel: Ura-conda}
Makoto: I'm here Princess.
{rope breaks. Kite with Rune goes up. Makoto goes down.}

Tom: Serves you right.
Crow: Can't believe Jinnai only had one rope securing that thing.
Joel: (as Makoto falls) Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

Ura: Makoto!
{Ura saves Makoto by turning into a parachute}

Joel: Ura's just full of new tricks today.

Jinnai: Makoto! The Princess! Makoto! The Princess! Wah! I wasn't prepared for this.
Nanami: Oh, it's Princess Rune. Fuggies!

Crow: (F) Now I'll have to save her and show up Makoto.

{Shayla and Ifurita slowly punching each other, then collaspe back to back}

Joel: Persistent aren't they?

Shayla: What you lack in brains. You make up in strength.
Ifurita: Thanks. I guess that's mutual.

Tom: Why thank yo--hey!

Shayla: Huh? What the heck. {gets up. Ifurita falls over} Oh no, Makoto! I'm afraid this fight is now postponed.
Ifurita: Do you use never in your definition of postponed?
Ura: Makoto, now wake up!
Shayla: Makoto!
{they are surrounded}
{Fuji barges in} {Joel: Boot to the head!}
Fuji: Mizuhara. Talk to me kid!

Crow: I goofed up again.

Alliele: Ms.Shayla do something.
Shayla: Makoto!
Makoto: Sensei? The Princess, did you save Princess Rune.
Fuji: Makoto what do you mean? Where is she?
Shayla: Makoto!

Tom: She says that a lot doesn't she?

Alliele: Master!
{Bugrom come in}
Fuji: Oh great, what do we do now?
{Afura comes in and blows them around.}
Miz: This wind, it can't be.
Makoto: Ms...Ms.Afura.
Afura: All they needed was a breath of fresh air. Well who blew the rescue?
Shayla: You did. If it wasn't for you--oh I get it. never mind.

Crow: You could have come sooner you know.
Tom: You didn't happen to see a woman tied to a kite on the way here didn't you?

{Bugrom recover}
Afura: For what you've done to my friends you'll regret for all eternity so who wishes to feel regret first?
{Bugrom charge}

All: (as Bugrom) Me! Me! No, me!

{Afura attacks}
Makoto: Please save the Princess.

Episode 23: Escape

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